Sunday, May 1, 2011

...whendiagnosedintheshade(prod. by kayoss sonn)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by kayoss sonn(bhd)


thoughts are nightbreed
monsters that like to feed
biting false light
until it leaves
the pursuit of long life
by any means
to escape
the two worlds i'm in between
by embracing
being immortal in my dreams
in the way
that a forest extends its leaves
the trees speak
the voices serene
a peaceful storm of sticks and leaves
that swirl and behave
like a world
of organic machines
it's as if they morph into beasts
a race that's pure
formula free
too complex
to be defined
to such a normal degree
their understanding
is beyond your corporeal means
food for thought
in order to eat
one must hunt
for primordial seeds
the roots of which
below the soil so deep
it would take ages
just to explore the debris
no matter how many stories i read
additional chapters pour from my ink
i pick up where the authors
left off when i think
i don't sleep
i just close my eyes
and don't blink
and experience a minute's time
as a whole week
knowledge so deep
it compresses itself into a size
you need a microscope to see
my mind is open
free to focus chi
we are
who we're supposed to be
those who know
are those who don't believe
by definition
that's what knowing means
with kayoss on the beat
disorder is pouring over me
i arrange it
in the order that it's supposed to be
and spit it like blood
when bitten while in a cobra squeeze
i search for significance
the likes of honeycomb to bees
we're all dying
the human body is just a slow disease
divine logic
combined with the symbiote's release
the things you humans cling to
become augmentingly obsolete
despite the fact i speak
with argumentative diplomacy
and you realize what i'm saying's true
you all pretend you don't agree
lost within your own beliefs
an inmate
'cause you won't beseech
a creature with a mind
is by design
supposed to think
you question nothing
other than your own instincts

hook x2

i love nature
more than i realize
plants and animals
make me feel alive
but i am decaying
so i steal time
i adopt a perspective
that is contraceptive
in that i'm protected
when i think of death
i substitute 'die' with 'exit'
in order to experience peace
must i be resting
or is death convalescence
is what i think of
as life
a disease
am i infected
that's why it's not pleasant

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  1. this sounds so similar to one of the tracks from GZA's 'GrandMaster's album. LOVE IT!!