Monday, July 25, 2011

lastpage(prod. by nix)

written and performed(in order of appearance)  by killer falcon - stranded

prod. by nix

these are my lyrics only:

last page
there cannot be such a thing
for every loss
there will be more to gain
there are tides
those alive
must endure the waves
those who die
therefore are saved
balance is maintained
the pendulum sways
on one side
there may be forces
extending its stay
but there will be eventual change
its hold on its position will shake
like the surface of the earth
when it suffers
a sudden shift in its plates
nature will always redistribute its weight
such is life
huge fits and starts
things don't just neatly fit on charts
they venture off
all alone in the dark
like space
when stars explode
and drift apart
we don't know shit
......or fart
so don't pretend you're so smart
isn't an omnipresent entity
things exist
solely in relativity
disperse/reintegration occur
when you measure anything
if things are comparable
they are also volatile
when they are viewed
their characteristics are altered
by the angle used
perspective manipulates the truth
focus on an object
close your eyes
open one at a time
it will shift to the side
now given the same object
how would you expect
billions of people to visualize
the sad thing
is to most people
this is a surprise
what's sadder is those
who choose to go on
pretending they're blind
out of sight
out of mind
but light doesn't just die out
it shines
photons shower wide
and far beyond our time
light moves at phenomenal speed
galaxies can be traveled
across in a week
perhaps the stubborn
just take longer to reach
the world
is more than all that you think
your thoughts
aren't even part of a piece
they're infinitesimal
they're as small as can be
there is so much more
fuck 'me'
it needs to be 'us' more
but what for
you want to be human
and nothing more
until we evolve
we'll be apart
where we're doomed to stay
we need evolution
to communicate
and our separation
isn't due to hate
it's the result
of far more stupid things
it's because people
find it too hard
to use their brains
it's because
to survive
is to adapt
and you refuse to change
rules exist
rules are not to be made
that's science
don't be an idiot
use your brain
rules are only invented
to be used in games
the human population
needs to lose some weight
we need to build more cemeteries
and use the graves
but removing the problem
won't necessarily remove the pain

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

warzone(prod. by lost soul)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by lost soul


stars fall
space evolves
galaxies break apart
the way of life
there is no death
only rearranging parts
nebulas sleep
solid spheres wake from cocoons
planets form
whatever remains become moons
atmospheres get trapped
in gravitational pulls
it's all just a
giant fluctuating balloon
that changes and moves
i suffer
from unillustratable wounds
i can't remove
the pain has taken root
like the death plant
in confrontation two
vs the shinobi
paralyzed by gama
when he made tattoos
kurama summoned the plant
and stabbed touya
just as he made his move
he sowed the seed
straight into his wound
and reaped a finishing move
in just a minute
it grew
but that took wisdom to do
i respect that
appreciate the skill and experience
that's parallel at present
to the past's
building of pyramids
what if
the lines between worlds
were only mirror thin
could what's reflecting back
be as real as what's staring in
how can you answer that
without being arrogant
ponder every facet of life
from shadow to light
gather insight
then do the same
with death in the afterlife
i know NOTHING
but that doesn't stop me from going hunting
i keep my barrel cocked
and arrows knocked
on my bow
i'm hungry
like a p.o.w. in a foreign country
and i WILL eat
you cannot keep
food for thought from me
get in my way
and you'll get tossed in my tummy
right along with the knowledge i'm hunting
i won't be bothered by dummies
zombies like
solomon grundy
hollow heads
walking dead
like you're exhausted and clumsy
you don't do shit
you just decay
so why do it at such a subtle pace
you should sublimate
just vaporize
and fade the fuck away
pretend you're in a race
do it fast
like moving through a wormhole
as it's bending space
the only thing i know for sure
is that religion's fake

i might be wrong like spinning plates
recorded when on stage
but if i learn i am
and i could go back
i still would feel the same
the whole foundation
of that shit is insane
it's all black and white
there is no middle or gray
that's the color
representing the brain
i'm just telling it like it is
simple and plain
you should use yours
instead of washing it
and accepting things
that are preposterous
like pattycake with a rhinoceros
that's more likely than god
always watching us
people just want to feel safe
that's the reason
they embrace faith
and forsake
science and space
they look in the mirror
and lie right to their face
it's unfortunate
a bunch of contortionists
who were raised
and used as clay
their originality forfeited
they are not welcome
in my orphanage
a cocoon
for life long metamorphosis
it's more than wriggling
like maggots getting wings
it's about transitioning
like winter into spring
it's about the potential
for every and anything
i approach evolution
like a checker
when it's kinged
with a chip on my shoulder
kiss the ring
my thought process
can only be deep
it's like water
through the hole
in a sink
what's without doesn't rule me
i have chosen to think
is what one beholds
in a blink
what you see
not what you're told it should be
it is what you interpret
you decide
when you know what it means
right or wrong
you are affected
choices have consequences
take responsibility
for your decided perspectives
where most would be sure
i would have questions
i must be certain
before i provide my acceptance
i will not make judgments
based on assumptions
i would be patient
when faced with conundrums
i will not forsake certainty
for favorable hunches
there is too much at stake
one choice
can reconstruct one's fate
those who are patient
will avoid making dumb mistakes
in my world
'nothing' is strength
life is imagination
but you're afraid of such things
fear is the brush
that paints us insane
it's a wrongful determination
a consequence of interpretation
why should what others think
alter the journey you're taking
fuck people
walk the earth like a vagrant
with how they observe
your paces
their eyes
don't determine your destination
be decisive
your future
bears the burden of hesitation
which could quite possibly be
like detonation
over tragic instrumentation
you appreciate love a great deal
after living with hatred
that which is significant
is the principle agent
you can't approach the past
with simplification
people read their holy books
and forsake the tablets
that established their inspiration
like lizards
that escape capture with amputation
religion recreates tales
with an act of regeneration
and as such
the original doesn't match the replacements
it's different after changes
so you are doomed
to stay in your lane
stuck in traffic
with no way to escape
and you'll always do it again
the very next day
you're a drone
as long as there's a queen
you can't be on your own
you eat sleep and breathe
when you're told
you regularly get fevers and colds
because you take medicine
instead of letting it leave on its own
no patience
you panic
like payton manning's
feet when he throws
and therefore
reap what you've sown

peace on the globe
cause and effect
leave me alone
that's all i request
our only territory
is what we grow our skulls to protect
that's why i stay
lost in my head
to me
is the ultimate threat
there are many facets
multiple threads
like string theory offers in depth
while that theory
may not be correct
things differ
that is NOT incorrect
so fuck anybody
that opposes distinction
if puzzle pieces didn't vary
how would we link them
we can't see the bigger picture
without its completion
just as humans
cannot ascend
without their extinction
perspective always changes
how you will see shit
if you sought
the secret of life
and found it
you'd keep it
it's too valuable
that power is immense
you wouldn't want
the wrong hands
wrapped around it
the least bit
the seesaw would slam
and upset
the balance of weakness
warzone is moses
in alchemical sequence
peace to lost soul
i'm out
this is the end