Wednesday, November 6, 2013

giantleaps(prod. by pesticyde)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

pythagoras the praying mantis -- killer falcon --  stranded

prod. by pesticyde

*song is taken from the album.....treasure from the the praying mantis.....entirely produced by pesticyde..... at the following link:

verse 1(mantis):

we're taking giant leaps
goliath speaks
rely on science
and it'll take you
to the highest peaks
the blind leading the blind
into the fire
each blinded by desire
but reminded
when messiah reach
we're in the cyber age
where we want to
wash the signs of age away
like gravy in a microwave
you see the signs of rage
it's time for change
a baby was smothered
and two crazy lovers
died today
it's all futuristic
super twisted
computer chips and mystics
i'm jumping in
punching skin
with new ballistics
making music in the zoo
under lunar eclipses
we've got to do it different
before there's mass slaughter
you threw the baby out
with the bath water
and penetrate the black aura
that's wrapped around the planet
or ask mantis
about the formula

he'll crack it for ya


i'm standing
on the shoulders
of giants
taking leaps
knows the science
to make the beats
props to those
who've contributed
to the music
falcon and stranded
in the booth
with the fuse lit
we do it for the love
and we're fluid
with the movement
like a kung fu student
removing the dew
from a tulip
with a smooth kick
like bruce lee
on the mic
more wisdom than confucius
it's the truth
that we write

verse 2(falcon):

leapt off this burning ship
try to never look back
heart is like a molten raft
in ashes of the heavens crash
murderous collective
hollow shell of man
all scoured of morality
left hanging by a severed strand
pillaging it senseless
the highest order parasites
a scourge to other beings
leaving any land
a barren sight
while most of planet earth
never even had a voice
not just those in poverty
animals eradicated
nature is this earth's mother
narcissistic vultures
nerve to defile her many wonders
certainly the dumbest
least harmonious
an egoic demon carnage
we seem to deem as holy dust
at our peak development
no value to compassion
synonymous destruction
lives inherent with expansion
sitting on dismal shore
before it's all abandoned
clutch a final shred of honor
hear the ravens calling


i'm standing
on the shoulders
of giants
taking leaps
knows the science
to make the beats
props to those
who've contributed
to the music
falcon and stranded
in the booth
with the fuse lit
we do it for the love
and we're fluid
with the movement
like a kung fu student
removing the dew
from a tulip
with a smooth kick
like bruce lee
on the mic
more wisdom than confucius
it's the truth
that we write

verse 3(stranded):

the idea of destiny
when you appreciate
something so much
you feel it's meant to be
fast forward
amass forests
'walkingsticks forever' trees
alongside the death of leaves
growth beyond
what ordinary eyes
expect to see
therein lies the essence
questions require interest
to be posed
and probed
disclosing the science kept beneath
on the planet of curiosity
approach your brain
at tides
with ultra-(capsize titanic) properties
is an umbrella fish
on a hippocampal odyssey
whose tentacles
strangle knowledge
as it swims in THE amniotic sea

phantom robotic streams
of consciousness
shot at me
penetrate my atmosphere
and spend time with me
this companionship i receive
is more substantial
than god degree
the value
placed on its importance
expands beyond belief
when they confide in me
i don't betray their privacy
for as i expect the same
i behave with reciprocity
relationships are destroyed
by the ways of mephistopheles
i prefer to avoid
what such a vague
web of lies achieves
i mean no harm
are NOT to be alarmed
in an instance
where i seem
to be offensive
your eyes are seeing wrong
there's a
significant difference
between how things
seem and are
such as
the time it takes
eyes to see light
that leaves a star

Friday, November 1, 2013

massmurder(prod. by last eon)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

viceversa & stranded

viceversa & stranded = iridophoric/pseudomorphs

prod. by last eon

verse 1(viceversa):

prefecture's crumbling arches
candle snuffer
damsel ruptured
in regency clothing
secretly scolding vignettes
death headed hawk moth
mucking about
disfigured elephant miscarriage
murder crow intravascular
coagulating thalamus
artificial cranial deformation
impending martyrdom
1000 dead toads
lying around the edges
corvens extracting livers
brindle 2 stringed cello
mandelbrot labyrinth
allopath alteration
chronic skin picking
autoerotic asphyxia
pothole colonic meridian
CPV2 canid kennel crucifix
intestinal crypt
and lymph node parvo virus

stronghold cited
barcode binded
humid marsh
mutated amoeba clown loach
groucho marx
mouth hole
goucho gallows
the suicide of judas
electronic fog
rogue wave
battered into ruins
glass model of sea creatures
circa 1900's
plot a course
on the nautilus
throw caution to arctic winds
robbing again
picking locks
with her forgotten bobby pins
fluorescent sea
feline declawed
in priests garb
grindcore cyborgs
made of iron ore
vermillion mist drifted

sitting in the throne
in the form of an eagle's head

verse 2(stranded):

as i listen
to the words
of carmine moth
our thoughts relate
yet far away
like cryofume
hoffman paint

a lepidopteran race
with nearly discarnate flanks
that ate flowers
of darkness flame
and drank from
lycanthropic veins
lost a crucial link
in their symbiotic chain
and crossed a golden gate
to a glaucopsychic grave

ravens assemble
like flames at vigils
devouring larvae
before they become
what they're changing into

hunger is no threat
with skulls
below the necks of moths
as long as
there are honey bees
such a creature
will never starve
although what it eats
lies where they rest
in vaults
so to speak
they still enter the hive
extra calm
mimicking the scent
the indigenous insects
give off
golden trap
olfactory perception

how is it that
out of all the places
on a bird of prey
a man makes his nest
in its jaws

a theoretical mess
wandering aimlessly
through a formulaic treasure chest
the path of the ever-quest
as if wearing
a fathomless
fractal-feathered headdress
stretching outward
like donnie darko's
astral tethered chest
an elaborate
path channel vector thread

a stellar explosive like
polar light
an entire dimension
of complex
coded photo life

Sunday, October 27, 2013

theunwilting(prod. by episodic)

written and performed by (in order of appearance) :

seraphguard - stranded

seraphguard and stranded = vague/bond (pronounced :  vagabond)

prod. by episodic

verse 1 (seraphguard):

the square sits within the circle
housing the vitruvian man
prepare for the reversal
of this dubious plan
the whole globe pause
like a marsupial’s hands
wireless energy from an aquifer
under the nubian sands
drop a ruby and ran
across the loose leaf
and land
stood where the subdued sat down
and the unruly would stand
an studious man
a heart as pure as pervian grams
a flatlander in 3d
who transversed the 2d unmanned
because just like a being
within a cocoon changes
one’s thoughts are as dynamic
as the moon's phases
the shadow
that outlines the dunes
awaken to a bad dream
surrounded by toon faces
each with features
as sharp as attuned lasers
arise from bestrewn craters
on ballooned vapors
what allowed for this division
i assume hatred
associated with pirates
that only take doubloon payments
with goons and vagrants
misrepresented like groomed laymen
can never be too soon
for the impatient
sooner waiting
on the spaceship
that shapeshifts
an innate gift
from the divine and the sacred
taste this herbal medicine
my verbal resonance
visible only in ultraviolet light
represented by purple measurements
unseen in a turtle’s tenements
a disease that curdles the ligaments
jumping over hurdles of irrelevance
circle your residence
as hurtful as veterans
luckily i’ve yet to be buried
under an earth full of sediments
spit that merks your intelligence
murder the venomous
you’re a clown in a circus
around serpents and elephant
never forget
it’s better to collect
if they don’t settle the debt
write a letter of intent
then embezzle the cheque
if they forget to protect
the head or the chest
then sever the neck
until there’s no severance left
the evidence kept
write in red to correct
head to the left
instead of a step
i meddle and jet
level the set

there’s nary a soul alive
that the devil reject
drink in taverns
with kings in caverns
to blinking lanterns
we sing till tantrums
active observation
nature brings a pattern
the intricacies in layers
like the rings of saturn
collect the broken moon
and sling it at them
upon the wings of dragons
as comets crash
we drink from chasms
and shrink the atoms
till i think i’m adam
at the brink of bragging
sink like phantoms
or pink panthers
can’t fathom the random links of datum
in the beginning
i was thinning
at the scissor’s teeth
my head was swimming
from the ringing
and the grizzly heat
visibly vibrant
the mystery behind this
trickery of sirens
a history of violence
ends in misery and silence

verse 2 (stranded):

figuratively quiet
i ascend
like submarinian pirates
boldly approaching land
like an amphibian virus
exiting the ocean
staring daggers
as it drips from my eyelids
each eye exhibiting
the unwilting
of its withering iris
focused on the objective
to be ultra-impressive
make an impact
so effective
the result
that we're left with
alters the thought patterns
below skulls
that are overprotective
but their grey matter
is for them to sculpt
at their own discretion
that is the only lesson
be yourself
by any means
necessary to intervene
when you are being encouraged
to ignore your inner being
to conform
isn't right
it's not wrong
to disagree
the fruition
of a particular tree
a sophisticated
multi-linear seed
we are all pebbles
on an infinite sea
our ripple production
spreading 360 degrees
it's as if
how we live
is an affliction
and everything we touch
gets the disease
only it's up to us
just how sick
what we've stricken
will be
if we were to behave
in a way
that would heal
the positivity generated
would rotate like a wheel
we'd be protected
by the same
symbiotic process
that was making us ill
it's the user
not the method
that dictates what will wilt
if this IS the matrix
i'm not taking a pill
i'll escape on my own
with just
the strength of my will
tear myself awake
to what's real
nightmares may be fake
but that's not
the way that they feel

you must be alert
analyze all things deeper
utilize your mind's
microscopic features
zoom in
when appropriate
for instance
what are the cogs
beneath hurt
pain is an indication
of something wrong
that needs work
true difference
is loneliness
which is time to research
distance yourself
from the parasites
that eat earth
forget everyone else
what is it
that you can contribute
to the host body's rebirth
blame is inconsequential
to what can be provided
when seeds burst
if you're pointing fingers
your hands aren't free
to plant seeds
in order to rise
they need dirt

and light
we're carbon based
which hardened
changes darkness to bright
induce fission
altering life
like two chakra natures
to make an alternate type
not unlike the fusion
when two distant authors unite
with the common ambition
once they bloom and dwindle
blossom to life
and reacquire their height
the posture symbolic
of the will required
the desire to fight
without it
how can the inner fire ignite

mind talks to body
[talked to]-body excites
if it doesn't talk
you'll just dissolve
until you're gone
via flight
like water
to hydrological heights
where it condenses
gains weight
and then drops
till it's light

it is doubtless

there are countless
cycles of life

Thursday, October 3, 2013

housemothra[feat. sea/swordz](prod. by shoe string rebelz)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

the oracle as dusted disciple - sea/swordz (spoken as: sea of swordz)

prod. by shoe string rebelz

taken from the album :  the oracle vs. dogora, da space monster

on cane corso records

by the oracle as dusted by the oracle as dogora.....and poison flowerz!

verse 1: (dusted disciple)

rocking odd
disturbing verbal rants
my ma's been lurking
and wonders
why i'm not conversing
too busy noggin searching
'cause i'm not
of earthly circumstance
shout it on the rooftops
fast witted as a kid
most folks roam godless
my energy is sacred
and i'm not about to waste it
on some so-so novice
manipulative master
of this matter
black kimono dress vixen
rocks a box of cigars
i'm on it
secret compartment
capsules in the mix
jargon headed adolescent kicks

zombie drones here
you must get the rifle
who told 'em
it's the dusted disciple
stuck with a life full of this madness

verse 2: (sea/swordz)

with the light bewildered
and the sun obscured

what is formed
is a vortex
of dust and swordz
all heads get cut for sure

a hidden world away
a dimensional tunnel bores through space
a vortical cumulonimbus void
takes shape
a sea of swordz escapes
in the form
of anthropomorphic rain

fast evolution
fast forward change
a mutation
of more of the same
an orphan of the vague
discretely course through his veins
a depleted torch still aflame

of a faraway time
who charted their paths
with watkins ley lines


most who walk across them
stay blind

with monsters
strewn across the grey skies

the truth lost
tossed to the wayside

hidden in a vault
wrought with modern day lies

only because
they've allowed themselves
to somehow
be held too long
with frayed binds

for only self-imposed thought
exonerates minds

Sunday, August 18, 2013

latentcorridors(prod. by shoe string rebelz)

written and performed by :

sea/swordz (pronounced :  sea of swordz)

prod. by shoe string rebelz

verse (sea/swordz) :

shoe string tourniquet
submit to sharper brain graphs
looping on a journey
through the missing marble vein shafts
movements are determined

stars observed
medicinal visit
to the a-u-r-al herbalist
nature walks all surfaces
all perspectives utilized
there are a slew
of viewpoints accessible

use your eyes

who am i
to decide
the tide the moon provides
these are independent movements
i have naught to do with

time is an awful nuisance
often clueless
i wander blueprints
their chakra root snipped

fleeting holographic transience

how is it
that something
of so little interest
can reach inside your thoughts
and delete them
before the ideas are invented

how clever these phantoms are
damaging cogs with wrenches

we're distracted
distracted again
by the resulting vengeance

sun tzu already mentioned
how can checkmate be momentous
if you maneuver in a way
so you don't play
the chess game
to  begin with

Friday, August 16, 2013

l[iam]entconfiguration(prod. by jopheyel)

written and performed by (in order of appearance) :

carminemoth(also known as vice versa or blunted sultan) & stranded

carminemoth & stranded = iridophoric/pseudomorphs

the title of the song is pronounced:  lament...

prod. by jopheyel

verse 1 (carminemoth) :

arterial spurting
countless corpses
on a spiritless journey
being carried
by a paralyzing
series of gurneys

giving a disconcerting
torpid appearance of surfing...
welcome billy bland
green blood
that's the only thing
bolted gall bladder
pall bearer
penny whistle
wearing a buck skin ascot
on the gramophone
varnishing owls
tarnishing scowls
harboring foul
frozen vapor particles

fasci symbols on tokens
the sunken servitude
metallic artery
valves contracting

gout mulch crying
fish tank filter
phlegm filament
tailoring geneva robes
in triplicate order
simian sybian performer
claymation cramping

electrochemical lobotomy bile
carrion flower
hacking at latches
sick as marjoe
faith embargo
amusement park
inkwell bobby

frozen menstrual blood
formed into a caste

black haired butcher 

littered with dead dogs miserable
if not for the luminary
lit along the road
broken fishermen figurine

intermittent explosive
ruminal cannual

arcamedes odometer
vapid dreg drivel

verse 2 (stranded) :

...nivek ripple
nomadic quest
adolescent bloom
phantom ejected plumes
from the nest to moon
the flightpath indicating
my avid contempt for rules

lullaby contagion
by the puzzle box of language
the profundity of blood
and its bio-vagrants
to summarize
a mind
befuddled by isolation
must understand
the underside
through eye triangulation

who am i
beneath this human disguise
that i am caged in
the answer lies inside
for each of you
to find and take it

through time
my roots have been
brutalized by hatred
nurtured by the fertilizer
truthful observations
the ubiquitous watcher views
his beautiful art's mutation
life after death
the future
beyond the changes
the orchestrated murder
of whosewho
by two ravens
xerces blue
forcibly removed
from conservation
for each event
several points in time
the time it occurs
and each time it's known

an eon ago
the glaucopsyches of old
were beguiled by gold
i contemplate
what became
of whatever
comprised their souls

habit to kill
black daffodil
shadows that feel
darkness hatches
and false
flashes to real
the artificial
tossed in the kindled past
and concealed
an entire species
as if it didn't matter
or will
it's hard to imagine
such a loss
has its appeal

Thursday, May 16, 2013

thetroubledwalk(prod. by eon ra)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

zen studentz - sea/swordz (pronounced: sea of swordz)

zen studentz and sea/swordz = aphotic/vortex (pronounced: aphotic vortex)

prod. by eon ra

verse 1(zen studentz) :


he organizes crummy
hood beat
grey sweatshirt
for the lion's tummy
throw away his old
pair of rags
for the king size
knock foes
since parents
ask 'bout his chink eyes
that was all way back
shoe string rebelz plot
blue dust snuut stun rooth
had his pebble rocked

king has since ascended
they walk slow
and talk wack
fingerprints of henchmen

amongst the low vibrations
floating with a sly grin
cloak been in disguise
since a token in the eyes spin
rem sleep mental
leave the vessel
in discrete terms
sly grin fades
to a slack jawn
right turn

verse 2(sea/swordz) :

hands down
he murdered
some mediocre
lower tier
he had it coming though
he took a big risk
going there
got his shit split
only difference is
when they're hard truth
they CAN kill
road runner
won't escape
real world circumstance
the coyote
would rip his throat out
before he ran
that's the recipe
but back to lesson z
we're rebelz
hold our pants up
with footwear accessories
and form a vortex
on the cortex of beats
a sea of swordz
crashes to the shores
of every beach
climb on any landscape
that's shoestring theoretical
and find us meditating
on the peak
ahead of you

in a crouched position
our seats invisible
but only for a minute
our visit
a fleeting interlude
for there are many summits
above which
we'll suspend and brood
although we'll struggle
won't be trouble getting to

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

wormholelogistics[summoningtechnique] feat. menes the pharaoh(prod. by nsone)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

menes the pharaoh - zen studentz - sea/swordz (pronounced: sea of swordz)

zen studentz and sea/swordz = aphotic/vortex (pronounced: aphotic vortex)

prod. by nsone

verse 1 (menes the pharaoh)

wooden dock skirmish
frozen fist furnace
stone graveyard face hovers
and my spaced brothers
see you in the celestial
when i'm laced
and dirt covered
punch through the earth
like zombie walk on october 31st
crooked devil faces smiling
the isolated coast
a steaming demon island
god damned
trusty blade
slice the neck
army of marsupials
so at least twice the death
times a depth
not able to calculate
broken robotic ninjas
i observate
equations the size of titans
oil dipped laid out
menes sleeping in the back
you want war??
shit sun
we ain't hearing all of that
white robes turned red
bloody monks
a gathering of peaceful mind states
meditative beat breaks

zen before the battle
calm before the storm
seismic activity
when we rock the earth
the world in climate captivity
frozen beats
my heart is cold
the pillars of ancient rome collapsing
and the masses grow old
wandering since
the 1st inhabitant of Damascus

my mental stay in the darkest corners
like spiders in the attic
spinning webs
lost in the fabric of time
death looms through my bones
crack sporadic
mathematitians could not conjure up
a proper evaluation
arteries clogged
with stagnant information

verse 2 (zen studentz)

ranma god
is rock beats
happen to be truthful
just enough
to make the next step
casually regard
his coz mic thrash
knife flashing
then he might dash
it's the

i sworn he said he's tired
of a nonchalant outlook
crooks bleed vividly
zoinks stranded
left handed jargon
shats tecret crass badentials
gargling artists
will he harness truth
edjumacated blunt ash
gnash ruby
stomach falls easy

walk through the vixens maze
the crowd gathers 'round
to the script enslaved rascal

the kid's been plagued bad though
he spit ill
as that shit degrades cash flow
the oracle
who's that
he goes by a different name
fact so
it's ason ranma
manipulate matter like….

verse 3 (sea/swordz)

…when molecules and atoms fight
no matter what
you should never win
when you and your master fight
if you do
you need a new instructor
'cause if you try
the shit you learned
you'll get fucked up
like when
you first use some nunchucks
the first rule
you must understand
in order to grow
is proper nourishment
you NEED
before you WANT to know
heed my words
ignore them though
and be adjourned
from life as i know it
and proceed to ignore
the light that's not showing
but if i was you
i'd like if i go in detail
and speak the burning truth
from deep hell
you need to water your roots
and repeat daily
make sure your seed propels
from the earth
and reaches outer space
become a more thorough species
of our race
not mines
but yours
i've climbed the walls
and mountain-scapes
just so i could log on
to the atmosphere
to calculate
i'll separate your brain
from your spinal chord
for thinking out of place
like the most high of all
i could cause the impact
a walking tower makes
make the wind crack
and time fall out of shape
but i choose not to aggravate
the laws of physics
by default
as of late
i play my cards
as if i had an ace
type strategically
stronger than
the wrath of fate
my thought rhythm
has no bass
it's on a higher frequency
and this is war
i'm only peace
without the mic completing me
you can give up
all your senses
but your sight
to heighten seeing me
practice keeping your head idle
following light
you can even become conscious
open your mind
complete the three
but it'd still be impossible
for your eyes to meet with me
but showing is proving
so if i swallowed you
you might believe in me
notice the pun i'm using
and that line's deciphered easily
but if it isn't
you're like 'the simpsons'
trying to comprehend
in this dimension
you don't understand the knowledge
because you skipped the wisdom
if you don't follow
you didn't listen
i flow with ambition
the culture i'm living
is not a religion
i don't believe in it
i be in it
i'm disgusted
out for justice
and i ain't lenient

Monday, March 18, 2013

photolethalarchitecture(prod. by kozak)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

zen studentz - sea/swordz (pronounced: sea of swordz)

zen studentz and sea/swordz = aphotic/vortex (pronounced: aphotic vortex)

prod. by kozak

verse 1 (zen studentz)

its the oddest
kid to rock
krishna conscious
swift atomic
stutter when he rap
drool hawk tar mucus
talk harsh booth
spit off scar tooth
his swelled gums
blood drip
cloth large pool slit
tongue gnar ruthless
dunbar humans
uhh yeah?
his reptar slang
cut throats
zen gnaw through foes
crawl useless

option is
to show him he the raddest
one to spit a tad brash
chew and spit it back back at em'
charlatans to crack
spin kick
lash master sun
trigger pistol whip
fast class damn
he have it
shoot and reload
with no gaps
like a gatling gun
nah sun
all that
and stack cash madden em'
brass tacks blasting
his wax stash vast
and um that's that
hooded kid
rap craft data stun
nodding noggin
never bothered
by the sky scrape
tree top flute playing lobster
that he met within the city streets


show him the ropes
hash burn
blowing the smoke
slash clapse dagger
with a sunset
dust crate lunch musty
tattered in a clumsy pattern
addict when he spit
villains mad ill
like it must be
all the kratom
that he has
within the package
i got it
brain stun dose
too high
kozak flew ghost smooth
ragged dirt road
spin far off
its nothing
i contemplate fetters and delusions
in nirvana state
hare ramma namaste
chronic honest oddest say
aren't you the oracle
the shoe string rebel
pebble kick villain
freestyle endin
i come through
blend in words
and the special herbs
playing in the background
i hope you like that now

verse 2 (sea/swordz)

subsonic silhouette
recipe for
how to build a death
approach tracks
like bats
when they kill insects
echo located vessel
in a tesseract
shell of sorts
time compression lapse
intestinal tract
dispel a corpse
minus all sustenance
action in the mind
involves nothingness

mental capacity
ventures past
the fences of reality
what happens
within temples
has the potential for galaxies
new worlds germinate
what you knew before
through wars
earns its place
perspective transmutes
what you view
to form a certain shape
only YOU can determine
the way
that you interpret things
would you choose
to really see
murder all messengers
ignore the truth
by any means
what you observe
according to
what you wish to see
such as
the death of hip hop
some say
it still lives and breathes
but studentz
had to reach
across continents
to get this beat
if there were
current hip hop
action figurines
they'd come complete
with glittered purse
ugg boots
and skinny jeans
get a kanye west skirt
with proof of purchase
and shipping fees
my point is
this category of music
is not as it's perceived

Monday, February 11, 2013

unearthlygloam(prod. by wizdomgod)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by wizdomgod

dark definitive
eagle scream particulates
do the math
remove and add
future path significance
thoughts unleashed
like danny the dog
touched keys
on an instrument
a moment speaking
with morgan freeman

the haunting vocals
and the percussion
on this beat
are indicative
of just how much
of a beast
the god wizdom is
he was gone
for a minute
then resurfaced
like dawn
when you look into it
like that on your arm
when the fangs
of a large
animal's jaws
push into it

i welcome him back
with too much weight
on the bars
to lift them with
drawing on the past
memory banks are visited
developing thoughts
so kinetic
they charge interest
so much so
you think remy lebeau
threw cards
when i spit the shit

approaching domes
with the force
of a star
blown into bits

path of directionality
expanding like roots
and branches
spread out from trees
like the shape of limbs
without their leaves
like sperm cells
racing anxiously
to sprout a seed
hurried orange tree
like a hybrid
of current and futuristic
the relationships i form
correspond to
a group of cichlids
a myriad
of isolated
organic mutant misfits

a rare species of souls
lost in an accretionary hole
so very alone
like a flame
buried in snow
a darkness
nightmarish to know
but despite the heat
associated with light
it perseveres in the cold