Thursday, October 3, 2013

housemothra[feat. sea/swordz](prod. by shoe string rebelz)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

the oracle as dusted disciple - sea/swordz (spoken as: sea of swordz)

prod. by shoe string rebelz

taken from the album :  the oracle vs. dogora, da space monster

on cane corso records

by the oracle as dusted by the oracle as dogora.....and poison flowerz!

verse 1: (dusted disciple)

rocking odd
disturbing verbal rants
my ma's been lurking
and wonders
why i'm not conversing
too busy noggin searching
'cause i'm not
of earthly circumstance
shout it on the rooftops
fast witted as a kid
most folks roam godless
my energy is sacred
and i'm not about to waste it
on some so-so novice
manipulative master
of this matter
black kimono dress vixen
rocks a box of cigars
i'm on it
secret compartment
capsules in the mix
jargon headed adolescent kicks

zombie drones here
you must get the rifle
who told 'em
it's the dusted disciple
stuck with a life full of this madness

verse 2: (sea/swordz)

with the light bewildered
and the sun obscured

what is formed
is a vortex
of dust and swordz
all heads get cut for sure

a hidden world away
a dimensional tunnel bores through space
a vortical cumulonimbus void
takes shape
a sea of swordz escapes
in the form
of anthropomorphic rain

fast evolution
fast forward change
a mutation
of more of the same
an orphan of the vague
discretely course through his veins
a depleted torch still aflame

of a faraway time
who charted their paths
with watkins ley lines


most who walk across them
stay blind

with monsters
strewn across the grey skies

the truth lost
tossed to the wayside

hidden in a vault
wrought with modern day lies

only because
they've allowed themselves
to somehow
be held too long
with frayed binds

for only self-imposed thought
exonerates minds


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