Wednesday, November 4, 2015

eventfulhorizon(prod. by eczein)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by eczein

i hear wings assaulting the sky

the sound of this reality
being caught by surprise
perhaps it is wrong
but i shadowalk all the time
i am fascinated
by getting lost in my mind
a finger gently placed on space
it explodes
the shrapnel spirals into its print
like it’s gold
i summon a void
the louder monkey’s voice
is never known
what’s real
whatever i decide at the time
anything i choose to see
with the eye on my spine

hiei’s forehead
dragons for arms
darkness flame blackens the stars
shadow farms
non-hollow convoluted
depth of endlessness
this void consumes
not to be confused
with ultra-instances
eyes obtuse
equipped with quite acute
perceptive instruments
a vague micro-gesture
sends his hand to his hilt

he draws his blade
coffins cascade
blood and ink compete
to see which
will cover more of the page
each swing and thrust
stringing together
to construct a story of rage
an interruption in the force
is conveyed
it’s like ashton kutcher
looking at a book
until the words wiggle
a pulse bursts
there’s a blip
the atmosphere around the earth ripples
birds scream
every animal’s fur
they sense a hint
of a temporal slide
the arrival of a being
derived from another point and time
he enters through a door
one only finds
where two worlds combine
harmonic construction
conducted by a burst
of universal disruption
the merge
of dark melodies
and dirty percussion
a bent light
photonic mural abduction
auroral flames ignite
from his verse
when it touches
to the likes of which
earth is accustomed
urging all
to exercise subdural combustion
gentle fire
the awakening of dormant realms
a lone drow
escaping the ways of abhorrent elves
his own father roams
on his trail
the one opponent
who can rival his blades
by himself
a spirit wraith
by way of a spell
his soul
once again in its shell
just over a decade
after it was expelled
both instances of which
his own mother compelled
far too many vile creatures
know nothing of hell

Friday, October 23, 2015

syntheticremsleep[limbicoverload](prod. by lost soul)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

wisdm - stranded

prod. by lost soul

verse 1: (wisdm)

the story of the wishing well
spell of the ringing bell
been lost in this maze
for days
as far as i can tell
propel thoughts like crops
symbolic imprint
two orbs in the distance
the glow of the mystics
sage smoke
mixed with mary jane
gettin lifted
like a cloud above
gravity be king
sing the song of a dying star
far from the average kid
living life on mars
lunar scars
reflect who we were
and where we are
on the edge of time
playing his guitar

e minor
if you wanna know the chord i'm on
i'm strong
with the language of sound
word to cybertron
vibe is gone
til the tide is calm
tiger balm
soothe muscle after fire palm
five alarm
five 5's in the megastorm
styles born unique
like the art that i speak
deep inner sanctum
blueprint designed while i sleep
cheap labour
a couple of potheads and skaters
data found later
in the absence of craters
the absynthe was greater
in the time of great painters
green swirls
vortex between worlds
my body the shell
my soul the pearl
girls and boys
are you ready
for a brand new noise
toy writers get left
in the land of the void
true stories get revealed
then suppressed and destroyed
kids annoyed by their parents
and increasingly bored
separation anxiety
the life of a borg
connected through cord
memories stored
electric lore
protect the core
while my spirit soars for more
a mental war
purchase your flags at the corner store
be careful
when you open doors

life is a winter's forest

verse 2: (stranded)

…tremendous force
snow pushing limbs
that bend but don’t break
that’s trees lifting weights
for a season
til it dissipates
when the freeze
begins to slip from lakes
the discipline
of water standing still
for extended lengths
molecules have time to rest
before they reacquire stress
the interim of which
growth requires to climb its steps
tempestuous specks
that zip back and forth
and readjust
cellular mutation
cells pupate
and leave their husk
with new identities
they adapt to energy
how it feels
how they reveal their inner chi
our swords are raging flames
we insulate the steel
in its sheathe
when we draw
we stab your minds
before it has time
to shed degrees
but in the event
that we let winter
creep into our blades
that is the intent
to relentlessly imbue a change
it’s like entire deserts
sprouting flowers
when we wield our swords
that’s the apparent
esoteric alchemy
that we perform
a thousand speeding meteors
spin around with even force
it’s like rasengan
in the palm of god
being formed
as 7th galaxy ignores
i’m the shadow clone by which
that chakra globe is being forged
to stab the foe he’s speaking toward
once this technique matures
what he sees distorts
all he observes
is a large shuriken shrieking forth
a high-pitched
whistling oscillation
pervades his world
before he has time
to even wonder why space is swirled
he fades away
in an implosion
like the sensation you feel
when you bend over
and take several breaths
then stand up
holding it
after a 30 second stretch
with your back against a wall
and let someone compress your chest

don’t try this shit
it deprives the brain of oxygen
only through pure fortune
can you avoid consequence
this is how my older cousin
taught me to explore unconsciousness
i’m lucky i never died
in our dumb, deaf and blind attempts
i wouldn’t even mention this
in regard to the star’s strike
but this was the best analogy
for me to describe it with
so for the sake of the story
i wish you well

and leave you with nothing
but a jacket on an empty pail

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

losthaibane(prod. by zen studentz)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

7 arm'd labyrinth - sea/swordz (pronounced:  sea of swordz)

prod. by zen studentz

verse 1: (7 arm'd labyrinth)

i walk with scissor legs
and lost control of thoughtforms
them passages get blasted open
who am i to say i know
while crossing forks
torn and godless as the haibane
astrologic contemplation
caught within the tides unphased
and kept the balance
just barely

rascal who ain’t know himself

despondent cloud
in auric forms
that hide a golden shell

attic dwelling villains
crypted in the mist
crypted cryptic vision
visiting the crypt in which i live

and blasted back
by souls that’s captured in abyss
my shadow self was present
turned and gasped
then asked just what this is
he said
the bird ever existed
and the egg you guard’s illusions
head for exits far from truth
until his head was scarred and bruised
and all you get’s bizarre conclusions
seeing planets in my vinyl crates
i’m haunted
like an unsuccessful haibane
who hasn’t seemed to find its way

verse 2: (sea/swordz)

he wanders misbegotten paths
blindly trodden flat
as if his eyes were methodically
tied shut by each lash
only granted permission
to scantly envision time collapse
stranded with the sand
that drips inside the glass
each grain is like his sanity
abandoning him
while they splash
he’s just an anachronistic
random glitch in its biomass
just because he disagrees
doesn’t mean he is iconoclast
he just wants to leave
and be free to seek
sand for his own personal glass
he can’t resist his wander staff
no prison could make him stay
his glow being engulfed
he is a ghost who lives to fade away
a familiar jolt
he feels a pulse
within his soul
a sigil radiates
he ventures toward
this gentle source
a mental form of intercourse
those with whom he builds with
forge thought-streams
to which
remarkable offspring will be born
ideas generated
by those who chose not to be ill-informed
shadowalking in worlds
the vast majority ignores
the worlds that he adores

Monday, March 30, 2015

betweenblades(prod. by wizdomgod)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by wizdomgod

my eyes close
electrodes explode
burn at great speed
i try to discern what
the encephalographically observed
waves read
but it’s a blur
or worse
the journey escapes me
i reach most mornings
being torn from a vague dream
my brain squeezed
by societal shackles
it’s been undeniably established
i’m on an entire planet
and i all but amble the same streets
countless sights to behold
yet i can only nictitate peace
so angry
i can sit still
in the cold
and generate heat

the mars breather
sireniform palm reader
i consort with a squad
of upper echelon creatures
what are hallucinogens
to quotidian non-sleepers

trying to live
where you don’t really belong
it’s like swimming across a river
of carnivorous starved amoebas
or running on a small island
from a coalition
of perpetually-powered irobotic cheetahs
how could you possibly achieve this?

you will succumb
to their depredations
be undone by their digestive phases
you cannot both
retain your integrity
and escape this
just let go
flip your car on the roadside
you must first
accept that they are there
before you can tear off
your soul’s binds
you cannot know
what below hides
unless you nosedive
there are several
less desirable layers
before a goldmine
don’t resort to manuals
what is it
that you see with your OWN eyes?

hook (x2)

between blades
he sees vague
what his eyes achieve
may just
coerce his philosophy
to change up
he may no longer
need to take blood

when he receives
his new sword
it will remain tucked

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

inadvertentfacade(prod. by seph one)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by seph one

my most consistent
meditative procedure
is to listen
to a particular piece of music
regenerate through the speakers
with a drifting away demeanor
i begin to fade
’til i’m vague
dissipate to the ether
permeate distant realms

i wear a human costume
like evil lizards
my detached shadow
to defeat avengers
and set the table
for galactus to eat his dinner
planet on a platter
he BETTER be a decent tipper
i’ll cut through his power
like ryuko
with a piece of scissor
thousands of strikes
streaking inward
sounding like a rockslide
skipping across ice
that sheets a river
just the thought
of such an attack
would cause a galaxy to shiver
like walking through the snow
in ballerina slippers
i’m like black bolt
for at least a winter
to study an esoteric book
on how to speak a whisper

the apparitional waves
the patterns
of how specific transmissions behave
in relation to the gadget
that picks up what they say
governs the apprehension of things

meteoric tempest ensues
clever minds escher-ize
bending the rules
that which is pressurized
will eventually ooze
you cannot contend with
the within that protrudes
you can only change the shape
of what’s in the balloon

i hail from midian
a cocoon
within which
only perpetual emptiness looms
an eternity spent in a school
fish akin
to those who swim
in the most hidden of pools
and only live when they do
forever drawn to the epicenter of truth

a facade
that was never meant to be
it just materialized
at the end of a string
a kite
sent to a key
the course of a splintering tree
the soil flinching beneath
the roots of an entire forest
beginning to BE
there are moments
that trigger chains of events
key points
where several stages begin
equations that can’t be solved
with algorithmic attempts
there are no boundaries
for such things to exist
these are calculations
generated without the basis
of any conscious intent
but on occasion
one may capture
a precognitive glimpse
see things
that the present vaguely portends
but interpretation
can obstruct subtle hints
so tread carefully
many passengers can be spirited
into the air we breathe

the birds i admire most
build nests
in imaginary trees
on a quest to wander
where their walkingstick’s trail will lead
wide awake
but don’t fail to dream
imagining life
away from the scale they’ve seen
they don’t just color outside the lines
they start with a new sheet of paper
you ain’t going to tell them
what they can draw
they ain’t machines
if they are
they’re no longer the pawns
that they may have been
they’ve evolved to contemplating beings
a sentient
fate alteration league
for the cause of breaking free
erase walls for caging beasts
to give them the freedom
necessary to shape belief

indigo dust
you’ll get your dome crushed
trying not to let a creature
shed its own husk