Monday, March 30, 2015

betweenblades(prod. by wizdomgod)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by wizdomgod

my eyes close
electrodes explode
burn at great speed
i try to discern what
the encephalographically observed
waves read
but it’s a blur
or worse
the journey escapes me
i reach most mornings
being torn from a vague dream
my brain squeezed
by societal shackles
it’s been undeniably established
i’m on an entire planet
and i all but amble the same streets
countless sights to behold
yet i can only nictitate peace
so angry
i can sit still
in the cold
and generate heat

the mars breather
sireniform palm reader
i consort with a squad
of upper echelon creatures
what are hallucinogens
to quotidian non-sleepers

trying to live
where you don’t really belong
it’s like swimming across a river
of carnivorous starved amoebas
or running on a small island
from a coalition
of perpetually-powered irobotic cheetahs
how could you possibly achieve this?

you will succumb
to their depredations
be undone by their digestive phases
you cannot both
retain your integrity
and escape this
just let go
flip your car on the roadside
you must first
accept that they are there
before you can tear off
your soul’s binds
you cannot know
what below hides
unless you nosedive
there are several
less desirable layers
before a goldmine
don’t resort to manuals
what is it
that you see with your OWN eyes?

hook (x2)

between blades
he sees vague
what his eyes achieve
may just
coerce his philosophy
to change up
he may no longer
need to take blood

when he receives
his new sword
it will remain tucked

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