Sunday, July 16, 2017

shadowphysics(prod. by 7th galaxy)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by 7th galaxy

silver corneas
photonic formulas
a creature of the dark
soft light euphoria
eyes gently glow
calm energy
splashing out of them
suspended above a forest
abrupt obscurity
shrouding him
his vessel enveloped
in a cloud of limbs
he unusually flies
moving through the sky
like an owl swims
armed with a scowl grin
he gazes at the land below
creating chronomantic holes
for any who abandon growth
ending their time
with a carefully contrived
pedantic blow
by the disorienting trails
of a clock’s hands that slow
flux capacitor
with a sequestrian manifold
march on the universe
with an army
built in the phantom zone
lunar life form
skywalker blood
muted lightstorm
i glitch amidst the stars
flicker against the ocean floor
defiladed consciousness
my software isn’t open-source
a roaming shadow
a ronin
walking with a broken sword
or does it just have
partial invisibility cloaking on
you defend
according to
where you think
the end of the sword is
and therefore
get stabbed
when you’re certain
that it’s a sure miss
i am shadow
a member
of a rare species of outworlders
hailing from an amaterasu
noctilucent cloud forest
my jagan fuming
an aura of violet
profound currents
the more i exude it
the more the light illuming
is malnourished
the embers consumed
through the use
of umbral manipulation
dark defiant druidry
triangulated initiation

the sky vivids
beneath the weight
of the implications
the change in momentum created
by a silent eclipse instated
only time will tell
if what i’ve unveiled
is divination
i hope when i reach the future
i’m able to find
my vision sated

and if not
may i be blinded
i don’t want to see my world
with hollow space inside it
what matters most
by a swirl
that permeates my eyelids
a void
absorbing what’s in my heart
like langoliers
working hard
to erase what drives it

completely unrelated
a torch unhides
a portal
that contains a door
through time
that travels to
before our marrow was formed
by what allowed us
to soar through the sky
foraging wide
prepared to swallow
any prey we could afford
with our eyes
they collapsed
to be absorbed
by our spines
to be reactivated
fastforward in time

humans are so stupid
lying dormant inside
the solution is evolution
you must transform
if you want to fly

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

dimethyltriptomars(prod. by anübis dōhji)

written and performed by sea/swordz (pronounced:  sea of swordz)

prod. by anübis dōhji

 a severed hand
holding a man
as a triangular
hyperspace expanse
makes his head expand

an animated skeleton
coming out of a gap
in one dimension
from another
all relaxed
as if it's done
more inter-dimensional travel
than quinn mallory has
a pink sky
with one cloud
at its back
face like a terminator
without its mask
at some sort of
advanced technological hourglass

could this object
found in its grasp
be responsible
for some ominous
hour to pass
where are the rest
of the tentacles
that that invisible octopus has

is that woman's head
in a trophy case
appearing as if
it is in the midst
of a lycanthropic change
is it in some sort of fluid
if this picture was moving
would we be watching
it float away
i see a lot of smoke
no flames

are we seeing
the unidentified flying 'o'
or go away

and why are those buildings
seemingly weightless
in pieces
is that how they were designed
or is there
an invisibility device
that they are strategically
being erased with

what is the significance
of the triangle
missing in the table
being penetrated
by one of the mysterious
cephalopodic appendages

is that rabbit in a hat
semi-spherical ball
a magician's trick

is it all an illusion
being viewed
from the perspective
of where the audience would sit

he put his hand
through a window
being seen
from the side
what goes in
doesn’t seem to arrive
but on another screen
he provides
you see the scene
i previously described

and who the hell
is that old man
can it be
that he is being held
by his own hand

Thursday, July 6, 2017

atinyemptiness(prod. by dirtylosttapes)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by dirtylosttapes

…i’m not even close
to who i should be
at most
too insubstantial
to even constitute being a ghost
doomed to endure
a lack of wind
at sea all alone
the density that my soul achieves
is weaker than smoke

a shell of myself
at best
a pale silhouette

playing out a snail’s build to death
by a zillion breaths
you don’t quite understand
the gravitational force
the situation
and the weight it supports

caught in the embrace
of a sensationless torque
that wrenches one away from their source
a maelstrom
the size of the sea of space
swarming with sharks
compressed into a tiny emptiness
that pulls you apart
if you wish to know
why i’m most comfortable
where the darkness is yo
it’s ‘cause much of the light
that i’ve come to know
is artificial
positivity typically equates
to the laud it gets you
you fake fucks can eat
an entire mech’s arm of missiles
i wholeheartedly welcome
the tenth avatar of vishnu
may hell come for you all
the fall paroxysmal
just because i hate
don’t mean i don’t love
my heart’s official
feelings aren’t contingent
on comprehension
you’re monolingual
make an effort
to learn my language
you ain’t no participle
you don’t get to decide
i mean something i don’t
shit’s far from simple
rosetta stone
when it’s thrown
the pond will ripple
the truth extends itself
to the sharpest mentals

pretty soon
stars won’t find our globe
the sky alone
by an opaque biodome
what evidence do you have
that humans affect the climate’s mode
by the time proof
will be enough for fools
that door cannot be closed
much of what they choose
provides the future
with a somber tone

the significance
of the successful
siege on scarif
by a rogue
although obscured
garishness hides below
the threat
of anachronistic steampunks
buried within a cryo-hole
and the transformations
these three experience
until their time explodes
flash to where tomorrow dwells
just slightly after
there was a blast
stars fell
like bar bells
the size of africa
for any assassination
weapon market’s spectacular
they got an aerosol blowdart
with a flux capacitor
it circumvents time
and wanders through quantum apertures
to teleport specks of sawdust
to the hearts of draculas
to the knowledge
self-arcwelded passenger
his meditation prompts
a heartfelt allelic massacre
mutations in the dark well
the skull-enveloped scavenger
you’re a pilot
you’re brain and your body
are like a mazinger
seventh galactic hotbox
spliffs mad long
suicide with a shotgun
shit’s that strong
it’s like a mech
using its cannon
as a big ass bong
the smoke leaves the barrel
like a dispatched bomb
a pyramid shapeshifts
its bricks transform
and it creeps across the desert
like it’s six past dawn
a lotus floats distinguished
in a pitch black pond
guarded by a buddha
looming ten flats tall
an abyss with no identity
frozen by splintering
once again intact
after perhaps
being gone for an infinity
a kyber-cell loss of energy
a sabre caught shimmering
photovoltaic inverting
in the throes
of decay and entropy
being blind
chirrut used the eyes
of a synesthete
he formed images
through the act
of meticulous listening

using a lightbow
to snipe far away enemies
and when he was taken
to see gerrera
they made sure that he couldn’t see
stupid cats
should’ve used headphones
that canceled noise

killed two senses at once
republic android
reprogrammed and deployed
to see that his former camp is destroyed
with the rebel clan that he joined

we all prefer
that the planet was void of humans
who won’t advance from a koi
if you don’t choose to evolve
like powder kegs
like daenerys being consumed by a star
with countless eggs
360 expansion fan
dragon wave-propegation
the blast unfolds
with adiabatic approximation
exploding so fast
it lacks emblematical oxidation
the temperature stays consistent
for the emphatic shock’s duration
obscurity doesn’t indicate
something that isn’t plentiful
it just means
it’s not widely acknowledged
it’s a hidden truth
you don’t know the ratio
of elements that we inhale
unless you analyze
what the air that we breathe entails
so much goes unnoticed
when you don’t look
you don’t see as well

the reverse can be as well

peace to side b
learn how to work that akai piece
i got dibs on your first fly beat
as long as josh peace
but back to this beautiful
piano-laden drum track
dirtylosttapes with blunt wraps
mosaic gun clap
the power of wisdom
twin cipher ammunition
the blast
like alex’s sibling
with panoramic vision
we wreak havoc on those
who go into a trance
and listen

in a zone
their heads explode
like an aneurysm
silk road shooting range
many weaponz on display
body shaped silhouettes
surrounding where the bullets sprayed
all but what you’re shooting at
mazinga finger glock
precisely disintegrate a target
with a single shot
if you’ve ever witnessed
what that particular pistol does to cats
your hair will super saiyan
if you hear me cock that knuckle back
you can’t avoid the slug’s impact
it’s much more difficult than that
each shot’s
got a deoxyribonucleic-hunting app
made from extra-earth skeletal alloys
extracted from the spines
of stellar metallic cowboys
and voluntarily
on some kimmimaro kekkei genkai
the growth of hyperbaric
splinter-starmetal insides
reconfigured spinal discs
extinction level impact
equipped with go-go gadget combs
to part and push your wig back
thousand petal lotus
with the stem snapped
traces of a moth’s blood
no longer intact
ink brushed from a page

by a monk with a plague

swept underneath
a secret lurked a dungeon
in chains

but later liberated
it emerges unscathed
like a bird from its cage
to finally serve its purpose

and walk the earth
purple flames
my jagan erupts
a horde of auric dragons
surf your veins
as my katanas touch
imagery is conjured
from the energy that i conduct
strung together
with a web
of indigoic viaducts

over time
i’ve come to know
that i don’t cry enough

and even still
i have yet
to let my arid eyes well up
this is just how it’s occurred
it’s not meant
or preferred
it just is
what it is
i’ve observed
but i’ve recognized the value
of a dissonant purge
i just haven’t been able
as of yet
to trigger the urge
or could it be
my tears have been
reconfigured as words
and i’ve laid my head
on the shoulders
of particular birds
the specific ones
to which
thewalkingstick has referred
without a flock
who chose not
to see ‘within’ as a blur

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

inwardstellarframework(prod. by cyborg 303)

written and performed by stranded

produced by cyborg 303

tumbleweed scuffle
under water
with swords made of flame
but they don’t disturb the water
its fluid state is sustained
the fire is more an image
than a temperature thing
but that’s not to say
that the ignition’s
not an instant away
the ripples of transcension
don’t exhibit decay
they’re a bubble
that keeps expanding
while its density stays
a dragon made of fire
swims in a rage
no horizon
the dark comprises
every inch of the blaze
fucks you up like goku
with wrenches for days
light reduction
the sun conducting monkey business
with shade
what was before
nothing more than a vestigial stain
a tale
to be told
to those
who descend from the pain
candyman mythology
the horror of childhood dreams
materialize on earth
in a subservient cloud of bees
a legend is not as much
what it was
as how it’s seen
its measure
is the amount that believes
powerful seeds
once sown
these myths sprout into plants
and trees
that trickle down
like gallons
that span mountains
with streams
the convolution of veins
that protrude from the range
curiosity mass produces
mad fruit for the brain
this cyborg’s music
is a beautiful thing
it alludes to a strange
distant future that changed
the way that horn toots
is insane
in cahoots with the way
that drum loop is arranged
to an indian sort of flute
when it’s played
and the effect
on a snake’s movement
that’s presumably made
i’m moved to allow myself
to be removed from my cage
and explore
a new obscure evolutional stage

my cocoon torn
the mutant of blades
exhumed from a storm
with all the swords
that bloomed in the grave
in the shadows
our atoms plot
to improve what they shape
in some inhabitants
their appetites
soon are assuaged

everlasting wisdom
a flame established
in the middle of snow
twenty below

it tolerates the wind
as it blows
but holds
the principle
represented by the alchemist’s stone
transforms anything into gold
contemplation finds mutation
at the end of its road

the more you think
the more you sink
into a hole
like a cinnamon roll
into your soul
in the throes
of a gentle maelström
a tunnel to wonderland
a sojourn
that even seldom
dummies don’t understand
two birds in the bush
are rarely worth one in the hand
“i’m humble”
aren’t the words
of a humble child
or man
phantasmagorical grams
cause my lungs to expand
and they magnify all the data
i put under my lamp
i see as clear as the substance constructed
after bunson-ing sand
i scroll through neuroholograms
to summon guns to my hands
disinter jewels
from the most industrial scans
like echo hunters
to the umbral under lands

deep gnomes
tapping on stones
to track what they hold
by paying close attention
to the refraction of tones

even their keen ears
can miss the path that is shown

and no one listens better
than these cats
on the globe
mental manipulation of shadows
is known as umbrakinesis
when you behave
as if you have a remote
but what do you call it
when you’re the one
beneath the shadow’s control
when your every action
is decided
by light’s absence alone
slightly lit
i exist in a world
blacker than coal
but such pressure
has been known
to yield spectacular stones
shinigami apples
fibonacci fractals explode
we’re surrounded by patterns
that extend labyrinths below
the dimension of which
when measured beneath
examining close
the further in you zoom
they seem to actually grow
this lagomorph hole
an intrepid theoretical swirl
the depths that unfurl
are like leaping
off the edge of the world
just to discover
where you were
was just a speck of the mural
this sets off elucidation
like menes spitting ‘dural’

tossed in rumination
your whole perspective is hurled
your comprehension upended
a 3d structure twisted
into other dimensions
and even then
that wouldn’t cover
but so much of existence
the complexity of the physics
is like a tesseract
crumbled up and disfigured

to quantify it
would require hundreds of digits
and john nash formulas
scribbled in clusters
on windows

the most abknormal
out of all of the kninja
blades precipitate from clouds
he manifests with his fingers
a tragic storm on the forecast
perpetual winter
all shadows and grains of sand
telekinetically rendered

from a grenade
that genetically splinters
and crashes into the brains
of the most perceptive of listeners
the cellular whispers
hybrid code tether constrictors
reach forth
to what hasn’t yet been configured
and methodically wrap themselves
around telepathic pictures
with a direct
but nonthreatening signature
commands wander
as they will
to where they’re destined to venture