Thursday, July 6, 2017

atinyemptiness(prod. by dirtylosttapes)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by dirtylosttapes

…i’m not even close
to who i should be
at most
too insubstantial
to even constitute being a ghost
doomed to endure
a lack of wind
at sea all alone
the density that my soul achieves
is weaker than smoke

a shell of myself
at best
a pale silhouette

playing out a snail’s build to death
by a zillion breaths
you don’t quite understand
the gravitational force
the situation
and the weight it supports

caught in the embrace
of a sensationless torque
that wrenches one away from their source
a maelstrom
the size of the sea of space
swarming with sharks
compressed into a tiny emptiness
that pulls you apart
if you wish to know
why i’m most comfortable
where the darkness is yo
it’s ‘cause much of the light
that i’ve come to know
is artificial
positivity typically equates
to the laud it gets you
you fake fucks can eat
an entire mech’s arm of missiles
i wholeheartedly welcome
the tenth avatar of vishnu
may hell come for you all
the fall paroxysmal
just because i hate
don’t mean i don’t love
my heart’s official
feelings aren’t contingent
on comprehension
you’re monolingual
make an effort
to learn my language
you ain’t no participle
you don’t get to decide
i mean something i don’t
shit’s far from simple
rosetta stone
when it’s thrown
the pond will ripple
the truth extends itself
to the sharpest mentals

pretty soon
stars won’t find our globe
the sky alone
by an opaque biodome
what evidence do you have
that humans affect the climate’s mode
by the time proof
will be enough for fools
that door cannot be closed
much of what they choose
provides the future
with a somber tone

the significance
of the successful
siege on scarif
by a rogue
although obscured
garishness hides below
the threat
of anachronistic steampunks
buried within a cryo-hole
and the transformations
these three experience
until their time explodes
flash to where tomorrow dwells
just slightly after
there was a blast
stars fell
like bar bells
the size of africa
for any assassination
weapon market’s spectacular
they got an aerosol blowdart
with a flux capacitor
it circumvents time
and wanders through quantum apertures
to teleport specks of sawdust
to the hearts of draculas
to the knowledge
self-arcwelded passenger
his meditation prompts
a heartfelt allelic massacre
mutations in the dark well
the skull-enveloped scavenger
you’re a pilot
you’re brain and your body
are like a mazinger
seventh galactic hotbox
spliffs mad long
suicide with a shotgun
shit’s that strong
it’s like a mech
using its cannon
as a big ass bong
the smoke leaves the barrel
like a dispatched bomb
a pyramid shapeshifts
its bricks transform
and it creeps across the desert
like it’s six past dawn
a lotus floats distinguished
in a pitch black pond
guarded by a buddha
looming ten flats tall
an abyss with no identity
frozen by splintering
once again intact
after perhaps
being gone for an infinity
a kyber-cell loss of energy
a sabre caught shimmering
photovoltaic inverting
in the throes
of decay and entropy
being blind
chirrut used the eyes
of a synesthete
he formed images
through the act
of meticulous listening

using a lightbow
to snipe far away enemies
and when he was taken
to see gerrera
they made sure that he couldn’t see
stupid cats
should’ve used headphones
that canceled noise

killed two senses at once
republic android
reprogrammed and deployed
to see that his former camp is destroyed
with the rebel clan that he joined

we all prefer
that the planet was void of humans
who won’t advance from a koi
if you don’t choose to evolve
like powder kegs
like daenerys being consumed by a star
with countless eggs
360 expansion fan
dragon wave-propegation
the blast unfolds
with adiabatic approximation
exploding so fast
it lacks emblematical oxidation
the temperature stays consistent
for the emphatic shock’s duration
obscurity doesn’t indicate
something that isn’t plentiful
it just means
it’s not widely acknowledged
it’s a hidden truth
you don’t know the ratio
of elements that we inhale
unless you analyze
what the air that we breathe entails
so much goes unnoticed
when you don’t look
you don’t see as well

the reverse can be as well

peace to side b
learn how to work that akai piece
i got dibs on your first fly beat
as long as josh peace
but back to this beautiful
piano-laden drum track
dirtylosttapes with blunt wraps
mosaic gun clap
the power of wisdom
twin cipher ammunition
the blast
like alex’s sibling
with panoramic vision
we wreak havoc on those
who go into a trance
and listen

in a zone
their heads explode
like an aneurysm
silk road shooting range
many weaponz on display
body shaped silhouettes
surrounding where the bullets sprayed
all but what you’re shooting at
mazinga finger glock
precisely disintegrate a target
with a single shot
if you’ve ever witnessed
what that particular pistol does to cats
your hair will super saiyan
if you hear me cock that knuckle back
you can’t avoid the slug’s impact
it’s much more difficult than that
each shot’s
got a deoxyribonucleic-hunting app
made from extra-earth skeletal alloys
extracted from the spines
of stellar metallic cowboys
and voluntarily
on some kimmimaro kekkei genkai
the growth of hyperbaric
splinter-starmetal insides
reconfigured spinal discs
extinction level impact
equipped with go-go gadget combs
to part and push your wig back
thousand petal lotus
with the stem snapped
traces of a moth’s blood
no longer intact
ink brushed from a page

by a monk with a plague

swept underneath
a secret lurked a dungeon
in chains

but later liberated
it emerges unscathed
like a bird from its cage
to finally serve its purpose

and walk the earth
purple flames
my jagan erupts
a horde of auric dragons
surf your veins
as my katanas touch
imagery is conjured
from the energy that i conduct
strung together
with a web
of indigoic viaducts

over time
i’ve come to know
that i don’t cry enough

and even still
i have yet
to let my arid eyes well up
this is just how it’s occurred
it’s not meant
or preferred
it just is
what it is
i’ve observed
but i’ve recognized the value
of a dissonant purge
i just haven’t been able
as of yet
to trigger the urge
or could it be
my tears have been
reconfigured as words
and i’ve laid my head
on the shoulders
of particular birds
the specific ones
to which
thewalkingstick has referred
without a flock
who chose not
to see ‘within’ as a blur

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