Wednesday, July 12, 2017

dimethyltriptomars(prod. by anübis dōhji)

written and performed by sea/swordz (pronounced:  sea of swordz)

prod. by anübis dōhji

 a severed hand
holding a man
as a triangular
hyperspace expanse
makes his head expand

an animated skeleton
coming out of a gap
in one dimension
from another
all relaxed
as if it's done
more inter-dimensional travel
than quinn mallory has
a pink sky
with one cloud
at its back
face like a terminator
without its mask
at some sort of
advanced technological hourglass

could this object
found in its grasp
be responsible
for some ominous
hour to pass
where are the rest
of the tentacles
that that invisible octopus has

is that woman's head
in a trophy case
appearing as if
it is in the midst
of a lycanthropic change
is it in some sort of fluid
if this picture was moving
would we be watching
it float away
i see a lot of smoke
no flames

are we seeing
the unidentified flying 'o'
or go away

and why are those buildings
seemingly weightless
in pieces
is that how they were designed
or is there
an invisibility device
that they are strategically
being erased with

what is the significance
of the triangle
missing in the table
being penetrated
by one of the mysterious
cephalopodic appendages

is that rabbit in a hat
semi-spherical ball
a magician's trick

is it all an illusion
being viewed
from the perspective
of where the audience would sit

he put his hand
through a window
being seen
from the side
what goes in
doesn’t seem to arrive
but on another screen
he provides
you see the scene
i previously described

and who the hell
is that old man
can it be
that he is being held
by his own hand

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