Friday, April 1, 2016

wis3cod3monk3yz(prod. by wakizashi jabberwockyz)

written and performed by: (in order of appearance)

7 arm'd labyrinth
okami ghosthack
sea/swordz (pronounced sea of swordz)
menes the pharaoh

prod. by wakizashi jabberwockyz (7 arm'd labyrinth & anübis dōhji)

verse 1: (7 arm’d labyrinth)

7 rinth
clumsily distort and bend truth
sitting on his cosmic throne
and wielding gems that’s nen fused
says who
strange eyes of his
that capture that
laudanum inebriated
mental crushing capsule rap
i could have sworn
my thoughts control the seasons
addled mess
of adolescent maddened lsd binge
shadow silhouetted labyrinth
with no faces
i got high friends
in low places
rapping in smoked basements
tossing daggers
crooked postured alien
tablet gnashing
attic dwelling
morbid sort of alias
raps awaken sorcery
that’s dormant in his mental
psychic enhancement beverage sipping
orphan with a pencil
lethargic demeanor
baggy hoody rocking
awkward grin
bird’s nest hair
frizzed out
chaotic like my thoughts have been
the silhouette contortionist
who pace around illogically
although my music’s strange to you
it doesn’t sound so odd to me
this is my norm

verse 2: (okami ghosthack)

who let all these animals
in the jewel bazaar?
haunting harajuku bouncer graveyards
the panzerschreck prize fighters
casting charm spells
on zulu nightwatchmen
pink dogwood blossoms
in laughing coffins
lollipop ominous
yakuzas in ceremonial zebra gum robes
catnap catwoman in rome
the clock tower explodes
red spectacles
wolfsbane nectar slurpeez
otherworldly mp-40s
orbiting izanami the corpse queen
oops all berries
for toasting turquoise maned snow lions
cyan limes
a walking city fell through the ice
dreamsicle skyline
sharkskin men and peach hip girls
smiling with guns out
cruella deville
guangzhou opera quellazaires
twin zastavas
zipcraft valet inside a zipped bag
with comics
three wise code monkeys
spy versus spyware
polar researchers
blast stuffing out wild bears

miniguns melting

and two reincarnated grave robbers
found their own skeletons
dollhouse elvish

verse 3: (sea/swordz)

…realmless babbling fools
impersonating a master’s intellect
trapped in a zoo
in a cage
with a fasting silhouette

like staggering burberry
patterned mechs

the shadow moves
in a rage
until they’re wrapped up in its depths

ripped into darkness
rays of light
stripped to the bone
forced to evolve
like a narcissist
with no mirrors in his home

thought experiments
i spend long periods
in a zone
where wisdom roams
and the weather
is perpetual sandwinter snow
shroud of turin draped shinobi
swirling approach of death

murder face emoji
shuriken with a strobe effect
mute weapon
looking like some sort of shit
thrown by boba fett
the monk3y cod3 coated projectiles
open heads
it’s telepathic sabotage
signal path data fraud
trying to prevent the impact
of an empath’s battle scars
from being in a pasture
full of calves
being jabbed with cattle prods

verse 4: (menes the pharaoh)

a hundred nights i waited
10,000 days debated
ghost gauntlets
on a sinking ship
to coffin land
graveyard scuffle
broken knuckles on tombstones
of a foreign land
feral skin
glowing like a radiated chosen one
monks break bricks with heads
and light blunts with a molten tongue
olden sun
aura of a frozen gun
you still see me?
ghetto magician
busting shots out of thin air
believe me
morlore delorian
back to the past
his story being told
as he storms through the opium
denz in which i live in
his pens write in crimson
the end is what i’m given
forgotten but forgiving
1st and 3rd person
2 to 4
the truer living
i’m perpetually spinning
but eventually distant
the world back off me
too close to the enemy
who’s there
a shadow
that i never could perceive
witches in my caverns
caress my moldy flesh
and a necromancer enchant
with the name menes
take a bow into death
baohz inventions are the best