Tuesday, April 16, 2013

wormholelogistics[summoningtechnique] feat. menes the pharaoh(prod. by nsone)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

menes the pharaoh - zen studentz - sea/swordz (pronounced: sea of swordz)

zen studentz and sea/swordz = aphotic/vortex (pronounced: aphotic vortex)

prod. by nsone

verse 1 (menes the pharaoh)

wooden dock skirmish
frozen fist furnace
stone graveyard face hovers
and my spaced brothers
see you in the celestial
when i'm laced
and dirt covered
punch through the earth
like zombie walk on october 31st
crooked devil faces smiling
the isolated coast
a steaming demon island
god damned
trusty blade
slice the neck
army of marsupials
so at least twice the death
times a depth
not able to calculate
broken robotic ninjas
i observate
equations the size of titans
oil dipped laid out
menes sleeping in the back
you want war??
shit sun
we ain't hearing all of that
white robes turned red
bloody monks
a gathering of peaceful mind states
meditative beat breaks

zen before the battle
calm before the storm
seismic activity
when we rock the earth
the world in climate captivity
frozen beats
my heart is cold
the pillars of ancient rome collapsing
and the masses grow old
wandering since
the 1st inhabitant of Damascus

my mental stay in the darkest corners
like spiders in the attic
spinning webs
lost in the fabric of time
death looms through my bones
crack sporadic
mathematitians could not conjure up
a proper evaluation
arteries clogged
with stagnant information

verse 2 (zen studentz)

ranma god
is rock beats
happen to be truthful
just enough
to make the next step
casually regard
his coz mic thrash
knife flashing
then he might dash
it's the

i sworn he said he's tired
of a nonchalant outlook
crooks bleed vividly
zoinks stranded
left handed jargon
shats tecret crass badentials
gargling artists
will he harness truth
edjumacated blunt ash
gnash ruby
stomach falls easy

walk through the vixens maze
the crowd gathers 'round
to the script enslaved rascal

the kid's been plagued bad though
he spit ill
as that shit degrades cash flow
the oracle
who's that
he goes by a different name
fact so
it's ason ranma
manipulate matter like….

verse 3 (sea/swordz)

…when molecules and atoms fight
no matter what
you should never win
when you and your master fight
if you do
you need a new instructor
'cause if you try
the shit you learned
you'll get fucked up
like when
you first use some nunchucks
the first rule
you must understand
in order to grow
is proper nourishment
you NEED
before you WANT to know
heed my words
ignore them though
and be adjourned
from life as i know it
and proceed to ignore
the light that's not showing
but if i was you
i'd like if i go in detail
and speak the burning truth
from deep hell
you need to water your roots
and repeat daily
make sure your seed propels
from the earth
and reaches outer space
become a more thorough species
of our race
not mines
but yours
i've climbed the walls
and mountain-scapes
just so i could log on
to the atmosphere
to calculate
i'll separate your brain
from your spinal chord
for thinking out of place
like the most high of all
i could cause the impact
a walking tower makes
make the wind crack
and time fall out of shape
but i choose not to aggravate
the laws of physics
by default
as of late
i play my cards
as if i had an ace
type strategically
stronger than
the wrath of fate
my thought rhythm
has no bass
it's on a higher frequency
and this is war
i'm only peace
without the mic completing me
you can give up
all your senses
but your sight
to heighten seeing me
practice keeping your head idle
following light
you can even become conscious
open your mind
complete the three
but it'd still be impossible
for your eyes to meet with me
but showing is proving
so if i swallowed you
you might believe in me
notice the pun i'm using
and that line's deciphered easily
but if it isn't
you're like 'the simpsons'
trying to comprehend
in this dimension
you don't understand the knowledge
because you skipped the wisdom
if you don't follow
you didn't listen
i flow with ambition
the culture i'm living
is not a religion
i don't believe in it
i be in it
i'm disgusted
out for justice
and i ain't lenient