Monday, March 18, 2013

photolethalarchitecture(prod. by kozak)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

zen studentz - sea/swordz (pronounced: sea of swordz)

zen studentz and sea/swordz = aphotic/vortex (pronounced: aphotic vortex)

prod. by kozak

verse 1 (zen studentz)

its the oddest
kid to rock
krishna conscious
swift atomic
stutter when he rap
drool hawk tar mucus
talk harsh booth
spit off scar tooth
his swelled gums
blood drip
cloth large pool slit
tongue gnar ruthless
dunbar humans
uhh yeah?
his reptar slang
cut throats
zen gnaw through foes
crawl useless

option is
to show him he the raddest
one to spit a tad brash
chew and spit it back back at em'
charlatans to crack
spin kick
lash master sun
trigger pistol whip
fast class damn
he have it
shoot and reload
with no gaps
like a gatling gun
nah sun
all that
and stack cash madden em'
brass tacks blasting
his wax stash vast
and um that's that
hooded kid
rap craft data stun
nodding noggin
never bothered
by the sky scrape
tree top flute playing lobster
that he met within the city streets


show him the ropes
hash burn
blowing the smoke
slash clapse dagger
with a sunset
dust crate lunch musty
tattered in a clumsy pattern
addict when he spit
villains mad ill
like it must be
all the kratom
that he has
within the package
i got it
brain stun dose
too high
kozak flew ghost smooth
ragged dirt road
spin far off
its nothing
i contemplate fetters and delusions
in nirvana state
hare ramma namaste
chronic honest oddest say
aren't you the oracle
the shoe string rebel
pebble kick villain
freestyle endin
i come through
blend in words
and the special herbs
playing in the background
i hope you like that now

verse 2 (sea/swordz)

subsonic silhouette
recipe for
how to build a death
approach tracks
like bats
when they kill insects
echo located vessel
in a tesseract
shell of sorts
time compression lapse
intestinal tract
dispel a corpse
minus all sustenance
action in the mind
involves nothingness

mental capacity
ventures past
the fences of reality
what happens
within temples
has the potential for galaxies
new worlds germinate
what you knew before
through wars
earns its place
perspective transmutes
what you view
to form a certain shape
only YOU can determine
the way
that you interpret things
would you choose
to really see
murder all messengers
ignore the truth
by any means
what you observe
according to
what you wish to see
such as
the death of hip hop
some say
it still lives and breathes
but studentz
had to reach
across continents
to get this beat
if there were
current hip hop
action figurines
they'd come complete
with glittered purse
ugg boots
and skinny jeans
get a kanye west skirt
with proof of purchase
and shipping fees
my point is
this category of music
is not as it's perceived