Sunday, October 27, 2013

theunwilting(prod. by episodic)

written and performed by (in order of appearance) :

seraphguard - stranded

seraphguard and stranded = vague/bond (pronounced :  vagabond)

prod. by episodic

verse 1 (seraphguard):

the square sits within the circle
housing the vitruvian man
prepare for the reversal
of this dubious plan
the whole globe pause
like a marsupial’s hands
wireless energy from an aquifer
under the nubian sands
drop a ruby and ran
across the loose leaf
and land
stood where the subdued sat down
and the unruly would stand
an studious man
a heart as pure as pervian grams
a flatlander in 3d
who transversed the 2d unmanned
because just like a being
within a cocoon changes
one’s thoughts are as dynamic
as the moon's phases
the shadow
that outlines the dunes
awaken to a bad dream
surrounded by toon faces
each with features
as sharp as attuned lasers
arise from bestrewn craters
on ballooned vapors
what allowed for this division
i assume hatred
associated with pirates
that only take doubloon payments
with goons and vagrants
misrepresented like groomed laymen
can never be too soon
for the impatient
sooner waiting
on the spaceship
that shapeshifts
an innate gift
from the divine and the sacred
taste this herbal medicine
my verbal resonance
visible only in ultraviolet light
represented by purple measurements
unseen in a turtle’s tenements
a disease that curdles the ligaments
jumping over hurdles of irrelevance
circle your residence
as hurtful as veterans
luckily i’ve yet to be buried
under an earth full of sediments
spit that merks your intelligence
murder the venomous
you’re a clown in a circus
around serpents and elephant
never forget
it’s better to collect
if they don’t settle the debt
write a letter of intent
then embezzle the cheque
if they forget to protect
the head or the chest
then sever the neck
until there’s no severance left
the evidence kept
write in red to correct
head to the left
instead of a step
i meddle and jet
level the set

there’s nary a soul alive
that the devil reject
drink in taverns
with kings in caverns
to blinking lanterns
we sing till tantrums
active observation
nature brings a pattern
the intricacies in layers
like the rings of saturn
collect the broken moon
and sling it at them
upon the wings of dragons
as comets crash
we drink from chasms
and shrink the atoms
till i think i’m adam
at the brink of bragging
sink like phantoms
or pink panthers
can’t fathom the random links of datum
in the beginning
i was thinning
at the scissor’s teeth
my head was swimming
from the ringing
and the grizzly heat
visibly vibrant
the mystery behind this
trickery of sirens
a history of violence
ends in misery and silence

verse 2 (stranded):

figuratively quiet
i ascend
like submarinian pirates
boldly approaching land
like an amphibian virus
exiting the ocean
staring daggers
as it drips from my eyelids
each eye exhibiting
the unwilting
of its withering iris
focused on the objective
to be ultra-impressive
make an impact
so effective
the result
that we're left with
alters the thought patterns
below skulls
that are overprotective
but their grey matter
is for them to sculpt
at their own discretion
that is the only lesson
be yourself
by any means
necessary to intervene
when you are being encouraged
to ignore your inner being
to conform
isn't right
it's not wrong
to disagree
the fruition
of a particular tree
a sophisticated
multi-linear seed
we are all pebbles
on an infinite sea
our ripple production
spreading 360 degrees
it's as if
how we live
is an affliction
and everything we touch
gets the disease
only it's up to us
just how sick
what we've stricken
will be
if we were to behave
in a way
that would heal
the positivity generated
would rotate like a wheel
we'd be protected
by the same
symbiotic process
that was making us ill
it's the user
not the method
that dictates what will wilt
if this IS the matrix
i'm not taking a pill
i'll escape on my own
with just
the strength of my will
tear myself awake
to what's real
nightmares may be fake
but that's not
the way that they feel

you must be alert
analyze all things deeper
utilize your mind's
microscopic features
zoom in
when appropriate
for instance
what are the cogs
beneath hurt
pain is an indication
of something wrong
that needs work
true difference
is loneliness
which is time to research
distance yourself
from the parasites
that eat earth
forget everyone else
what is it
that you can contribute
to the host body's rebirth
blame is inconsequential
to what can be provided
when seeds burst
if you're pointing fingers
your hands aren't free
to plant seeds
in order to rise
they need dirt

and light
we're carbon based
which hardened
changes darkness to bright
induce fission
altering life
like two chakra natures
to make an alternate type
not unlike the fusion
when two distant authors unite
with the common ambition
once they bloom and dwindle
blossom to life
and reacquire their height
the posture symbolic
of the will required
the desire to fight
without it
how can the inner fire ignite

mind talks to body
[talked to]-body excites
if it doesn't talk
you'll just dissolve
until you're gone
via flight
like water
to hydrological heights
where it condenses
gains weight
and then drops
till it's light

it is doubtless

there are countless
cycles of life

Thursday, October 3, 2013

housemothra[feat. sea/swordz](prod. by shoe string rebelz)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

the oracle as dusted disciple - sea/swordz (spoken as: sea of swordz)

prod. by shoe string rebelz

taken from the album :  the oracle vs. dogora, da space monster

on cane corso records

by the oracle as dusted by the oracle as dogora.....and poison flowerz!

verse 1: (dusted disciple)

rocking odd
disturbing verbal rants
my ma's been lurking
and wonders
why i'm not conversing
too busy noggin searching
'cause i'm not
of earthly circumstance
shout it on the rooftops
fast witted as a kid
most folks roam godless
my energy is sacred
and i'm not about to waste it
on some so-so novice
manipulative master
of this matter
black kimono dress vixen
rocks a box of cigars
i'm on it
secret compartment
capsules in the mix
jargon headed adolescent kicks

zombie drones here
you must get the rifle
who told 'em
it's the dusted disciple
stuck with a life full of this madness

verse 2: (sea/swordz)

with the light bewildered
and the sun obscured

what is formed
is a vortex
of dust and swordz
all heads get cut for sure

a hidden world away
a dimensional tunnel bores through space
a vortical cumulonimbus void
takes shape
a sea of swordz escapes
in the form
of anthropomorphic rain

fast evolution
fast forward change
a mutation
of more of the same
an orphan of the vague
discretely course through his veins
a depleted torch still aflame

of a faraway time
who charted their paths
with watkins ley lines


most who walk across them
stay blind

with monsters
strewn across the grey skies

the truth lost
tossed to the wayside

hidden in a vault
wrought with modern day lies

only because
they've allowed themselves
to somehow
be held too long
with frayed binds

for only self-imposed thought
exonerates minds