Wednesday, November 4, 2015

eventfulhorizon(prod. by eczein)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by eczein

i hear wings assaulting the sky

the sound of this reality
being caught by surprise
perhaps it is wrong
but i shadowalk all the time
i am fascinated
by getting lost in my mind
a finger gently placed on space
it explodes
the shrapnel spirals into its print
like it’s gold
i summon a void
the louder monkey’s voice
is never known
what’s real
whatever i decide at the time
anything i choose to see
with the eye on my spine

hiei’s forehead
dragons for arms
darkness flame blackens the stars
shadow farms
non-hollow convoluted
depth of endlessness
this void consumes
not to be confused
with ultra-instances
eyes obtuse
equipped with quite acute
perceptive instruments
a vague micro-gesture
sends his hand to his hilt

he draws his blade
coffins cascade
blood and ink compete
to see which
will cover more of the page
each swing and thrust
stringing together
to construct a story of rage
an interruption in the force
is conveyed
it’s like ashton kutcher
looking at a book
until the words wiggle
a pulse bursts
there’s a blip
the atmosphere around the earth ripples
birds scream
every animal’s fur
they sense a hint
of a temporal slide
the arrival of a being
derived from another point and time
he enters through a door
one only finds
where two worlds combine
harmonic construction
conducted by a burst
of universal disruption
the merge
of dark melodies
and dirty percussion
a bent light
photonic mural abduction
auroral flames ignite
from his verse
when it touches
to the likes of which
earth is accustomed
urging all
to exercise subdural combustion
gentle fire
the awakening of dormant realms
a lone drow
escaping the ways of abhorrent elves
his own father roams
on his trail
the one opponent
who can rival his blades
by himself
a spirit wraith
by way of a spell
his soul
once again in its shell
just over a decade
after it was expelled
both instances of which
his own mother compelled
far too many vile creatures
know nothing of hell