Thursday, June 14, 2012

lunarscars(prod. by episodic)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

vice versa - stranded

vice versa aka blunted sultan aka carmine moth





vocal sample:

forgive my intrusion

....i hope this isn't a bad time

verse 1 (carmine moth)

arch bishop of roach droppings
so obvious
headlice afraid
baroque fountain
enzyme depraved
throat modeling
paraplegic paratrooper
bodily bloated
oddity cloaked
yellowed fish eye pavilion
orbiting slaughter cadre
cactus limb human

blurred then focused
comedy hoax
most debauchery obtuse

wet silk tapered to the bone structure
moans muffled over commonly
syrupy stalagmite
impaling all the wailing
prolonging prose recited
to frightened ghost wandering
solemnly gloat
the ringworm toad robbery
bothering jolts
of archetype evoked conjuring
drunk barber cabal
headclipper close clobbering
properly coaxed
into morose artistry
cognitive devil
nebula lobe conquering
Guild of Funerary Violinists
now mope sauntering
the viper bog emporium
euphoria arteries roped
in a fibonacci corkscrew
beware cryptobotomy
sickle sodomy
cinematography luminary glow
army coat
tailored by carnie dolts
dont bother me
supernotter film
noir bottom feeder mode
2nd annual robot builder club
binary code honoring

verse 2 (stranded)

 a carmine moth
wing flap
time lapse
still frame
frozen eye snap
moment goes unforgotten
deep impact
on neural receptors
encouraging lecture
vivid euphoric image
with a blurry texture
a figurative swirling wind
that would disorient escher
but i am inclined
to provide such consumption
when i am confronted
with mind numbing
observational fire redundant
light production
in the proverbial darkness
of my circumference
the shadow teeming
lack of dreaming
i suffer
sleep atrophying
accompanied by astral demons
who approach me
but won't speak
on what it is that they're after
not often
but in proportion
to the few lucid
rapid eye movements
i've been involved with

when i was ten years old
i saw how the world will explode
but i lost it
all i remember
is l.a.
and an airplane that was monstrous
it felt as if
it would happen that day
but i learned that wasn't the case
long since

i wonder on occasion
if it
was clairvoyance
or a nightmarish figment
we'll never know
if it was a premonition
because we'd die
with the explosion's ignition
and if it wasn't
and it was nothing
we can't know that it isn't
because if it was a vision
when it will happen
wouldn't have a limit
i could have remote viewed
beyond my death
through a descendant

the likely direction
by the unexpected
a smaller piece
of a larger puzzle
to be connected
i suspect that
a series of gears
there and here
are operating a mechanism
they have no recognition
they even steer
the fusion of purpose
implemented by mutual serpents
their unity ferments
the energy
produces a current
generating power
throughout their circuit
the balancing out of versus
the tao swirl disc
of dark and light
the purest archetype
not one or the other
ALL of life
those not stuck
in their mother
and father's sight
those who see further
than what was
beyond its vice
this freedom
turns into walls of ice
a fortress
the solitude of orphans
from a multitude of sources
is conjured
to conquer feuding forces
constant fuel for torches
carried onward
with the portent
of apocalyptic horses
so far into the future
your imagination
couldn't possibly
support it
barely glimpse
just a fragment
and after
their reality fractures
loses integrity
and gradually shatters
the area
they wish to represent
is like a natural disaster
there are no instruments
capable of fully mapping its patterns

lunar scarring
what's left
of the reflection
of beautiful starbeams
a moon
that can only be viewed
with eyes
that see truth