Sunday, August 18, 2013

latentcorridors(prod. by shoe string rebelz)

written and performed by :

sea/swordz (pronounced :  sea of swordz)

prod. by shoe string rebelz

verse (sea/swordz) :

shoe string tourniquet
submit to sharper brain graphs
looping on a journey
through the missing marble vein shafts
movements are determined

stars observed
medicinal visit
to the a-u-r-al herbalist
nature walks all surfaces
all perspectives utilized
there are a slew
of viewpoints accessible

use your eyes

who am i
to decide
the tide the moon provides
these are independent movements
i have naught to do with

time is an awful nuisance
often clueless
i wander blueprints
their chakra root snipped

fleeting holographic transience

how is it
that something
of so little interest
can reach inside your thoughts
and delete them
before the ideas are invented

how clever these phantoms are
damaging cogs with wrenches

we're distracted
distracted again
by the resulting vengeance

sun tzu already mentioned
how can checkmate be momentous
if you maneuver in a way
so you don't play
the chess game
to  begin with

Friday, August 16, 2013

l[iam]entconfiguration(prod. by jopheyel)

written and performed by (in order of appearance) :

carminemoth(also known as vice versa or blunted sultan) & stranded

carminemoth & stranded = iridophoric/pseudomorphs

the title of the song is pronounced:  lament...

prod. by jopheyel

verse 1 (carminemoth) :

arterial spurting
countless corpses
on a spiritless journey
being carried
by a paralyzing
series of gurneys

giving a disconcerting
torpid appearance of surfing...
welcome billy bland
green blood
that's the only thing
bolted gall bladder
pall bearer
penny whistle
wearing a buck skin ascot
on the gramophone
varnishing owls
tarnishing scowls
harboring foul
frozen vapor particles

fasci symbols on tokens
the sunken servitude
metallic artery
valves contracting

gout mulch crying
fish tank filter
phlegm filament
tailoring geneva robes
in triplicate order
simian sybian performer
claymation cramping

electrochemical lobotomy bile
carrion flower
hacking at latches
sick as marjoe
faith embargo
amusement park
inkwell bobby

frozen menstrual blood
formed into a caste

black haired butcher 

littered with dead dogs miserable
if not for the luminary
lit along the road
broken fishermen figurine

intermittent explosive
ruminal cannual

arcamedes odometer
vapid dreg drivel

verse 2 (stranded) :

...nivek ripple
nomadic quest
adolescent bloom
phantom ejected plumes
from the nest to moon
the flightpath indicating
my avid contempt for rules

lullaby contagion
by the puzzle box of language
the profundity of blood
and its bio-vagrants
to summarize
a mind
befuddled by isolation
must understand
the underside
through eye triangulation

who am i
beneath this human disguise
that i am caged in
the answer lies inside
for each of you
to find and take it

through time
my roots have been
brutalized by hatred
nurtured by the fertilizer
truthful observations
the ubiquitous watcher views
his beautiful art's mutation
life after death
the future
beyond the changes
the orchestrated murder
of whosewho
by two ravens
xerces blue
forcibly removed
from conservation
for each event
several points in time
the time it occurs
and each time it's known

an eon ago
the glaucopsyches of old
were beguiled by gold
i contemplate
what became
of whatever
comprised their souls

habit to kill
black daffodil
shadows that feel
darkness hatches
and false
flashes to real
the artificial
tossed in the kindled past
and concealed
an entire species
as if it didn't matter
or will
it's hard to imagine
such a loss
has its appeal