Tuesday, December 6, 2011

focusedones(prod. by lost soul)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by lost soul

we emerge from oceanic depths
to be observed
by those that have slept
they fear us
'cause they are dry
and they don't know what is wet
with change they attack
when things stay the same
they relax
but even still
there is always one who strays from the pack
it is within he
we instill the strength to detach
think for himself
and find a way to adapt
awaken his dormant brain
and activate its synapse
like a pyromaniac
when he plays with a match
explore new heights
until its relativity shifts
then see what else exists
to a degree
one must be
capable of selfishness
and a state of mind
that's sedative
and let the imagination fly
like when propellers twist
under circumstances
that make the sky irrelevant
hidden away inside
our vague disguise
is a precipice
at first glance
you may only find what's evident
but upon further observation
lies a shape beyond the skeleton
but that is vague as well
even more so
than the costume we've made our shell
we need to fine tooth this paper trail
find the truth
and break the spell
by disorienting lies
that swirl and intertwine
with poor defenseless eyes
their sight blurs until it's blind
you try to find your way
yet you ignore so many signs
do we go to heaven
or purgatory when we die
all of the above
and more
it's just the doors are in disguise
with many destinations
some may lead to more than one
you don't know shit
you flush the toilet when you're done
if you were to temper steel
what type of sword would it become
mine would be a blade like grass
receiving water and the sun
in that it would live and breathe
like the ones you see
the soul reapers with on bleach
it grows when it is released
in power and in form
both of them increase
like the mind when i sleep
conscious in a dream
i remove illusions
like cobwebs with my fingers
brush them shits aside
for it is i
who gets to just as quick decide
what gets defined
by light's construction with my eyes
like a sandstorm
from wind/cloud
this will make sense
once you've experienced
both then and now
until then
it will mean nothing
like empty vows
when i was a child
i was asked
why can't you simply smile
i replied
my happiness is not yours to decide
it's mine
my smile's inside
where it is not to be seen by prying eyes
i don't follow the guidelines
you idolize
i color outside the lines
bound only by my mind
it is a responsibility
to allow for all possibilities
this is a value
far beyond infinity
i am a black hole
drowning all in my inquisiting
my surroundings flock
and spiral into me
knowledge spins around
a composite
cyclonic entity
wisdom abounds
and follows its conductivity
but space behaves in waves
of symbiotic energy
opposing forces
perform a psychotic symphony
therefore war
will always contradict the peace
that's why i fight
and that's also
why i'll never find serenity
on earth
at night
i search the sky
inside my memories    for my identity
where am i from
why does it lie in mystery
not knowing where i belong
unlike anything
the pain it provides
is so strong
you'd die of empathy
but i go on
like the eye of storms
to do much more
i approach darkness
and walk right through it's front door
like the purifier
on crematoria
but what for
he moved towards the sun
and was reduced to dust for it
it's triumph's fertilization
the school of life
doesn't require certification
i observe mistakes
and interpret pertinent information
and learn like doug 'cypher' ramsey
served any language
but what does it matter
it's a waste of time
to collect data
there's too much to gather
perhaps what i seek
is too high to climb
for a step ladder
or perhaps not
i tend to accept the latter
i play the cards i'm dealt
but i also play cards by myself
even as i move through the world
i'm off somewhere else
orbiting distant stars
with alternate gravitational belts
despite without
i stay to myself
i applaud the advocation of hell
but religion is ignoration of self
so that shit can stay on the shelf
for how can the right path
be away from yourself
that's counter intuitive
you see the present
i see what the future is
i face pressure
but think several moves ahead
and roll with the punches
like a paraplegic pugilist
i will not willingly receive foolishness
i refuse it and
respond as a eulogist
to anybody popping that stupid shit
i got a coffin that you can get
and it doesn't matter
what size that you should get
i'll treat you like a sample
and chop you so you can fit
i despise who
blindly subscribes to
lies and contrived truth
and tries to force
their delusions upon you
i hate religion
and the bullshit it's tied to
trying to pull
the wool in your eyes' view
but a lot of times
it's when you're not looking
you find jewels
it's difficult
to watch people
stuck in a time loop
but it's up to them
to find the hole in the loop
and climb through
when you never surrender
you can do what
you put your mind to
so be persistent
and make use
of the upper spine's root
a creature with a mind
is meant to think by design
when diagnosed in the shade
the source of pain
seems to shine
which makes it simple
to identify
focus is determined
at the discretion
of whoever blinks the eyes