Monday, August 22, 2011

elders(prod. by seraph guard)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

seraph guard - stranded - seraph guard

prod. by seraph guard

verse 1 (seraph guard)

an honest man
seems he came
from the promised land
with the markings of god
on his hands
with a solace plan
he came to spark his land
at which time
was like a dark abyss
in the sand
he was born and raised
in the stormy days
of scorn and rage
he would have to carve and grave
his thoughts upon a page
feeling starved and chained
he would prick his skin
to warm his veins
so he could calm his pain
when he even died
the scars remained
both on the out and deep inside
the harm would disdain
and creep and slide
until the color of his heart was strange
in a steep decline
he wore out parts of his brain
due to the thickened stress
he would blaze the sickest cess
and the occasional cigarettes
he ended up sick in bed
he was only missing death
until his vision left
and his life ended the way it began
with a quickened breath

verse 2 (stranded)

there once was a human
surrounded by subtle illusions
covered in stupid
he wasn't ignorant
it's not like he knew it
he had his suspicions
he just never could prove it
but he was fortunate enough
to spend some time with a mutant
who inadvertently
enlightened a student
he realized
what he saw
with his mind
wasn't lucid
like ears by acoustics
this experience
engineered revolution
he located the filter
that was built
then removed it

light came rushing in
like a tidal wave of revenge
for being forsaken and dimmed
despite the fact
that that was not his intent
it was so bright
he was blinded
almost as much as he'd just been

the body's an outlet
he's plugged in
without it
there's no conduction
a human minus him
is fluid
plus skin

so now he's on a quest
to more or less
and not evaporate
like boiling water's
next step

but how can
he remain an amalgam
when separation's
the outcome
and there's no longer
antiquated about him
his lineage erased
by primitive apes
without thumbs
i'm speaking
in a figurative style tongue
the description of apes
is to articulate how dumb
life is supposed to consist
of big bangs
like loud guns
random events
not tandem sequence
with each decision
an all new tangent begins

as of now
he is suspended in time
serving a death sentence
imprisons his eye
he can only see outside
from where he sits in his mind
without the vehicle
he's unequivocally blind

it's frustrating
to be stuck in a sleep spell
when you've discovered the dream
and want to leave
but can't unbuckle the seatbelt
he struggles to free himself
he needs help
but he must do it alone
or he will ultimately fail

by what he insists
is deliberate intent
to keep us saturated
by schedules of insignificance
so preoccupied
with time outside
we can't spend any within
and the brain's activity
considerably dims

he had to cross oceans
and get to the end
without drowning
by millions of fins
but he did not surrender
the undertow reeling him in
he fought the current
and continued to swim

he reached the shore
only to be reassured
that no matter
what he overcomes
there will be more
life is a series of doors
that stretch
like two mirrors reflect
they lead to endless impossibilities
that millions neglect

his thoughts devoted
to fulfilling his quest
his heart is left so broken
that it's killing his chest
what you want and what you get
are two totally different decks
so play the cards you're dealt
with no tells
as if they're the best

verse 3 (seraph guard)

a blue baby
born in the true eighties
his father surprised
his bride
couldn't hide the new mercedes
hadn't had a brew lately
his pops' pride grew greatly
felt like he could survive
through the shady
being born during the dry season
to wry reason
he would cry teething
who knew
he would die breathing
with his eyes bleeding
in a sly allegiance
his thoughts spinning in a shy precinct
like his mind sneezing
birthed with cyanosis
in death he would lie in roses
before they could apply the dosage
he opened his eye and closed it
doctors never noticed
too busy trying to save him
but the only guarantee from day one
is after life leave
the grave come
whether you act smart
or behave dumb
keep to yourself
or speak with a brave tongue
your heart's in a holster
or you wave guns
the shots made his face numb
in and out
he could taste blood
but now his energy
is left to god's grace son