Wednesday, May 18, 2016

lightswitch(prod. by ichiban hashface)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by ichiban hashface

i hear tell of demons
but i seldom hear the reasons
there are not a slew
of inherently evil beings
when a creature behaves as such
it’s because of a series of events
it blossoms
an anomaly popping up
is infrequent
and even then
it’s attributed
to malfunction of synapses
dichotomous contradiction
cognitive dissonance

science has argued
that our minds
are not meant for this
could eden’s garden be the lab
fruit from its vines
the experiments
what has been deposited
on the akashic etheric disks
if we inquired into its contents
what would the query present
an astute fascination
with mutagen
peace to coachgun
i salute imaginations
the few who concede to no one
this is how i persevere
reverse engineering a shogun
staring into a spear
whose point
peers as deep as my soul runs
cold blood
winter sand that won’t budge
the monument of old suns
synonymous with diamonds
when the coal’s crushed
when evolution piques
will you peak
or prove to be weak
and fold up
like a drawbridge
y’all kids
need to do like trees
and grow up

hold up
ichiban produced fire
to feed my rhymes
that’s peace
like getting high
off of marijuana
that’s legalized
alessa nodes
phosphorescent codes
like eggs on bowls
like shelley from hemlock grove’s
bioluminescent glow
i imbibe on lessons yo
when it comes to betterment
i don’t fuck with medicine
if it doesn’t make
a life or death difference
unless the world is set to end
and pestilence
due to consistency
my immunoefficiency is excellent
i’m all about empowering women
like estrogen
and having profound relationships
outside of having sex with them
i find beauty
in the body shape
and face
i don’t deny that
but i do not surrender
to each impulse in my synapse
i won’t allow myself
to treat a sentient creature
as an object
that’s a feeble concept
and it reeks of a weaker mindset
despite degree of knowledge
you’re moronic
if you don’t recognize facts
even if you can see
you’re blind
if you don’t realize that

if you disagree with me
we shouldn’t be in contact
may these words reverberate
and hold the weight of gold
like bobcat
the planet breaks
a plague of locusts flies past
as man disintegrates
it liberates my soul
in contrast
that may be cold
like caitlin snow
panabaker beside flash
but being stranded
is like the misdeeds of humanity
facing god’s wrath
by the daily bullshit
swirling violently
this world’s pointlessness
swallows me
look at the metaphor
you get absorbed
by those who bottom feed
as long as humans prosper
the future will not know peace
we’re made of galaxies
hidden power
but how do you shape reality
despite how small you are
you all think
it all revolves around your needs
what kind of sense
does that make
the gravity would be wild as shit
that many satellites
orbiting one body
could not persist
with just one additional moon
how the tide would get
the oceans could cock back
on some fire arm tsunami shit

a quiet calm
abruptly silences the mind
as comets drift along
at a gentle crawl
the dawn of new consciousness
fireballs that have been spawned
from the thrall of a cosmic rift

thoughts are flint
it is within YOU
that the spark exists
so close your eyes
and shadowalk a bit
carve your walkingstick
from a limb
that extends
from the roots
of your heart’s content
a rogue splinter
don’t surrender
your innermost occupant
let your soul explode
filling what holds it
ferrous will
adamant resolve
anachronistic thoughts
a sorcerer performing dark magic
to traffic mystic arts
what i spit is sharp
kick back
like when a pistol sparks
absorb it
like bufotenin
from a hallucinogenic frog
your whole world’s being destroyed
but you don’t want to get involved
typical humans
you sit
spewing your criticism blogs
you are the true and living flaws
the jaws that chew humanity
with ouroboric
self-destructive panderings
if you’re the type to subscribe
to foolish laws
developed by man
and need a marriage license
to confirm
you fell in love
that’s insanity
you should vanish
like george not dancing
under an enchanted sea
your inaction
results in damage
so expansive
you can’t foresee
world sculptor
before you advance
every time you make a choice
is a point where you plant a seed