Friday, December 16, 2016

abknormalkninja(prod. by 7 arm'd labyrinth)

written and performed by sea/swordz (pronounced:  sea of swordz)

prod. by 7 arm'd labyrinth

he runs amok
on a planet
all alone
there are so few conscious souls
he’s not sure
if they’re real
or leaves on a plant
in a pot
that he’s grown
stranded within a world
without a mind of its own
he can barely hear himself think
over the hum
harmonized by the drones
interference breeds tumult
where rogue consciousness roams
defiance alone
cuts an opening
in the stifling moan
contriving a cone of silence
despite the cries that oppose
a swan’s grace
the calm space inside a cyclone

the oddly tranquil paradise
that a storm’s sight knows
by a wellspring of aphotic energy
the stemming peace impales
the chain mail that envelops enmity

i simply vibrate out of phase
with nearby enemies
gently oscillating away
with atomic splintering

shadows loom over panda street
a wakizashi snowstorm
in an alternate cold
is haunted by sonic ghost swarms
as far as the development
on the evolutionary chart
that goes on
despite my level
i’m millenniums of light
from my adult form
hyperspace expansion
an [im/ex]plosive cross-breed
a world
entirely comprised of paradoxes
that move at pause speed
the balance essential
to suspend you in flying sauce beams

sitting still in the sky
like a nikon’s offspring

toxic noodlez

darkness flame
my jagan pupil flashes
having a dragon on your arm
is useful
with swords for fangs
it will never lack the jaws
to chew you

it splashes
at whatever lacks my staunch approval
as the wave crashes
you’re also stabbed by a mirage
somewhere on earth
a red planet depicts
a collage of funerals

the blur that tends to accompany
beauty’s profundity

filters out those
who don’t appreciate subtlety

hero in villain clothes
zero pose
i dress comfortably
cloaked predator
sky leopard
i hunt for beats

lurking with kaiju
a hundred deep

i am not an earthling
a portal explodes above your world
i’m inside it
a spiraling shadow with absurd wings

it’s like teleporting through fountains
neitherland travel sorcery
a forest of clouds
chain reaction
plagued by the trappings
of obscure links
pleasantly distracted
but that’s how sea/swordz thinks
he inhabits so many labyrinths
when he learns things
into other people’s planets
like meteors

planetary crust erupts
like when saiyans knuckle up
he’s a beast
this beat bangs
like the tailpipe on uncle buck
rinth went off
after kids saw him
sniffing that 404 coke
and philosopher chin palm stroked
until his jaw broke
like darth vader
hitting you with a dark sabre combo
in a galaxy
far away
he concentrates til y’all choke
psionic vacuum
vortex of aphotic stab wounds
somewhere on a silk road
flowerz! undergoes his last bloom