Thursday, September 28, 2017

__clew__?(prod. by 7th galaxy)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by 7th galaxy

a star
being born
from a galaxy
and a crystal shard
akin to frogs
a mirror blips afar

a distinct reflection
a flicker
with apogee-al roots
a compressed packet of light
sent by a shadow
the first intracontinental burst
that reaches you
a message
carried by a walkingstick bird
that says
‘peace to you’
but on the way
it had to make a pit stop
to say
‘eat some food’
this bird closes its eyes
and takes the scenic route
it goes
where the shadow’s heart explodes
sees its truth
tethered to this energy
it ends up where it leads it to
attached to its intentions
tentacles in an ether realm
a hydrostat supporting life
like leaves
when a tree exhales

deep as hell
an insomniac
in a sleeper cell
as soon as she sees the owl
she jumps out
and leaves her cell
chilling on the seat
while she runs out in the street

to find a way
to finally change
the way she sees herself

ayo jiraiya
love is not just for you
it may be going elsewhere
but i still got enough for you

uncle who?

a shadow
is the sun removed
your father
and another
are the only ones
with such a view

by virtue of who they are
they earned a peek
beneath the mask
it’s even darker underneath
but certain people see a flash
a light
even hidden from the candle
it’s connected to
once he discovers
this wick ablaze
what’s he left to do
that’s a story for another time
back to this stellar seed
the bird i sent a bird to
asked his past
to help set him free
she released
a telepathic meditative scream
a crystal for a crystal
FORBIDDING scalpels to make a seam
with enough chromium
to serve as kryptonite
to weaken the kryptonians
so tokyo could dip the knife
jiraiya made his way
to this existential plane
galaxy to galaxy
nanoka to the milky way
arrival time 2:22
he came with patterned symmetry
it takes a shadow
to gaze at shadow imagery

he sits stoic in nature
amassing energy
with the intent to pass it
to otomo’s classic centerpiece
when i release my clones
they don’t often go back into ME
it’s love
i freely give myself
to those who have it
when in need
and those who have it
should know
that they have it
for infinity
it will never be revoked
unless they grossly act despicably
and in effect
change their very fabric
my love will dissipate
‘cause it’s not attached
to that identity

so fear not
my judgment in such things
is rather marvelous
constructive evolution
in oneself
the path is arduous
so much time within
engineering consciousness
spending years
peering into mirrors
like a narcissist

evolving quick
i keep my eyes peeled
for walkingsticks

i’m quite observant
sighting birds
that veer off and dip

a flock
made up of species
that don’t even fly as one
separated by miles
but connected
on a cosmic hunt

one particular owl
ventured out
inside for love
while another bird
discreetly shadows
jiraiya young

Monday, September 25, 2017

just...(prod. by klinging swordz)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by klinging swordz

space itself
spreads its arms
the stars are cradled well
you’re straight
like ‘l’
lower case
with me
you know you safe as hell
even though
it seems i’m cold at times
just shine
you’ll make me melt
be calm
quit trying to find
something wrong
when my embrace is felt
don’t concern yourself
with harming me
just sink
and save YOURSELF
even if i WAS to scar
that’s peace
i’d long to take that L
in the event that i’m sleeping
when you call
i awake from hell


happier than laughing
watching dave chappelle

you underestimate
the power you have over me
how often i’m alone with peace
because i never won’t be reached

it keeps my dome at ease
knowing for certain
you have a securely frozen
permanently open
wormhole to speak
making me sever that connection’s
wack to me

but still
i seppuku’d myself
and reattached the sheath
you found a way
for you to clash with grief
‘cause i have the audacity
to love you from mad capacities

i won’t apologize
for the way
my heart blasts from me
and you get wrapped up
in its arms
as they grab and squeeze

that’s just me
both in and out the sea
this is just what love is like
above the heights of alchemy

you have all the power
if you feel
that this has got to stop
i don’t know
how to turn it off
and there’s no volume knob

vampire by mistake
i apologize
i’ll learn to starve
if draining you’s
the only way that i’ll survive
if you said
“we don’t got no vibes”

i’d say
“i’m not surprised”

‘cause dark and light
don’t look at all alike
side by side

don’t go outside and hide
go within
dive inside
fuck shaking him
shake the etch ’n sketch
erase the lines of time
don’t bury yourself
under the pain
while you die inside
fight and rise
stay on top
like hakeem olajuwon

i’m not a hero
i’m just skillful
shaking pompoms
you’re doing all the work
i’m just chilling on the sidelines

i’m just encouragement

love and nourishment
you’re the one behind
the elaborate custom workmanship
i create an atmosphere
that magnifies assertiveness
and provides environments
to satisfy resurgences
but you’re the one responsible
for any progress you make
‘cause you’re the one
who’s got to move
to energize the steps you take
all the time
you spend inside
criticizing everything
you could use your inner eye
to visualize much better things
fuck all of those without
who wish to start your funeral
the flux of your soul abounds
what’s within is far more beautiful
you’re incredible
the most pleasant light
i ever knew

i’m mad grateful
i was able to connect with you
i wish i knew a way
to persuade you to accept your truth
but in that
i’m powerless
so that’s a challenge
that is left with you
it’s hard for me to fathom
how even ravaged by pain

your aura is comprised
of such spectacular flames
in the end
there’s only one thing
i have left to say…

Friday, September 1, 2017

atomicbladework(prod. by chief bob)

written and performed by:  (in order of appearance)

golden swords


prod. by chief bob

verse 1: (golden swords)

shaolin disciple and stranded
intertwine into one blade
two elements of emceeing
combined into one sword
razor sharp lyrical force
will crack the earth’s crust
and throw the globe off course
chopping off heads of commercial emcees
their soul stuck in between heaven and hell
trapped in between good and evil
forever lost
hip hop is my religion
pray to the culture
that been crucified on a cross
spit darts through your blood vessels
through my rhyming style
you can see
their commercial style of rap music
outlined in chalk

poetry split your face open
like moses' staff
suplex metaphors on paper
and break the blue lines in half
swing iron daggers
regurgitate ill vocabulary
represent the true emceeing craft
wake up the hidden eye
poetical katana blades
left your inner mind with a righteous gash
most cats flow for green cash
so i feed your mind state
with verbal vegetables
spit poems thru your cerebal cortex
bathe your mind state in knowledge
like a bath
lyrically hard headed like a rams mentality
on an infinite writing quest
that’s a never ending task
deadly rhymes trapped inside my minds iris
kicking poetry thru the mic cord
like a 9 months old fetus
in a pregnant woman’s stomach
gave birth to an ill verse
when i form an alliance
wrote scrolls
paint pictures of the commercial world
so you can see the diabolic science

the power
from the lyrical
and poetical ink brush
will shatter
your physical alignment into dust
the sky talker
elevate from the earth’s crust
spit poems
lyrically diving into the clouds
regurgitate underground lyrics
busting out of a worm’s hole
write five fingers of death
the kid with the golden touch
the shinobi microphone holder
split your frame open
like cigar paper
stuff elevated thoughts
inside of the ink tube
like marijuana inside of a dutch
spit darts
leave holes in the mic
like 9 iron ring broad sword
skills is heavy
through the process of the verse
you get your frame crushed

shine bright
spit daggers the color of the sun
the element of fire
burn down your weak kingdom
spit poison
like a ninja blow gun

emcees be changing faces
for fame
like jet li’s profile in ‘war’
iron ink spill through the paper
thoughts pour
poetry is priceless
like golden horses that they kill for
poems from the manual
swing deadly
like blood rain sword
through the instrumental
thoughts run like leopard claws
slice through emcees
now i got this game locked
like pit bull jaws
snakes slither on the floor
spit verbal bullets
through your mentality
blow the hinges off your mental doors
let the golden swords saga begin
grab microphones
blowing up shit like c4

verse 2: (stranded)

fuck you looking at me for
put your eyes away

before you zoom in
on all kinds of blades
katana rain
walking cloud
horizontal pain
your blood responds
by erupting
but matrix dodges
so as not to touch me

its flight cut short

joshua guthrie’s
there’s so much more
than what the eyes can just see

go further inside it
trust me

i’m on some ‘one’ is always +3
but the bridge is not exactly complete
it’s up to you
to make the viaducts link

complete the puzzle
rubick’s q*bert pyramid
my imagination reconstructs you
can you discern confusing words
when i speak in jumbles
on occasion
i conjure flames
on a leaf that crumbles
colossal kaiju beasts
arrive and leave
in light pleated bubbles
exotic alchemy
i’m a cloud
from an egregious jungle
a dark figure
made of sound
towering above you
and despite my hatred
i am peace
when i don’t even love you

i don’t approach bullshit
that’s like shooting ghosts
with full clips
a satellite is stupid
if it roams that orbit

foolish human race
don’t ruminate
such basic mind sets
your non-death
is an unappreciated concept

i spend nights streamed
awake inside of dreams
that ain’t my rem

the japanese tell stories
about the way that i rest

legend has it
that my origins
have evaded context[echoes out for a bar]

few consider the roots
while many pick fruit
in their self-proclaimed
superior variation
of an insignificant skin suit
no clue what lies within themselves
while trying to tell you
what exists within you
makes me want to bum
one of nathan summer’s guns
to pistol whip you
distort the coordinates of your face

concaving space
then calmly walk away
with blood dripping from a wormhole

wandering bewilderment
off on a shadowalking pilgrimage
lost inside my mind’s cosmic wilderness
lone explorer

you can see
but cannot hold an aura
that don’t belong to you
this holds true
for even glow absorbers
can be extinguished
but not sustained
their energy will fizzle
‘cause your signature
is not the same
one’s essence is a sensitive quilt
it’s from within that it’s built
so it’s only natural
it’ll lose integrity
if it is peeled
there is no more contemptible filth
than those
who would deliberately
cause petals to wilt
and not be fettered with guilt
you should be fed a sword
from its tip to its hilt
that spins like a drill
in super slow motion
until you are killed