Friday, October 23, 2015

syntheticremsleep[limbicoverload](prod. by lost soul)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

wisdm - stranded

prod. by lost soul

verse 1: (wisdm)

the story of the wishing well
spell of the ringing bell
been lost in this maze
for days
as far as i can tell
propel thoughts like crops
symbolic imprint
two orbs in the distance
the glow of the mystics
sage smoke
mixed with mary jane
gettin lifted
like a cloud above
gravity be king
sing the song of a dying star
far from the average kid
living life on mars
lunar scars
reflect who we were
and where we are
on the edge of time
playing his guitar

e minor
if you wanna know the chord i'm on
i'm strong
with the language of sound
word to cybertron
vibe is gone
til the tide is calm
tiger balm
soothe muscle after fire palm
five alarm
five 5's in the megastorm
styles born unique
like the art that i speak
deep inner sanctum
blueprint designed while i sleep
cheap labour
a couple of potheads and skaters
data found later
in the absence of craters
the absynthe was greater
in the time of great painters
green swirls
vortex between worlds
my body the shell
my soul the pearl
girls and boys
are you ready
for a brand new noise
toy writers get left
in the land of the void
true stories get revealed
then suppressed and destroyed
kids annoyed by their parents
and increasingly bored
separation anxiety
the life of a borg
connected through cord
memories stored
electric lore
protect the core
while my spirit soars for more
a mental war
purchase your flags at the corner store
be careful
when you open doors

life is a winter's forest

verse 2: (stranded)

…tremendous force
snow pushing limbs
that bend but don’t break
that’s trees lifting weights
for a season
til it dissipates
when the freeze
begins to slip from lakes
the discipline
of water standing still
for extended lengths
molecules have time to rest
before they reacquire stress
the interim of which
growth requires to climb its steps
tempestuous specks
that zip back and forth
and readjust
cellular mutation
cells pupate
and leave their husk
with new identities
they adapt to energy
how it feels
how they reveal their inner chi
our swords are raging flames
we insulate the steel
in its sheathe
when we draw
we stab your minds
before it has time
to shed degrees
but in the event
that we let winter
creep into our blades
that is the intent
to relentlessly imbue a change
it’s like entire deserts
sprouting flowers
when we wield our swords
that’s the apparent
esoteric alchemy
that we perform
a thousand speeding meteors
spin around with even force
it’s like rasengan
in the palm of god
being formed
as 7th galaxy ignores
i’m the shadow clone by which
that chakra globe is being forged
to stab the foe he’s speaking toward
once this technique matures
what he sees distorts
all he observes
is a large shuriken shrieking forth
a high-pitched
whistling oscillation
pervades his world
before he has time
to even wonder why space is swirled
he fades away
in an implosion
like the sensation you feel
when you bend over
and take several breaths
then stand up
holding it
after a 30 second stretch
with your back against a wall
and let someone compress your chest

don’t try this shit
it deprives the brain of oxygen
only through pure fortune
can you avoid consequence
this is how my older cousin
taught me to explore unconsciousness
i’m lucky i never died
in our dumb, deaf and blind attempts
i wouldn’t even mention this
in regard to the star’s strike
but this was the best analogy
for me to describe it with
so for the sake of the story
i wish you well

and leave you with nothing
but a jacket on an empty pail