Friday, July 13, 2018

whiteroseonhergrave(prod. by rogu)

written and performed by: (in order of appearance)

beautiful voice:  tante meli

verse 1:  starlord

verse 2:  stranded

verse 3:  zodd the immortal

prod. by rogu

beautiful voice: (tante meli)

white rose on my grave

i’m not brave

white rose on my grave

in my coffin

verse 1: (starlord)

the 7th shadow
moves graceful under moonlight
a sword fight
blood soaked lands
beyond the skyline
my mind’s eye
disperse the timeline
i light an incense
for the ghosts
at the monk shrine
my blade cuts deep
into blunt’s spine
and fly high and mighty

travel through stargate
by light beam
rhymes develop beyond the ice ring
shuriken spins reverse
unleash the lightning
it’s frightening
how i!! my crew is at writing
you biting
not surprised
feel enlightened
chomp your whole style in half
like a titan
near orion
far from home
like john crichton
my pen linked
to ufo’s and orb sightings
scripts found deep below
with stone giants
encrypted code
i seek silence
gravitate to those
who grow and spit science

verse 2: (stranded)

nanobotic saliva
a camouflage mirage
made of fire
a phantom
in flammable darkness attire
dragons scream from his sleeves
observers can’t believe
what they’ve seen
obscure photons
swarms explode
from wormholes in his palms
they swirl
in the form of a globe
in the eye of the storm
he absconds
pain wages war on his soul
the torment rains
and it pours
and it snows
a weathered blade
forged in the flames
that inexorably rage
in the cortical lobes
in his skull

a sword orchid rose
on a tombstone
signifies hope for the future
even though she is gone
but what does a flower
on a grave
truly know
about the road that he’s on
he himself is confused
and he doesn’t know what’s going on

there’s a scent that he sees
a synesthete
who sniffs a glimpse
on a breeze
everything shivers
some sounds are meant to be seen
her fangs sink into me
and i taste the silent pinch of her scream
rarely around
her presence is loud
in every inch of my dreams

verse 3: (zodd the immortal)

they find a casket
with your savior in it
children dance to my song
and enhance their psychopathic behavior
iron cast helmet
melted onto professor xavier

you’re welcome
my turn to speak
at the freak show
deceitful gladiator
self invader
he signed his name with blood
the contract for his soul is on paper
before being born
they entered hell
through a crater
the devil expelled out
well embellished in gator
his queen covered in pearls
her mouth exhaled mother nature

zodd forsaked her
the savior of all
i came to take your place
his face stirred with anger
his faith blurred
gospel hater
dark souls chamber
gods escape from their cage
as blackness fades
into a darker crater
mr. carcass departs
with a heartfelt favor
people are strange
i see my love part with danger
i’ve seen it repeat the same
over the ages
under the moonlight
the evening hangs

angels came down to earth
‘cause they thought it was safer
then they felt the presence
of his odd nomenclature
unstoppable god breaker
the lost fragrance of love
seeped through an image
that face of hers


Tuesday, July 10, 2018

endemiclatentkaonics(prod. by legacy)

written and performed by: (in order of appearance)

verse 1:

verse 2:  stranded

prod. by legacy

verse 1: (

try relate
to a higher rate
it’s the cloud stepping
dandy proud
sound repping
tearing down weapons
glowing beams of enlightenment
flowing streams
of a heightened sense
unsensible sentence
is unconventional
convey the spiritual
behind the scene
meditate on the mountain peak
eliminating all beliefs
within a thousand weeks
infinite biography
fragment of an intricate mythology
ultimate reality
shifts with every word spoken
what is the bottle’s
exact position in the ocean
it moved
before you answered it
the adamant are cancerous
let go
realize you will never know
or the mind state’ll never grow
confined by theories and parameters
words are inadequate
the human mind cannot complete self analysis
be water my friend
never settle
truth is abstruse
men produce loose explanation
but it’s nothing more
than abstract speculation
i lack the patience
to interact with the ancient scripture
paint a picture of invisible wave length
true individuals united
undetected by the violent
living underneath modern tyrants
common pirates
who call us migrants
but i’m a child of the horus iris

verse 2: (stranded)

the son of osiris
os iris
operating system iris
you have to open it
to activate its vision’s silence
liberate its hidden content
like traveling through time
to prevent the fate
of corporations getting monstrous
trying to change
the shape of the continuum
shift its alignment
alter its trajectory
to walk into a better tomorrow
than they have ever seen
that they themselves
can’t be a part of necessarily

true devotion
like love
when authenticity
is profusely woven

it’s persisting
despite the inability
to prove the notion

it’s you sowing a seed
with no intention
to reap the fruit
the tree will produce
but rather
because of what it means to you
to see it bloom
it’s when it matters
that the object of your love
has what it needs to thrive
even if it requires your absence
to see it through

true love is one direction
it’s not something to be determined
by what’s reflected
if it changes
based on what you get in return
it must be questioned
such a heart’s sentiments
are disingenuous
it pumps deception
and you should go inside
for some introspection

do some self examining
if lack of reciprocity
compels abandonment
you were lying to yourself
the love
that you’d like to believe you felt
can’t exist

Saturday, July 7, 2018

photocell(prod. by the hypnotist)

written and performed by: (in order of appearance)

verse 1:  namelessmyst

verse 2:  stranded

prod. by the hypnotist

verse 1: (namelessmyst)

counter-clockwise metamorphosis
contorting into bacterial organisms
from homo sapient forms
the swarm of a plague
invades the populace
with metropolitan operas and terrains
the basis for the human enslavement
is not the constant
but flawless
omniscient gods and goddesses
fiber optic
telepathic odysseys
telegraphing cosmic dreams
like rapid optic sleep
for this vague disease
is hate and greed
the latent seeds
that painfully germinate
amid the seams
of the imagination’s seas
human beings are only a glimpse
of sapient existences
in arrays
of vibrational transistions
to higher planes
of densities and dimensions
euclidean geometrics
reflect invisible spectrums
redirection to the solar plexus
center essence
a fixture in lessons of the hermetics
an elixir of transmutational genetics
the holy templar of the kemetic inception
the orator of mental aesthetics
chemically embellished
enveloped in levels of melanin
and emerald element sediments
species eminence
mandelbrot sequencing
analogue specimens
camouflaged troglodytes
like global oval office espionage
false prophets with an iron cloak
choke on the pyre smoke
embrace the words from the ire’s throat
but EYE
the untold hermit
with fervorous observance
climbed motionless
determined to unbind third eyes
through inward excursions
EYE am the inert storm
EYE am the sublime visage
that my words form
EYE am the light
when your eyes are blinded
and you lie dormant on life support
EYE am the force that uplifts
the kiss of the north wind
the infinite bliss
that courses within
EYE am the crystal image
of the divine light in men
EYE am the heavenly entity
the echo of infinity
EYE am man
and the holy trinity
EYE am engrossed rhythmically
in tomes of gnosis
EYE am biochemically potent
in doses
EYE am the conscious form of hypnosis
EYE am that which is inactive
in the blackened synapses
detached from man’s static actions
EYE am the last bastion
redacted into fragments
from untapped astral channels
EYE am the axiom of time lapsing
ever expanding
spanning through millennial eras
EYE am the vast expanse glancing
through the hippocampic glass
casting capstones
through black holes
of the pituitary gland
chanting om
stoke the divine omens
you hold inside
purified omnipotence
glows frozen
behind diamond groves
in nodes
behold the flames of violet
the alchemical refinement
of the higher state of mind
cycles sublimating
to erase decaying confinements
designed as the sky’s infinity
luminous blue hues
as the sun shines
with the divine identity energy

verse 2: (stranded)

realm of peace
rapid eye machine
the paradox of mechanics
quantum deep
the solstice
of the glow
of below’s topography
the conscious cortex
the first stage
to perforate this monotonous world’s flesh
the space/time warp cleft
embryonic vortex

the nascent vacuum
the sharingan swirl suggests
when an ambigram of its pupils’
opposite points connect
the illustration
of hypnotic degeneration
being swallowed in consummate dissipation
through hyper-cyclonic
higher consciousness oscillations
psychologically broadened horizonation
a mind state
with time/space unlimitation

involuntary intruders
wander the halls
of an oblong medulla
supporting the birth
of that which
would have one evolve
like a doula
you’re drawn to a future
beyond any fictitious science’s sutras
caught inside a world
where you disappear
like vessels that veer inside the borders
of the triforce
that leaves you lost in bermuda

regardless of my sorrow
i reach tomorrow
with precognitive maneuvers
while imprisoned
within a figurative bottle
of kali yuga

erroneous discordance
hinders the natural
harmonious endorphins
but only in performance
the pleasant sensation
that is more organically present
is degraded
chemically faded
expeller pressed
until everything it contains
is spoken for
and the shell that encased it
is broken and distorted

but unlike the seeds
that are destroyed irreversibly
any being
that endures this adversity
is capable of recovering
like wolverine getting surgery
life has a capacity for resilience
that surpasses the zillions
any darkness
is just light refracted
and can reignite to absolute brilliance

if i can experience anxiety
for weeks at a time
that means it’s possible
that the opposite
can materialize
despite how long we go
without this peace in our lives
allow your eyes to adjust
to see hope
and keep it alive
we’re each responsible
for the balance
that we achieve in our lives
it’s not what you’re given
it’s what you do
with what you receive
that decides

we’re all pixels
within this hdtv we’re inside
the image is shit
‘cause too many are fixed
on what the other pieces provide

mind your business
if it doesn’t effect
the light YOU’RE emitting
focus on how bright you can get it
and how you might provide some assistance
help someone else shine
if their fire has died
or is dimming
show them the TRUTH
of the fact
that the fuel that’s inside them
inspire them to find
what they’re doing such a good job
of hiding within them
if you have to
remove them
and stab their sockets
with the eyes that were in them
what they must do with their eyes
to polish their vision

Thursday, May 10, 2018

doomspeyeral(prod. by hak)

written and performed by: (in order of appearance)

verse 1:  rpm the brown robe

verse 2:  stranded

prod. by hak

 verse 1: [rpm the brown robe]

i’m a scholar of myth
following bliss
into a hollow inside
sweeping curves of a twist
what i’m saying is this
something that exists
beyond the forest line
of our awareness
is on the fritz
and the things we tightly grip
like daily bread
there ain’t nothing wrong with this
i’m rationing the dead
and the shattered imagined things
ravishing at anything
apprenticing you to the cemetery
one too many
afraid to spend a penny
a mystic is density
’til he finds it in the melody
and shifts it from heresy
on to destiny
agony and the ecstasy
endless for the remedy
we’re playing recklessly
with the energy of the gods
we begin to see
when we accept our parts
for change has no option
when aimed at dissolving rage
and all such inhumane barricades
this the left hand written
backwards in the mirror
the way thoughts come out
then enter my cerebellum
from its source signal

before it can make the error
by believing in the mirror
all that matter
secret beyond the ladder
straight abracadabra
crack in the tavern wall
opening the pattern
he drunk ’til he sobered
and fell out of the labyrinth

not so much about the wits
as it’s all about the gathering
control of the blabbering
and mannerisms
you think and stand against
but i swear man it isn’t
so follow your bliss
like the end of your own index
don’t be afraid of the door
in open pretext
within minutes
the physics make quick sense
i downright
advance forward
and spin flex
with less effort
and more impact
respect shared
we are prepared
in the face of power unveiled

inner states of being
live to change the outer
listen for a minute
and cease being a doubter

it’s infinitely hours

verse 2: [straned]

i’m a cloud in many skies

both alive and moribund
i obscure the sun
AND don’t prevent its shine
and acidic bonds
my thoughts
are philosopher stones
forever skipping ponds

reality ripples off
a glitch evolves
between the planes
i go inside the hole
my eyes are closed
i’m seeing things
ALWAYS losing my soul
i do and i don’t
need to change
i’m constantly steeped in pain
but i don’t FEED the flame
it remains lit
but i don’t stimulate the wick
i assimilate
like syllables into namelessmyst
when you make a wish
you have to do more
than wait for it
in order
for an impenetrable surface
to be immersed with crater dents


ANYTHING that would betray your bliss
unless it’s for something
so important to you
it’s worth forsaking it

nourish your soul
be generous to yourself
some MORE
and your life
will be more beautiful
like an elf matures
i am faced with many misfortunes
and walk through several doors

i’ve found my way out
of every hell i’ve worn

the sloughing labyrinth
the passages shed their destinies
and reconfigure

so alternate fates
can be delivered
i reflect on surfaces
that don’t provide reflections
‘cause my perspective
is derived from my essence
it’s what’s inside
my identity
is the composite chemistry
of iconic etches
a sculpture
comprised of collections
of hyperbolic edges

the shape molded
is the result
of my combined endeavors
and keep in mind
cannot be left
without applying pressure

all the adverse circumstances
i encounter

in a tertiary higher power
the muscles in your chin
you learn you have
when on the verge of crying
with the figurative roar of a lion

when you’re lost
in the throes of sorrow
the rip current’s violent
being tossed
by the undertow
can be demoralizing
like screams
when you’re paralyzed
in your sleep
your world is silent
you’re trapped
in a seemingly endless dream
you don’t want to die in
my heart glimmers

the energy’s only pure
behind it
despite the darkness
harbored within
a glow endures

Monday, April 30, 2018

invasivesurgery(prod. by lost soul)

written and performed by: (in order of appearance)

hook:  stranded

verse 1:  rpm the brown robe

verse 2:  stranded

prod. by lost soul

hook: [stranded]

this ain’t operation
even if
you don’t touch the sides
with the tweezers
you can’t place emotions
inside another creature
it ain’t up to you
how another might receive you
and you don’t have a right
to be bothered by it either

verse 1: [rpm the brown robe]

that’s right
like what happens at those edges
carefully tended
how many passes until it renders
eye must ask
what emotion is he stuck in
one has him something chosen
coming up with nothing
no discussion
claiming love
but as of yet
no discovered function
also no obstruction
just reintroduction
of our instruction
it’s the story we tell ourselves
of the god children
that emotion
well ok
emotion spoken
left me awoken
stepping away from mic roasting
my flow fix erosion
bow in the symposium
what are those two doing
remote viewing
poets chivalric
moving the ruins
to brew them down and unglue them
why would you ever have to subdue them
as an ideal
there’s no need to tell another self
how my i feel
that’s MY deal
used to reverse what EYE will construe
let go to reveal
and just enjoy the ill interlude
present like a ninja do
stepping like a bag of dust
through the earth
that you plummet to
i don’t know
inside the visceral
grab the wheel for a while
thanks dog
i need my eyes healed
y’all thought words
weren’t supposed to be this dope
y’all thought words
were just something to quote
words are only worth
what they mean to YOU
in the hands of the fool
the heart a tool

or a harpoon
call the physician of the soul
someone’s attempting
to sell the gold
for what quickly grabs for goals
what it promotes
we should all be invoking
the figure in the boat
being a good beacon of hope
and making his way
it’s the only way
keeping the pace with present moment
stoking the flame
of ardor
ominous consonants
that left the continents
with more opulence
if i go anonymous
does it matter whose hypothesis
make this clock tick
how could consciousness ever obsolete
when you’re boxed in
very good
here’s a star for your competence
i’m so grateful
for remembering to free fall
through some bottomless
pitiful economist
of the necropolis
taste of the autumn mist
too close to the edge

eye almost lost my head

rare moments
caught inside a frozen dread

verse 2: [stranded]

what’s below is dead
all is dark
know the ledge
i know my head

sorrow haunts

my heart is strong

i fall apart
exploding lead

shadow farms
i wander lost
on a slow descent
that’s startled by a scarp
where the smallest spark
grows instead

fuel for my soul
you wouldn’t know

i’m moved
by the movement of those
who trivialize their significance
as some gratuitous role
minimizing the truth
of their own beautiful souls
they live in alternate dimensions
misconstruing their glows
how is it
that such exuberant gold
can be reduced to nothing
by the very alchemists
who produced it alone
chiseled brilliant jewels
from the most useless of stones
but i suppose
some views are remote
a breathtaking palace
seen through the fog
produced by its moat
its bridge drawn
when you are too close

whatever horrors
slither underneath a life form
don’t solely determine
the whole
an observer’s eyes form

i can’t speak
for what the eyes of others
can achieve
but as for me
what i discover’s canyon deep

i scan beneath
and see the vines
that wriggle into place
the hands that seek
to extinguish their shine
an abunDANCE of light

smothered by a single shade
it’s all perspective
it’s obstructed
‘cause YOU’RE in the way

just think of a projector
and the film displayed
and how much of a difference
just putting your hand over the lens
would make

just lift it up
and let the picture
rush against a wall

warm yourself
so the ice shelf you’re stuck within
can thaw

far more difficult done
than said

that is true
but it will NEVER be done
if that’s your attitude

whatever happens
within your well
attacking you
no one else will
or has ever felt that magnitude

you need to practice
showing YOURSELF more gratitude

for all the things
that YOU ALONE have powered through
when performing internal inventory
you have to be GENUINE
and take note of BOTH
the POSITIVE and the negative

what lurks within
no eyes without can see
it’s a fixed position
insofar as how it’s seen
look around
see it ALL
like an owl can see
only then
can you evolve
to the heights of alchemy
POUND your wings
against the wind WITHIN
explore the sky
there’s so much more
within your glass
than what YOU pour inside
but i can talk
’til i’m so parched
my vocal cords are dry
if you won’t allow yourself
to see the truth
behind what i describe

hook: [stranded]

this ain’t operation
even if
you don’t touch the sides
with the tweezers
you can’t place emotions
inside another creature
it ain’t up to you
how another might receive you
and you don’t have a right
to be bothered by it either

Monday, April 23, 2018

puzzlepeace(prod. by episodic)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by episodic

….can you picture your world
conjure stimulants
by vociferant
lack of indolence
the substantiation
of conceptual images
the ultimate realization
of theoretical fingerprints
roots stretch and twist from a tree
to strengthen their bond
with what exists at their feet
covalent claws
both dig and accrete

the evanescent reflection
what if death
is but the outset of an odyssey
that lasts exponentially longer
than all that it’s following

and up to the point of dying
we aren’t even blossoming

could death be the entrance
the foot of the next dimension
when you beat the game
is that it
or do you just get the next system
move to the newest console
on this infinite expedition
is continuing’s only limit
pushing reset or quitting
the advent of fission
kaleidoscopic explosion
paths multiply
a timeless ronin
fictitious science pulses
provide emulsion
these ideas
go inside his dome
not unlike hypnosis
to congregate
with his own philosophic notions
like five lions
with pilots inside
bottom line yo
my mind is open
so get the fuck out my face
with your gods that close it
the religionless
ayahuascan genesis
a magnifying glass
cast inside a vastless emptiness

a paradox
like parallactic instances
without the position you’re seeing from
being different

such is the nature
of disorienting stimuli
when you decide
what light goes in your eyes
that world is emphasized
asleep imitating awake
dreams reiterate
zooming in
on what’s currently
the peak of your mental state
the symbolic interpretation
of your mind’s reverberation
my soul’s lost
only so called monsters
lurk my wavelength
my whole squad’s mysterious
and pyramids
my levels of madness
are myriad

i conjure fictional realms
and disappear in them
when i look at myself
i wonder
which one of me’s
where the mirror is
what if any reflection
is a potential nexus
to commandeer the ship

close proximity
between dimensions
causes atmospheric shifts

i lack experience
with behaving inauthentically
while our lives unravel
inside a cage
i escape through entropy
by way of syncope
i add the weight obligatory
to gravitate to things that interest me

i adhere to a strict code
of ’THIS IS ME!!!’
rewire undesirable systems
to configure peace
meticulous stitch work
with roughshod iron thread
covered in blood
i weave untouched across a lion’s den
your soul will know no grave
don’t be so afraid to die within
a low point
is ALWAYS a place
from where one might ascend

whatever glow that i may generate
the light is dim

you don’t know where i have been
i’ve suffered life
granted brief serene instances
my anguish panoramic
with few peaceful intermittences

sparse moments
that make ingrained impressions
strong enough to form a smile
that won’t evaporate in seconds

i inhabit worlds
where ALL happiness is threatened
buried beneath unnecessary casualties
too fecund

so much bullshit
interferes with what is beautiful
i want to die forgotten
just disappear
fuck a funeral
there’s true power in how i feel
real love’s immutable
energy is constant
it just veers from the usual
perhaps that force
could be more appropriately utilized
if it underwent the transformation
death’s cocoon provides
or perhaps not
perhaps that type of love’s
a fucking unicorn
that’s only found by poachers
whose motive
is just remove the horn


it’s unfortunate that love
is considered to be so sinister
something so macrocosmic
rendered to be so miniature
fuck those
who choose to see filthiness
where there isn’t dirt
those with such lenses
are condemned
to only witness dearth
what is seen
is not quite
what constitutes an image
what lurks behind the optic nerve
might pollute your vision
it’s YOUR responsibility
to conquer your suspicions
and see what’s right in front of you
despite predispositions
it’s unfortunate that love
is considered to be so sinister
something so macrocosmic
rendered to be so miniature
fuck those
who choose to see filthiness
where there isn’t dirt
those with such lenses
are condemned
to only witness dearth
what is seen
is not quite
what constitutes an image
what lurks behind the optic nerve
might pollute your vision
it’s YOUR responsibility
to conquer your suspicions
and see what’s right in front of you
despite predispositions

Sunday, April 15, 2018

pswordplay(prod. by lost soul)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by lost soul

when the nights are cool
i elude the discomfort
that encumbers my solitude
the heat rips it asunder
as if it’s a grim hunter of molecules
this beat
ascends combustion of fossil fuels
and in that particular instance
i approve
that’s the only kind of heat i like
when i walk the street at night
headphones squeezing tight
like pythons that need a bite
i feel like i got the power cosmic
like norrin radd
this is what arises
when you’re caught
in purgatory’s grasp
with a fast evolving
vast explorer’s staff
cataloging all the data
that he passes on his path
as this happens
if you could see atoms
as they form a mass
they would appear
as entire galaxies
flashing forward fast
like starships in hyperdrive
stars turn to stripes and lines
he’s taken to a world
in which
he’s drawn to his rightful mind
that’s lost giving sight to blind
a gift of unimagined worth
his beats invoke involuntary flames
like when a dragon burps
it’s like fray
despite being
split in half at birth
finding a way
to still slay
unknowingly attracting lurks
with no understanding
of why they’re always after her
and all of this
while trapped in a future
where no magic works
within her
lies this stimuli
that even she barely knows
driven by an inner eye
vision rises from her very soul
there are those
who are so distinct
they feel like they’re alone
when surrounded
a mountain of people
is like a barren hole
so as to signal other kindreds
who share their woe
they foster this inner strength
to generate a glaring glow

their whole radius
mightily shoving all at once
layered pulsation
their light production
as strong as suns
but these beams
can only be seen
with certain eyes
by unique beings
with the sort of minds
that diversify
one can only become
truly immortalized

by carving a place for themselves
in their observers’ minds
they must do things
that cannot be ignored by time
so those who witnessed their deeds
tell their stories before they die

there’s always some external source
that calls forth my rhymes
an oblongata body of water
with swords inside
my thoughts are sharp
and to the point
my skull’s like a porcupine
i walk a distorted line
in alternate world divides
i’m the result
of multiple worlds combined
trapped behind mirrors
that hold what’s before my eyes

i am what’s reflected
off a surface
a blend of several
imperfect blurry photos

i don’t see life
quite the same
as most imagine it
i traipse alone in labyrinths
containing no inhabitants

wandering through mazes
within a maze
that’s cartographicless

on an ageless quest
to roam the aimless roads
where shadows live
light flashes
and life happens
by aggregate
actions collide
and travel through time
like happy accidents
attached and tied
elaborate designs
comprise the fathomless
thoughts emerge
the bubble you’re in
is constructed by what you intimate
its structure
illustrates its origin
your mental state
so be mindful
of what it’s absorbing
as it inflates

you may terraform an atmosphere
that you can’t tolerate
trapped inside a hostile habitat
that you cannot escape
a jungle
within which
you must survive
sprung from little seeds
collapsed by danger
the maturation of your decision trees
so tread with zero gravity
if that’s at all possible
mark my words
or not
if they’re just a grain of salt to you
i point at brains

i just aim to offer truth
but perhaps
you don’t put forth effort
when taking off your fruit
this world provides agonies
all for you
that perhaps
the sufferer may not remove
but there are some unfeigned comrades
who can pluck the pain and loss from you
of course not entirely
but much will fade far from view
the vague chain reaction
of vivid psionic sorcery
distinct interpretations of lenses
that all but orphan grief
a peek behind the curtain
an author
long ago
monsters that like to bleed
while i’m peace
with how i chose TO
and NOT to proceed
one shouldn’t treat
discarding their instincts
like a trivial deed
despite the fact
that either way
i write what i mean
certain times
that won’t suffice
my appetite won’t be appeased

i wish to keep a firm grip
on who i am
the objective
to astral project from myself
to embrace me
the connectedness
of widespread individuals tethered
with the strength
of dimethyltryptamine-enhanced limbic resonance
a web of which
is threaded
with allosynaptic messages
e-netic rifts
between which
transmissions and receptions slip
braided on all scales
both macro and quantum levels stitched
a few are no match
for a slew of atomic specialists
we may all exist
in a truth
where the bottom NEVER is
on the top
sitting confused
such qualms are measureless
peering over the edge
of a growing hole
with deference
our souls longing for recompense
but fated to haunt the precipice
so seek
but don’t be so distraught
if you never find
a journey is defined by the during
not the finish line

Sunday, April 1, 2018

skulleidoscopicmirrors[selfreflection](prod. by lucas ingram)

written and performed by a/void

prod. by lucas ingram


how long you choose
to allow your eyes to penetrate
‘cause once you shoot
you’re bound to find
an abyssal gaze will ricochet
all throughout your mind
like a pinball
in an endless game
the most adept of swimmers
will find
they won’t surmount
against such waves
they drown inside
when all that is without
resides in disarray
although it may seem counter
double down your time within
and stay
when you encounter a mountainside
it’s a challenge
it’s not the end of days
something you set out to climb
not something
from which
you need to get away


calm yourself
when in a maelstrom
dissolve in
and peacefully welcome
the thrall you’re being held in
withdraw from being jailed in
embalm your freedom
from the coffin at sea
you’re being nailed in
your orbit
in its current
doesn’t got to be a tailspin
you’re being disrupted
by a world
at war with yours
you’re out of sync

you need to conquer
that distortion
and recalibrate
relieve the stress

hordes of molecules
in need of rest
fugitives from sleep
who flee arrest
an insomniac ensemble of atoms
that dream of death
nightmarish creatures
that bury their teeth
in obese neglect
even if it’s one
we wouldn’t necessarily expect
it’s our own responsibility
to observe any surface
on which
we reflect
it is those with special eyes
who specialize
in being able to recognize
the subtleties
by which
their course must be corrected by
you must leave the nest to fly
and face the threat
you may not best the sky
your wings may as well
be on a penguin’s sides

presumed umbral depths
with a translucence expressed inside
a gleam sears its flesh
a sidereal death defied
such an image
will only find itself in eyes
that dare to be mesmerized
only those who decide to stare
will find the stairs
that will let them rise
to take the steps
to create a case
many insects devise
the rampant chamber
their next transformation
is kept inside
if you’re not cautious
the things you examine
will cage you every time
if you allow
your worrisome thoughts
to expand
they will never die

hook [x2]:

how long you choose
to allow your eyes to penetrate
‘cause once you shoot
you’re bound to find
an abyssal gaze will ricochet
all throughout your mind
like a pinball
in an endless game
the most adept of swimmers
will find
they won’t surmount
against such waves
they drown inside
when all that is without
resides in disarray
although it may seem counter
double down your time within
and stay
when you encounter a mountainside
it’s a challenge
it’s not the end of days
something you set out to climb
not something
from which
you need to get away

Saturday, March 31, 2018

whenthestarsmalign(prod. by eczein)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by eczein

what do you do
when your heart explodes
but you don’t die
it’s quite the opposite
in the process
you’re strewn ALIVE

spread across entire galaxies
and throughout time
you find the extent
of your capabilities
and the source
of this explosion
won’t acknowledge
what it’s done
it sees itself
as harm to you
in spite of
all that you’ve become
an omniversal forest
that flourished
off a cosmolucent sun
it provides
your water and your food
at once

a star’s intent
don’t determine
its dispersion
or how far it went
involuntary arsonist
try to hide
all you wish
you’ll never stop
what the garden gets
even the largest eclipse
is but one
darkness lives

i walk within
an increasing journey
that ALWAYS is
my cipher’s a bubble
and the surface
of this ball
if i see you burning
i draw you in
quite impressive pocket monsters
i’m collecting all them shits
i grace my sky
with prudent
druse-infested constellations
that can see my orphanage’s
in space/time

if you don’t appreciate
my nature
or the way i shine
all you need to do
is simply move
not to stay inside
i mean no harm
i don’t mean for you
to be uncomfortable
as long as you feed your heart
i’ll never not be peace
with what you do

this goes for ALL OF YOU

if it’s too hard for you
if i love you
i’m still going to love you
even if you don’t want me to

you don’t have control
where my truest passion goes
my heart will hold its place for you
despite how long your absence grows

thoughts approach
that make me pause
like ghosthack wearbearz
for your sake
i forsake
the impulse
to know my fair share

a star explodes
karasu shoulder shareware
i follow my heart
like a donnie darko carebear

entelechy spears
chaos knot
a cosmic asterisk
the misshapen lines i travel in
comprise a hyper-labyrinth

if you my peoples
and you need to do your own thing
and it requires distance
i INSIST that you go away

why would it hurt me
if you being gone
improves your life
my friend
i’d be more than happy
to give you space
if that’s all i can give
EYE prefer
that those i love
ALWAYS do what’s right for them
despite any personal inconvenience
that might present

for some
being madly loved
is an evil calm
even when the source
of that peaceful force
doesn’t seek response

i has no power over
how someone receives my heart
all that i control
is whether i will fold
and leave
or not
and i am known
to be a rock
monolithic staunch persistence
so much so
that those i hold
find it difficult to live with

that’s unfortunate
about that
there’s nothing i can do
i will just be who i am
and shower love upon your roots
all i seek to do
is see that you are happy
and sound
and i don’t have to stay around
for that to happen
flame abounds
from roughly 93 million miles away
the earth’s sun’s rays are found
by directly reaching leaves
they indirectly penetrate the ground
if you watch a tree consume
you’ll find its roots
have complicated mouths
its food will find its way
along a quite sophisticated route

when the stars malign
their light
may come across awry
but even when a large design explodes
some modest shards survive
and often
a collage is more sublime
than where its parts derived
with just a bit
of your wick lit
my inner darkness shined
my heart entwined
finely tied
ornately laced for all of time
beautifully imbalanced
i’m bound
alone or not
i was trapped
within a void
BEFORE i came across your eyes
i haven’t been destroyed
i’ve been reborn


modified by photons
the concomitant light
konan’s origami folds hide

they unravel
to reveal fractal space
the equivalent of a galaxy
compacted in a flake of snow
and my heart’s within an arctic blizzard
i embrace the cold
by the most pleasant incandescence
i ever came to know
i was hollow
a two-dimensional gaping hole
you never meant
to be my syringe
you DID inflate my soul

Thursday, March 22, 2018

adistincthypgnosis(prod. by axphykz)

written and performed by sea/swordz (pronounced: sea of swordz)

prod. by axphykz

those who listen
get bent
when i spit what i wrote
like an iron sewer lid
shuriken-ing a ghost

grim loving
jim duggan
clouds saw you in half
solid smoking hologramz
drown jaws in a glass

beware of the wolf
i collaged in the past

a rare amalgam
of an owl
crossing its path

ravenous fangs
hatchets for wings
his claws stab between blinks
all creatures who encounter him
collapse in a heap

EYE am less than nothing
my shadow’s extinct

i’m that alone
my catacombs
are more vast than you think
by a bird
that makes no noise
when it flies

this silence
is all that can be heard
from inside

omniphonic echoes
a surge upon a heart
beyond all thresholds
an all encompassing emptiness
haunts his bereft soul
he’s not going to let go
despite being caught
in a death roll
he resembles a swan
as he spins along
his finesse shows
his resolve can’t be conquered
his head’s harder than destro’s
if you follow him
you’ll find out
how far being depressed goes
a look within
there’s a war going on
which wolf will win
mine stop fighting
long enough
to find out what they would become
if they blend
the sheer profundity
that the alchemy of love achieves
all that the roots contain
spiraling up from beneath
earth and water
the immortal blossoming
of a tree
and one could find
the will of fire
inside of just one leaf
a forest ablaze
arboreal flames
ignited by a spark
from the flint
an unintentional sorceress made

it is what it is
there is no alternate plane
he exists like this
in every world he pervades
a parliament of a single soul
slinky strobes in multiple ways
a distinct hypgnosis
no interlopers course through his veins
by a gypsy’s eyes
a quantum ghost
lost in a gaze
he’ll wander
within this optic spiral
for all of his days

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

hidan'ssyringe(prod. by kabuki ninja)

written and performed by:  (in order of appearance)

menes the pharaoh


prod. by kabuki ninja

*track taken from the album "keepers of the lo fi dojo" menes the pharaoh and kabuki ninja......available on limited cassette and digitally at the following links:


verse 1: (menes the pharaoh)

he sit upon a molten throne
of scolded bones
with spearmen on either side
prepared to die for him
with fans held by women
and large plates of food
a battle ensues in front of him
to make him grin

3 canines
with jewel encrusted head dresses
and tails sway with weapons
sharply making their progressions
two pillars spiral to the ceiling
major high appealing
with dice rolling triple 7s
no mention of penance

he wears a jade pendant
at his center
the same color
as the jungle
where he goes to slumber
they wait for him in numbers
much beyond his own hunger
but eats savagely
to quench all his ancestors
trains in the dark
with smoke
he strikes quick
his room
filled with armor
of demons and endless pits
in wombs
he kicked with jagged knives
eventually they ripped
fully robed in fine silks
that cut through the wind

his bare chest showing
when he entered the chamber
his teeth covered in gems
and knuckles in razors
at his waist
a buckle
that was old as the ages
that held every soul
that he claimed along the pages

blue as the sage
and white lotus engaged
in a dance of death
dim mak kusarigama
broken breath
each step
has a lasting effect
his aura trailed him
from here to tibet

verse 2: (sea/swordz)

a pair of clouds
eject precipitous waves
of murderous
avid channels of death
aggressive and transformative
a blizzard of blades
encrypted swords
daggers and shuriken
each with a sub-dimensional cache
of magnetic turbulence
sliced and stabbed
by shadow possession surrogates
you find yourself in the grasp
of gravitation that’s permanent
in the thrall
of the whatever pace palm
if death waits at all
even those fortunate enough
to step away
you can’t escape
a cell with innate walls
you carry your cage and bars
as you traipse along
’til your fate matures
death blooms
beneath an bereft moon
a surreptitious threat looms
an indistinct shadow
abject doom
with the appearance
of a propeller
at high speed
a specific darkness
gently swirling
disorienting light beams
sheer disintegration
of innate photonic building blocks
these components
shape a wilting clock
driven by a force
not unlike
that which the whills concocts
transforming time
like a humanoid design
into a silver glock

a dragon explodes
evolving from deep obscurity
to descend on the souls
of those who have seen his sorcery
by experiencing perpetual death
for a brief eternity
he’ll reward their efforts
with a collection of even more debris
a field of asteroids
that spans an entire galaxy
on which
an orc
cloaked by magic
may brandish his sonic alchemy

Thursday, March 1, 2018

farspirecodex(prod. by warlock poems)

written and performed by:  (in order of appearance)


rpm the brown robe

prod. by warlock poems

verse 1: (stranded)

and spires far out
the entire earth’s absorbed
in circumhorizontal arc clouds
the energies that spin in me
are hundreds of madnesses
if i tried to explain it
i’d run out of adjectives

that metaphor alone
ain’t even accurate
i’d need a million lexicons
to come close to being adequate
i smile when i see this owl
or hear what it has to say
these cherished instants
hatch with grace
that overshadows fabergés
it’s strange the greatest moments
of my life
are seen as mistakes
that they could ever even
have potential to evaporate
she dispersed into paper
that folded itself
into countless butterflies
that proceeded to consume me
’til there was nothing but her inside
i apologize
but who am i to hide
what my heart’s eyes imbibe
when what they drink’s
enough to sink
as deep as years of light would stride
millenniums of sun beneath
my umbra steeped with fireflies
the wondrous peace
my regnant darkness underneath
is brightened by
entire worlds of origami
swirl inside me
i evolve
like uzumaki blue
chakra-fused kurama fireballs
this illumination’s threatened
by the threat of compromise
by resistance
to a nonexistent pressure
not applied
i am thought to think in ways
that i would not appreciate
forced to drown beneath the weight
of a sea compiled of these mistakes
context and perspective
account for nearly everything
and the slightest misperception
can veer the best of us astray

lucky for me
that hasn’t been enough to separate
it may have been enough
to render us a lesser way
i wish it wasn’t
and fear it will perpetuate
it’s happened far too often
no coffin
i’ve clawed from several graves
why is it
that i’ve been blessed to bathe
in such a pleasant flame
and not only is that debt unpaid
by failure to reflect its rays
somehow i’ve managed
to provide an UNpleasant shade
and be irksome
to the most important person
i have met to date
what’s written in the book of life
is what is pertinent to you
i choose to read the truth
to see the crucial work i’m meant to do
to be improved
i scour worlds
for the hidden loom
from which
the fabric comes
the universe would stitch me to
you may be tethered to my space
by mistake
my satellitic oops
a brilliant moon
that lights my sky
but i find firmament in you

take solace
that what you provide is BEAUT!FUL
to one who
magnificence within him’s
not what’s usual
i walk the nucleus
of a russian doll of crucibles
a single corridor
that ouroboros doors
are always looping to
that’s why there’s NOTHING
i won’t do for you
come back from my own funeral
and despite what you might believe
i don’t wear a mask
or costume for you
fuck a pedestal
you’re hovering
‘cause that’s what your wings
and feathers do
absolve you
of that for which you’re responsible
i would never do
but when you try to carry more
than you should support
i’ma step in too
you’ve never tried to place blame
away from you
if you did
without hesitation
i would have told you
that you’re tripping kid

there’s a balance
specificity to what i say
i don’t speak in generalities
unless it’s by mistake

verse 2: (rpm the brown robe)

my presence ancient
branching out into the vacant
you call the mind
how it makes sense
into nothingness
to be all there is
god honest
disturbed enough
but the moral is
with a horcrux in my fist
built into my microphone diaphragm
unfixed perception

on a path to bliss
my soul
don’t really know what plastic is
an over-active aggression
an obsession
just drop into suspension
there’s where i been tho

one mind like aurobindo

you don’t begin to know
reawaken within the flow
spun out
then i learned to row
burn a poem
with words filled with passion
flame happens
not the player
but the game that’s everlasting
stacks of infractions
leaning on your axis
non action is attraction
on the track and finding traction
so much so
it’s relaxing
i’m free to rap with enthusiasm
to make the heat
that fade the casted spell
beyond the veil
counteract climate fail
when the mind is well
ride the rail
RpM and his delightful tale
reads like private mail
written in braille
but you can kinda tell
my style
both sides of the wall in palestine
i’m way more above the rim
than woody harrelson
you mistook the zone for arrogance
so my arrow zips
through the air
morphogenesis of rarest gems
flying swift
over the precipice
far spire codex
open throughout the ocean mist
the soulless
brown robe come to woke us
magnum opus

like snow clung
to the old sun
to expose us
so hold on
i rip the bar ’til the bar none

clothe us in the garden
like we all one
departed dharma of a god
look like arson
rahman to your bean
like saladin
come to you in a dream
in living color like a silver screen
for mr. smithereens
adrift in faceless books
hooked on wicked memes
putting stem cells
between themselves and hell
i hope we live to tell
while knowing full well
all good things
from my hood winks
don’t give a fuck what the hood thinks
got you open like a good shrink
my words lured the sphinx
and i’ve been cured ever since

connect the links

Friday, February 23, 2018

eyesickles(prod. by 7th galaxy)

written and performed by a/void

prod. by 7th galaxy


in my asthmatic
hydrostatic strangulation
hypersensitive spasms
a zillion chasms from ventilation
when he finally gasps
the sky aghast
with pyro-acid precipitation
psychotraffic’d biohazard
ioac grim invocation
each cloud’s path’s
an hourglass
the raindrops are mirror-making
whatever’s struck
becomes a cloud
spiral matter
exotic fabric manipulation
transfixed conscious cytomatic
gyroactive rem stimulation
jiraiya catching
a glimpse of what will happen

wildly bouncing
spinning around in anticipation



i share my heart with him

absorbing nature
on a warm glacier
my stare darts within
as i gaze inward
outer space slenders
the stars descend
as i soar inside
i become more aligned
with all there is

some are guarded
love’s a garden
that’s plundered often
but if you find mine
springing from your yard
you’ll find it never doesn’t blossom
if you see my eyes
when i look at you
and discover hearts somersaulting
don’t be surprised
you’re seen with such regard
you’re NOT fucking flotsam
you’ve been deemed !NCRED!BLE
by an accomplished marksman
i’m a beast
when it comes to stalking
i’m an excellent tracker
and i hunt for awesome

back to tumblewalking
pouring from a cauldron
thrust into a wormhole
the firm hold of utter thraldom

i’m embraced
by an innate strain
of what truly matters
such a thing
is so great
that it has the strength
to move cadavers

reinvigorate a hollow case
renew its power
eclipse its wake
and make its previous pace of evolution faster

i am spurred by forces
that aren’t even aware they shine
profoundly altered by their paths
when life crosses theirs with mine

therein lies an importance
of such huge magnitude
it’s your duty
to show true gratitude
to those who fashion you

growth triggered
by figurative motile attributes

their shadows loom
like shukaku’s
when dosu crashed the roof

his single eye
increased in size
as gaara demonized

he realized
his plans for sasuke
won’t be realized
promptly followed
by the fact
that he’ll no longer be alive
he stared in disbelief
as a tailed beast
impeached his sky

the light’s retreat
like an anvil
descending slow
he couldn’t form a thought clearly
other than the end is close

cries lost
in the reign of this pair

scars are camouflaged
when the pain is severe

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

origamicyclone(prod. by 7th galaxy)

written and performed by:  (in order of appearance)



dr. hatake downplay


prod. by 7th galaxy

inhabitants of a cryoworm consists of............starlord/7th glaxy.........dr. hatake downplay/lucas ingram.........and a/void

verse 1: (starlord)

it’s starlord
mr. robot
sativa sunspot
adam warlock
burning trees
in the space pod
faced god
when i saw my son’s face
the first time
life changed
blink of an eye
this little dragon fly
captured my heart
with his battlecry
ancestor artist tribe
space traveler
from a distant sky
a new inhabitant
to form bonds and learn to fly
we measure the wind gust
before we dive
hyperdrive jupiter jump
let’s see who stays alive
the mind is the first to implode
if built on weak design
origami cyclone
cut through paper walls on fire
watch the spider weave a web
as strong as any wire
then expire
a liar’s always very tired
i hang glide on riffs
burn spliffs
chasing my soul’s desire
watch for snipers
and swipers always swiping
it’s tie fighter/x wing dog fight exciting

verse 2: (a/void)

paper butterflies
swirling in this core of mine
and that’s their caterpillar stage
to what will they metamorphosize
a collage
of the most exotic
origami rhopalocerans
with aposematic
kaleidoscopic wings
i ascend
lifted by the wind
this maelstrom generates
carried into space
within the bounds
of rare dimension-scapes

i evolve
in this higher dawn
sunlit fly along
in this undertow
that bluntly roams this sky of ours
i’m filled with molecules
each stuffed
with what’s inside a star
what fuels this aviation
radiating from inside my heart
the magic conjured
massive blossoms
macrocosm popcorn
catalyzed by gravitons
that magnified a lightstorm

the root-domestic
ingressive cleft
of bioluminescence
the true reflection
produced in response
to what’s shining through its retina
this light
is both pleasant and blinding
tender and vibrant
such is the glow
that characterizes a gentle lion

verse 3: (dr. hatake downplay)

organic spacecraft uprising
past horizons and battlefronts
layers of a wetware interface
in systems beyond corruption
temporal disruption interlaced
signature key entrusted
vector sectors to separate
a sea of [if/and] functions
drums pump like cyberpunk fuel
for a defiant cue
kali hack abilities
from cpu issues
to ava machine talk
blade runner a.i. chivalry
stoichiometry imagery disease vault
parsing narvik recipes
arctic facility destiny meddling
clinical trial exile
masked bio-freak reckonings
prototypical principles
minimal evidence of unpleasantry
unknown hybrid viruses
is just a delivery mech
undetectable gene therapy
’til each subject is obsessed
orally contaminating
those not infected yet
effects of a high-tech compulsion
super semi conductive tangents
darko/sparrow enchantment
wormhole vanishing
source code propulsion

verse 4: (a/void)

from one realm
to a neighboring sunbelt
a wave escapes
a crater in space
to a valence unfelt
an inflamed inflation of self
a greater fate is upheld
a death that equates
to a desert erased
when a lake of love swells

miasmatic discharge
the plight of ioac amid stars
light assassins descend
and dim cryoshadows
with glim scars

try to package
what i imagine
in jars
and try to traffic its magic
with a biohazardous grimoire

carved out of a starved mouth
with a gemstar
anthropomorphic nightmares
hardened clouds
come across
like thousands of centaurs
a gravitational lens farm
they distort
the path light takes
with the galactic weight
that they give off

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

haunt(prod. by ())

written and performed by stranded

prod. by ()

this beat
makes me nod my head
like the hulk’s
response to threats
slamming loki
by his legs
on some ‘puny god’ whatevs
to capture
what my mind ejects
i write with electronic lead
my rhymes are puzzle pieces
from a sequence
that does not connect
i need to rearrange them
i’m a detail-natured architect
deinopis seeking prey
the things i say are spider threads
the computer keeps the pace
as i weave and shape
a great methodic web
who shift their eyes
to the sky
will find a net

you’d be surprised
how many times
the skin astride my astral body
to wriggle out
from under parasites
vampires i have fed
an energetic exodus
my fire ebbs
from where it can be usurped
through fangs inside my neck
i flick ‘em off my shoulders
starving cobras i do not respect
with calm composure
gently alter boulders
to their smallest specks
it doesn’t matter what they weigh
they crumble
by a hidden dragon’s wrath
my arm’s possessed

often times
the way my rhymes
are designed
as my insides project
my thoughts are lost
in my own private
kotodamic dialect
i love okami to death
yet i digress
ophiocordyceps gives new meaning
to the ANTenna one might express
heads explode
like naota’s
when his n.o. power’s iris spreads
perithecia disperse their cells
their servant shell’s final breath

their teeth securely fastened
to a leaf
before their time of death
a bunch of trees
with corpses on their leaves
this forest
quite complex

dreams are braille
i sleep on a nail
made out of iron beds
i find it difficult
to read the realms
that i just left

Saturday, December 23, 2017

thejawsoflight(prod. by surge cess)

written and performed by:  (in order of appearance)

dr. hatake downplay


prod. by surge cess

hundred-year war is..............dr. hatake downplay/lucas ingram........and.......a/void

verse 1: [dr. hatake downplay]

9 dots
out of the box thinking
that most are misperceiving
specific study epiphanies
from a make shift kingdom
psychoactive chemistry practice
fillory magic distinction
synced like gps spoofing tools
controlling increments
prometheus expedient star-map
open source data crack
supersonic magnetized turbulence
molecular cloud collapse
by amplified robustness
with lightyears to expand
durable frame tardigrade
unexplained by man
100 year war-chants
that dance off satellites
overwriting humans
spoolers programmed to terabyte
that hubble sight’s alright
but their flights stay low orbit
we speed of light spinning
from a gravity warping fortress
storm the quantum foam
with exotic matter forces
deformed in higher dimensions
superpositions of waves
sick district 9 resistance
bloody mech suit interface
alien physics
twisted kip thornes and roses

verse 2: [a/void]

a wave of gravitation
untamed fascination
radiation of omniscalar
innate natural inflation
a pseudo-neutron heart
too small for it’s output
unestablished valence
a half
that can’t quite amass formation
the chemistry may be massive
but not exactly connectively
the atomic system
may be far too deficient
static dark matter
star field distortion
will these jagged parts heal
or reveal an orphan
light travels a path
established by atmospheric forces
but still bounces
through a series of mirrors
with zero warping
the technology of an image
seen through optical lenses
the implications are strong
like several celestial objects
all aligned in the sky
in a rare cosmic design
that wanders inside the ascendant
a soul that pervades
the whole range
of the solar rays of all stars
my retinas
shown fangs
with no hope
of escaping their jaws

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

intoawhitehole(prod. by neadunkel)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by neadunkel

with gravity as his opponent

he carries the weight
until he transforms the heavy
to feathers
and levitates
disheveled space
the shape of everything
bends to his will

an exit becomes an entrance
a hole turns into a drill

he examines the distance
and sees his existence
being inflicted
with coma vandalism
triggering the ignition
of dystopian soul somnambulism
doomed to walk a future
that threatens
to leave him more alone
than his planet prison
shitty directing
this isn’t my show
there’s no remote
and there’s channels missing
the monetization of observation
they charge you to see
and NOT what you’d feed your eyes’ dilation
the images aren’t what you seek
a beautiful garden
and used for cars
as a street
it’s hard to believe
how truly lost
humans can consciously be
it’s like they’ll do anything
to produce more carbon
and make it harder to breathe

who needs oxygen
when you’ve got a million vaults
of cha-ching
a thoughtful disease
‘how can we most effectively
decimate what is pure?’
humans aggressively infect
so as to never let nature mature
no meditation
the realm of self-medication’s ignored
in-depth examination of self
is the most prevalent way to your core

what’s significant to you

and how can it be obtained
without bringing harm to your surroundings
to facilitate your gain
it isn’t at all necessary
for you to administer pain

in order to stimulate
the pleasure center
within your brain
unless of course
you’re the sort
to take pleasure in something’s pain
it’s unfortunate
that the world
is infested with such a thing

Saturday, December 16, 2017

tsunamicarchitecture(prod. by nix)

written and performed by:  (in order of appearance)

rpm the brown robe


prod. by nix

verse 1: [rpm the brown robe]

the architect speak up
reach up
from his resting place
standing for his right
in what’s destined to take place
much liver at any rate
filtering the outside world
inner pearls enchant
how crazy things once were
then like weren’t
sometimes i’m currents
sometimes gone like
not returning
rocking the turin shroud
as a turban
transferring learning
the light is curing
if he can just find
how to be certain
behind the curtain
lie the same damn thing
man just reaching for bling
on the brink
pushing the o-ring
no thing in nature
portray the maker that way
that kind of display
will get her taken away
somewhere in there
is what’s not in the database
through the magic haze
of capital gains

and waste
you’re on board the clairvoyager
not just some everyday destroyer
the soul has no employer
spoil yourself less
let the mystery stay dressed
or you could stay stressed
going ‘round
all bent on a razor edge
in the present tense
i ascend seven steps
propitiating nephilims
madmen in bethlehem
in my element
your favorite rappers are less intense
i work the flow
like a crescent wrench
at prophetic ends
look through your own lens
wipe it down
with this here rag
i’m a jack
i’m an ace
a m7stic hag
transporting back in time
with no lag in the mind
high in the tower spire
in a window out of my mind
how could i be blind
it all depends
on what side of the ‘i’ am i
i plan to climb

you’re a pantomime
i’m a phantom rhyme
in your crumbling paradigm
the architect
laying steps in the grand design

verse 2: [stranded]

i surf the sands of time
like norrin radd
inside an hourglass
in search of
the soul i lost
as a result
of a cosmic power bath
i am what you cannot believe
the shadow
of a shadowless monstrosity
the wrath
of an unimagined scifi glossary
is it clairvoyance
if what your eyes have seen
are events
that take place in a past
that at some point in the future
you travel back in time to breed
cast beyond belief
with exotic matter tacit properties
the known has chasms
what you don’t fathom
would crack your mind in three
like bui
swinging a trilateral axe
at a giant tree
a single cloud’s tiny leaf
on the inaudible sound
of a silent breeze
on a stream of focused thoughts
as loud as a siren’s scream
peacefully dozes off
and drowns in a quiet dream
a mountain of light
a shroud
of unrequited beams
a solar fountain
with the shrike’s physique
there’s no account
for what these spikes could mean
photons frozen
bound in an icy freeze
it’s like being trapped

in your own private
ash dimension

a cold
silent hill apprehension
fluttering wings
budding signals of aposematism
that are only distinguished
with anachronistic vision
by someone with intuition
surpassing temporal limits
a mutant viewing remotely
what a scope
with an astral lens
the sight of those
born to bypass
normal eye paths
those capable
of the extrapolation of data
from a fast forward time lapse
mere mortals’ minds collapse
in a series of vortices
swallowed fast
pulled in
with the torque
of an astronomically enormous python’s grasp
the chaos of the vacuum
of a distorted
orgonite bomb blast

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

aworlddescends(prod. by nix)

written and performed by:  (in order of appearance)


rpm the brown robe

prod. by nix

verse 1: [stranded]

a mystic eye

to which a modest lens abides
that seems to often
catch profound blips of time
this raw energy
is absolutely synthesized
by a chemist
who firmly insists
that it’s just improvised

a mural swirls again
a world descends
light ignites birds within
sojourn begins
this is what happens
when a person evanesces away
without ever actually
setting foot in a grave
one travels far and near
from here to away
a coronal field appears
as a soul is nearing escape
energy emanates
ebbs and breaks
the figures
on each side of a ratio
progressively switching place
as the transposition
finishes taking place
this new form tethered
by a tentative chain of fate
at any moment
it can be absorbed
back into its lamp
a sheath implodes
its sword
ripped from its hand
i suspect
that’s why society was built
to entrance
distract us from
becoming avid travelers

but on these rare occasions
when fortune smiles
in mysterious ways
and somehow
we can slip out the cage
we must take advantage
as the grains of sand
spill away
weave ‘em like ‘friction’
masta killa in rain

this profound peace
however brief
when it is weighed
against our much longer periods
imprisoned away
we find
the scales are balanced
with equivalent weight
because abundance and significance
are two different things

i go inside my skull
and drift through the maze
as my mind evolves
its walls
transfigure away
i stare into outer space
while earth spins through the shade
and find myself lost
in the abyss of a gaze
just consider
…for all eternity
the night will disguise
entire worlds
behind obscure lights in the sky
it looks like
taulmaril’s bolts of lightning preside
a screen capture
of catti-brie fighting the gods

verse 2: [rpm the brown robe]

the verbal lighting rod
evoking the squad
on up high
amongst divine
not just after a good time
even though
that’s of course
to be had
it’s all there in the math
learn how to add
learn how to burn to ash
then back up again
i funk gems
like you don’t understand them
like when you do
they’re right there in your hands
i walked amongst land
littered with economic problems
let’s help you solve them
here guy
apply solvent
or let the girls take it all away
‘cause you’re acting all obtuse and shit
that means one-sided business
my rhymes ring true
like speed dial digits
a meteor shower visits
you’re like ‘wow’
what a vision
that was a long time
can you believe it
i’m steady weaving
like this woven teach string
in between hymns
on my knees
fighting for some freedom ring shit
don’t go there
it’s prayer
i’m on some voltaire
i think we can both declare
like we’re told they’re
fresh native

like breathing this toltec air
go to heck
if you got the motor head
i’m steady
let go
ill rhyming from there and back
and don’t go to bed
EYE stole a photo
of my own ego
my zen took over
y’all cats are tall tales
short winded pinocchio
there’s an open window
so wide
you wouldn’t know it
you’re all down in the mouth
just below it
i’m equilibrium
in elysium
you’re what’s keeping them
‘r’ to the ‘p’ ‘m’
’til we meet again

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

cirromorphicairspace(prod. by aquariusminded)

written and performed by:  (in order of appearance)


zodd the immortal

prod. by aquariusminded

 verse 1: [stranded]

offbeat circadian
lost in a bleak irradiance
a creature quite familiar
with what disorientation is
roaming his prison
pretending he’s not an alien
secretly formulating
his plot of escaping it

occasional fickle flames
on immortal candlewicks
perpetual evolution
of the canon of what can exist

….my meditation
conjures galaxies of transience
worlds that hatch
form and collapse
into peaceful ambience
the rogue interpretations
of shadow accretion analysts
home to anthropomorphic
astral clouds
that speak somnambulant

…take a halberd to the face
serrated molecules
shadows lurk
in baby goblin dunes
subatomic ghouls
stranded on the outskirts of dirt
we hide in pools
rogue fish
who on occasion
blip in episodic schools
a momentary twitch
their wrists
give off a sonic boom
like guile
in street fighter ii
these galaxies are not for you
i’m but one of a conscious few
who constitutes an ebb’s demise
an unnoticed moment
marks the roots
of a legend’s rise

in search
of what the depths would hide
only seen
by the most unique
sets of eyes

such things
elude the shallowescent mind
self-imposed prisoners
surrenderers of every kind
fall victim to a foe
who with
only one step would die
they stand still
as they get wrapped up
in a web of lies
you can’t be given hope
to escape
if you’ll only accept your binds
that’s just more
of that irony
alessa finds
souls are most at peace
while wandering unmeasured time
free from their temporal imprisonment
my own two are the only temples
you’ll find me religiously visiting
real absorbed
kneeling before
all that i’m witnessing
as i solemnly sift through it
earmarking what’s interesting
lost in crisscrossing infinites
in pausing increments
blinking in and out
of atomic bomb-like instances
shrinking beneath profound
epiphanic cosmic filaments

i get smaller all the time
there’s so much more than me
i ain’t shit
everything that exists
evolves from sorcery
magic is at the bottom
of what reveals the world we see
our entire macrocosm
pales to the quantum worlds beneath

verse 2: [zodd the immortal]

consume planets
spit ruins
and shit humans
lift moons
in the monsoon movement
scaly skinned alien
an eagle’s face gazing in
the sun is phasing
the moon’s changing grins
i’m grim daily
seemless changing
like baby twins
the plaguing of a generation
no one is made to win
deadly sins playing on a ukulele
life’s a crazy simulation
of what you might have been
the slightest glimpse
leaves you blinded
two timing hymns

how are you just now convinced
under the rule
of the foulest prince
i’m not perfect
but i’m also not human
i’ll admit

the calloused grip
you get slammed into earth’s crust
it bursts guts
there are no challenges
in the forest of realms
where the blasphemed souls dwell
and madness’ held captive
the unknown ever lasts
within the vast growing blackness
she’s mad as she chants
with stained glass lips
figure like an hourglass
but watch for her wrath
it’s entangled in madness
relaxed venomous kisses
that she’s entranced with
story goes that it
once killed a blacksmith
condemned by her majesty’s magic
the town was in panic
insanity classic
i get to work on your casket

black cats crossed paths
within the vanishing castle
with laughter
she brandished a black hole
hell whispered the passcode
it collapsed backroads
and cracked open ever afters

i climbed in
and fell through forbidden chapters
a moment intimate with disaster
god gifted the rapture
the arrival of the cryptic messenger

i break course
the floors melt

they reached out their tentacles
for help

Sunday, December 3, 2017

opaquevoyage(prod. by aquariusminded)

written and performed by:  (in order of appearance)

rpm the brown robe


prod. by aquariusminded

verse 1:  [rpm the brown robe]

rpm on the mic son
the sun done gone down
making truth with its loved one
like fahrvergnugen
i’m audi
but leaving behind an offering
in the form of virtual sample
like a handshake
earthquakes on mandates
on my m.o.
and that makes my metaphysical lifestyle
i been around like van wilds
and burners
that breathe the vapors
from the oil
of toil true
fade from one time
to still happening
you never have to save
built in auto function
dialed with correct timing
set the path on blast
to find things
as you come to them
refresh to make it understand
knowledge keep you younger than
wisdom through experience
ride upon a ray
of gamma band bending
to reach the planet
before the gathering end
grab another bag
and pitch in
with the rest of us
traveling bags of dust
what’s left of trust
that we let rust
and oxidize
for all
time flies
a count of eyes
how many of us still memorize
and how many summarize
to make it dramatized
real cannibalized
but can fantasize
and fantasy should never despise
nor let be despised
this what a three-eyed druid surmised
when he came back
snatched the patent
then applied
different formulas
combined by design
filling blanks
like dna planks
rising to the right hand side
and ever so slightly aggrandized
with my command files
and i also have a real knack
for letting go
gain altitude for altruism
and flew
through the vision
dudes listen
how many of y’all killing mission
need ambition
why you tripping
stay your position
hold post in the cell division
convincing all the opposition
like some type of politician
you need tradition

throw it up for mysticism

throw it up

verse 2:  [stranded]

…pure inner vision

i couldn’t look at humans
with more cynicism
there is no more
a despicable organism
they insert themselves
in healthy cyphers
and pour venom in them
why do they issue hurt
i know that they feel pain themselves
why not prevent others
from ever knowing
the things they’ve felt

being abused
is no excuse
for hunting innocence
anyone who exhibits this
gets no forgivenesses
i despise those
who reinforce awful sentiments
you should strive
to never be to blame
for someone’s emptiness
go inward like siddhartha
as the river drifts
conjuring astral images
quantum mirror wormhole
mind altering vertigo
how many worlds you know?

i am not satisfied
with this current paradigm
so i am the architect
of a much more repaired design
i do my part
and don’t concern myself
with what others do
no one who’s alive
doesn’t have to live
with what they do
if they don’t see for themselves
that they need to improve

fuck’s it supposed to mean
to be berated by you

any such behavior’s
just a waste of your fuel
just be persistent
like pepé le pew


i’d walk on drug needles for shoes
if it meant the difference
between me being me
or being you
it’s like fast forward
slow exposure
photographic volleyball
i’m lost
in the eye
of a storm of [fuck all of y’all]
that bullshit obscures
until it’s just a blur

blanketed in disregard
until it’s stricken
from my earth
you will only ever
see me embrace
what i appreciate
i will never hold onto
that which would see peace deflate
it would eat away at my soul
if i chose not to deviate
and it’s scant enough as it is
without being willfully decayed

energetic deficiency
that still measures considerably
‘cause despite how empty i am
i still give every bit of me
the only times
i fail to give all i’ve got
is when it’s for me
‘cause i can’t help
but respond
to all the flaws
that my mirrors speak
despite how much love
i provide
there’s an insufficiency
i will never be satisfied
with what those in my heart
get from me

Sunday, November 26, 2017

numbedbyascorpion(prod. by ⚛aumaura⚛)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by ⚛aumaura⚛


i’m pushing
on a bubble-like
dimensional boundary
from outside
you see a creature
pressed against a balloon

i make bulbs of light ignite
producing a shine
from a frequency
slightly out of tune
with your eyes
if you were to readjust
i’d look like lucy in the sky
my aura poking through the world
where humans reside

what is this
your world is just one
mine is under it
shadow looks after
all the matter
that the sun forgets
a scorpion’s tail
becomes a whip
the venom in its moonbeams
consumes me
i’m numb as shit

i’m escorted
to a comfortable abyss
with this poison
moving through my bloodstream
this is what you get
a century-long depiction
of an hour of meteors
the most exquisite shower
in the sky
you’ve ever seen before
when you’re in the grips of this
peace cannot be ignored
serene allure
sharper than a tongue
made out of a sea of swordz
you can’t escape
you’re captured
by the hands of fate
trapped inside a shadow
held captive by a vanta lake

from inside the darkness
a tiny spark expands away
an explosion
a flammable ocean
of titanic waves
like bruce
being swept with gamma rays
truly blessed
he accrues a debt
that he can’t repay

a permanent high tide
of fire
with whatever lies
on the outskirts
omniverse wide

the introduction of a glow
to an unlit hole

was enough to evoke
a zillion-sunlit soul

but the vessel
where its nestled
is an unfit home
a disheveled moon
tethered to an upkept globe

it doesn’t make sense
what’s real’s so fake
such pain
shouldn’t be allowed
to feel so great
but sometimes
reality seals your fate
and bends
around the laws of logic
to reveal its shape


i’m pushing
on a bubble-like
dimensional boundary
from outside
you see a creature
pressed against a balloon

Sunday, October 15, 2017

deathruinviolence(prod. by rogu)

written and performed by:  (in order of appearance)

p. wrecks


prod. by rogu

track taken from the album 'bridge drawn'.....available at the following link:

verse 1: (p. wrecks)

far sight
teller of tales untold
wonder undersold
cold slaughter
plastic soldier
game of ghost following host
guilt ridden apology
to the geo sphere
with fingers behind crucifixion

drew another stone
brew another cup
dew on a fingertip
under foreplay
door to a volcano
doesn’t need a floor
to stand on any more
to sacrifice
than one once had
in a fucking dunce cap
rap is adolescent

bureaucrats lack the talent
to address the evidence
just pad print barcodes
to better self security
self reflecting
is the current echo chamber
dead infection
skull dressing
skilled method
but practice to keep practicing

stress burns cataracts
cat tracks precision pawed
how many moons until our mountain range
cleared my sampler’s banks
put on a ski mask
and read a comic book

that’s persuasion
that’s my urn
ashed in understanding

other hand cold
contemplates the remainder
construct your own puzzle
that’s meant as a compliment
calmly misunderstood most of
constructive of these words don’t play
naysayers don’t freight
fright night
any time the moon
is resting in the windowsill
twist to shut blinds
and open sessions
the room full of crawling spines
okaying decaying cosmos
mirrored distorted cathedrals
insects behind stained glass
pen too dull
the sword from sticking back
and stabbing sticky notes
envelopes we sealed ourselves into
licked the stamp
and it dissolved
grave robbers go on suicide leave

verse 2: (stranded)

they fall into a hollow grave
that swallows those
who try to take
these particular corpses
prefer not to be bothered
while they lay
they transform into wormholes
transport ‘em to a future world


from the vehicle
that carried them across the vector

they find the framework
of their bodies
next to an intricate dollhouse
made of elaborate elvish architecture

when the 100th monkey knowz
it overcomes the globe
the bold
distinguished heart
of a single spark
that won’t succumb to snow

a castle’s vast disgruntled moat
spans a rebel multiverse
lurks below a drawbridge
that only special souls traverse
a solar echo pulse dispersed
trespassers met by teeth
as crescent cheek’d
flesh eating nebulas
calmly go berserk
immortal waltz with bones
the posture of a photograph
if you look closely
you’ll see me yoke a mask
and hear dōhji laugh
the shriek of ichigo’s collapse
i begin to swirl
jagan event horizon
point at which
i leave and enter worlds
come and go like obito
through his mask’s only hole
my soul aglow
molecules diffuse
unfolding slow

with progressive
evanescing spread vibrations
travel surreptitiously
until i reach my destination
whereupon i’ll integrate
initiating restoration
ash ascends to space
a phoenix in an ancient nest
the sky assumes i levitate

Thursday, September 28, 2017

__clew__?(prod. by 7th galaxy)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by 7th galaxy

a star
being born
from a galaxy
and a crystal shard
akin to frogs
a mirror blips afar

a distinct reflection
a flicker
with apogee-al roots
a compressed packet of light
sent by a shadow
the first intracontinental burst
that reaches you
a message
carried by a walkingstick bird
that says
‘peace to you’
but on the way
it had to make a pit stop
to say
‘eat some food’
this bird closes its eyes
and takes the scenic route
it goes
where the shadow’s heart explodes
sees its truth
tethered to this energy
it ends up where it leads it to
attached to its intentions
tentacles in an ether realm
a hydrostat supporting life
like leaves
when a tree exhales

deep as hell
an insomniac
in a sleeper cell
as soon as she sees the owl
she jumps out
and leaves her cell
chilling on the seat
while she runs out in the street

to find a way
to finally change
the way she sees herself

ayo jiraiya
love is not just for you
it may be going elsewhere
but i still got enough for you

uncle who?

a shadow
is the sun removed
your father
and another
are the only ones
with such a view

by virtue of who they are
they earned a peek
beneath the mask
it’s even darker underneath
but certain people see a flash
a light
even hidden from the candle
it’s connected to
once he discovers
this wick ablaze
what’s he left to do
that’s a story for another time
back to this stellar seed
the bird i sent a bird to
asked his past
to help set him free
she released
a telepathic meditative scream
a crystal for a crystal
FORBIDDING scalpels to make a seam
with enough chromium
to serve as kryptonite
to weaken the kryptonians
so tokyo could dip the knife
jiraiya made his way
to this existential plane
galaxy to galaxy
nanoka to the milky way
arrival time 2:22
he came with patterned symmetry
it takes a shadow
to gaze at shadow imagery

he sits stoic in nature
amassing energy
with the intent to pass it
to otomo’s classic centerpiece
when i release my clones
they don’t often go back into ME
it’s love
i freely give myself
to those who have it
when in need
and those who have it
should know
that they have it
for infinity
it will never be revoked
unless they grossly act despicably
and in effect
change their very fabric
my love will dissipate
‘cause it’s not attached
to that identity

so fear not
my judgment in such things
is rather marvelous
constructive evolution
in oneself
the path is arduous
so much time within
engineering consciousness
spending years
peering into mirrors
like a narcissist

evolving quick
i keep my eyes peeled
for walkingsticks

i’m quite observant
sighting birds
that veer off and dip

a flock
made up of species
that don’t even fly as one
separated by miles
but connected
on a cosmic hunt

one particular owl
ventured out
inside for love
while another bird
discreetly shadows
jiraiya young