Tuesday, August 1, 2017

yagamidark(prod. by aloeight)

written and performed by: (in order of appearance)

eligh (don't have his lyrics)

prod. by aloeight

light descends
over obscure
cognitive tombstones
blotted with doomed souls
completely oblivious
to the pen
that digs their new homes
just a sentence
could put an end
to their bloom

entire root structures
decay and collapse
riding lightning
as thunder rumbles
fading to black

the sun moves
its planets tumble
trailing in back


we will eventually crash
but by then
we will have come and gone
millenniums past
but perhaps
we will have developed technology
able to stop the end
and prevent the orbit
from falling into its grasp

who knows
possibility is infinity
two fold
many are lost
as they walk
where truth roams
so used to what’s false
they contribute frost
to what’s already too cold
they need to alter the phase
dig into the hearts of their brains
as they walk
in shadows
cast by thoughts
when they’re flames

will catapult you to things
spooky action at a distance
stars apart
can establish ignition
substantially divert a path
in an instant
some destinations are reached
despite the traveler’s intention
sometimes all it takes
is a lepidopteran wing flap intervention
and the waves of a tsunami
crash in the distance

chain reactions
the subtle ways
of magic’s existence

hiding right behind the pursuit
so no matter where it looks
it’s not in its view
by the tracker’s cognitive loop
inattentional blindness ensues
it goes unnoticed
like donkey lips
on fox
he died
because jessica alba’s so cute
an ‘x’
a ‘5’
a ‘4’
a ‘5’
and a ‘2’
one of the most remarkable specimens
the manticore project produced

much like eyes only
i only have eyes for the truth

an observer
the world in which i wander
is huge
a single chamber
in a honeycomb the size of our moon

which means
if you made a chart
you’d still see the entire pie
if my slice was removed
you become more narrow
the wider your view
is an explosion
that results in a vestige
an rogue interloper
that renders what’s shown ineffective
an omnivoyant approach
will always broach misconceptions
that subdue hidden jewels
that would bestow you with lessons