Sunday, September 21, 2014

eyeofastorm[inlightning](prod. by 7th galaxy)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by 7th galaxy

windowless souls
lids squinted closed
but don’t grow
withering slowly
like winter springing liquid from snow
there’s a thin line
between the end
and the beginning of roads
the most unlikely of instruments
can implement hope

like fire-retardant cord
hidden truths are everywhere
microscopic spores
mystical realms appear
through cytological doors
ayahuascan journ
eye of a storm
are no more significant
than the life of the thorns
photons in lightning
are so methodically stored
that when it flashes
the masses are enlightened for sure
trees ignite in a forest
shifting perspective
in a direction
that sees titans as dwarves
the preexisting paradigm metamorphs
the lids of eyes levin
where they were leaden before
the impact of a sublime elemental force
destiny skipped across several galaxies
worming through stars
disregarding technicalities
may what you seek
exceed your palm
keep the bar set out of reach
forge light into a bomb
bioluminescent alchemy

so many people lost
detached from reality
they look at seesaws
and somehow see balance beams
the degree of neglect
a vast dimensional discrepancy
but beyond the mire
of lost tired effigies
is a moth inspired
by foxfire telepathy
communication concocted
by a myconid recipe
assassin vines
anthropomorphic vegetation
that’s alive
phantom fungi
the shadows cry
their screams falling heavily
on the ears of passersby
the inhabitants of an entire planet
committing matricide
this is not something
that i could so lax abide
but what exactly happens
when narrow impacts with wide
providing that narrows
cannot act as knives
it would be like
a crater in a town’s effect
on the earth’s state
as it spins around
while profound love is existent
in addition
hatred within abounds
constructive opposition
the function of magnetism
what establishes dimensions
is the rate at which
energy travels upon its entrance
the electrical pulses
ultimately characterizing encephalic vision
neurological pictures
painted with tones
octaves and pitches
with velocity
what the observation process delivers
the impressions
left by cognitive splinters
sudden vibrancy
blossoming from the darkness of winter
solar crash
stellar squalls snap like photographs
an unwavering series
of indelible moments pass
leaving marks
that even in stone
would last
despite the erosive wrath
of h2o and gas
what happened to golden mask
it’s all peace
no one lasts
such an absence
darkens the globe
like molten ash
that ensues from an eruption
of super volcanic mass
from an undisclosed moon
an ululant phantom laughs

nyctophilicsunbath(prod. by 7th galaxy)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by 7th galaxy

vocal sample:

is the breaking of the shell
that encloses your understanding


i was just thrust
from an altering husk
a dark mutation
i race from dawn
to meet dusk
death that walks
longing for blood
i insert my straw
and draw what i want
drown in the countless
monsters i hunt
not at all long ago
not resorting to dreaming
an entire world
swirled into being
i wandered forward
headed toward the zenith
but before i reach it
it must be accepted
that an immortal
doesn’t receive credit
for the performance of breathing
i am absorbed by the evening
a moth
arranging thorns full of reason
flits about
above a vortex beneath him
frozen fast
trapped in an intangible photograph
what’s the future
to a man
for which
devotes his past
when nothing remains
of his planet
but smoke and ash
stuck on a plane
that he cannot hope to crash
the former world
nothing more
than shards of broken glass
sharper than
a snake-headed whip’s
unholy lash
loosed upon the realms
the darkest spells
could not dispel
the sheer beauty
his thoughts beheld
he peers
through a gnostic veil
and sees much
that the false would tell
most of which
would not cross the shell
the bubble in which
he sits
to watch this hell
untouched by its ghastly flames
other than what is felt
via empathic gaze
periodically blinded
by chronic blasts of rage
but even when he regains his sight
the wrath remains
not so easily forgotten
a lasting stain
the shadow
this light casts
is grave
a massive grave
buried so deep
the tone’s a key
that can’t be played
a ball hitting the ground
before approaching the catcher’s range
a pitch
too low to be ascertained
what do you know
of such a class of pain
could you endure
suffer through the war
all sides of which
wish to be your truest form
to get to the eye
of the feudal storm
not realizing
how futile
their use of force
for each one of the combatants
is YOU of course
all representing something
you choose or want
the participants will only fall
if that is what you TRULY want
many times
it would be just as difficult
to reach out and touch a unicorn
but difficulty is not synonymous
with the impossibility
of your ability to accomplish shit
don’t be a sissy
when you encounter
adversarial disadvantages
push through
do what you must do
when there’s a barrier
to get to the other side of it
don’t fail to acknowledge
the wealth of esoteric knowledge
that may very well
be buried within your consciousness
just how long were we here
before we engineered god’s ascent
i am certain
that there were schizophrenics
before doctors lived
the spiritual
among you
may not want to hear this
but you will not forget

hook [x 2]

solar scars
no one is safe from the stars
shadows shrink away from their hearts
the pain is smart
perhaps i neglect
what makes me so dark
i watch light reflect
the concept of life and death
is taken apart
maybe it’s just me
but running away from my thoughts
would be like bleeding in the ocean
being chased by a shark
so i give you evolution
the mutation of talk
for communication
is the most ancient of arts