Tuesday, June 14, 2011

thehiddenpool(prod. by cashus flow)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by cashus flow


i study with my eyes shut
thoughts connect
structures erect
like fast forward
foreman plus architect
i wander alone
no roads
i embark on treks
on paths within
that extend
far beyond my steps
in the absence of light
the void where the dark collects
a world associated with magic
like pulling cards from decks
i belong in midian
living with other monsters
i'm trapped in a different dimension
with its cause of death
they consider anything
that evolves a threat
if food to think
was up to humans
we would starve to death
we don't even know
the ocean
and all its depths
let alone
what whole oceans
of stars suggest
the fabric of space
a fluid state
what makes water wet
to ponder less
would blow your mind
like zombie death
the boat is time
those alive just swab the deck
those who aimlessly wander
find a clive barker always theft
yesterday is nothing
pain is all that's left
everything gone
today is nothing more
than tomorrow's threat
to race a clock
is the same as
trying to conquer breath
the burden
a person carries inside
makes it hard to rest
invisible dents
are more significant
than scars on flesh
the art of stress
how does your skull digest
will you fly
or will you die
peering off the nest
minus one
i'm the one
to which he's walking next
and who walks beside him
guided by the motionless
none other than whoever
is inclined to notice him
and so on and so forth
this story unfolds again
a complex sphere
of disappearing loneliness
a hidden pool
filled with a school
of decomposing fish
to swim inside
makes them feel alive
like holding wrists
they look at the world
with symbiotic eyes
and coexist
and ignore everything else
on some eye of the beholder shit

i have to say
peace to cashus flow for this
i appreciate
this beat you have bestowed me with
not unlike these drums
my flow is sick
i throw darts
like bret favre throws a pick
but back to the matter
of traveling inside myself
as if i ever left
the turf of my forever quest
the mind's eye
in search of a second breath
i see life
burst forth from the depths of death
dark and light
neither can exist on its own
but what if they were mixed in a bowl
and placed in a stove
perhaps i can bake the sum
more delicious than both
if they were each used to make
separate dishes alone
all i know about this place
is that it isn't my home
it's difficult to exit
but it's simple to cloke
it's like how the night/day watch
visit the gloom
a place where the human race
is not permitted to roam
a shadow dimension
telepathic physical phone
it's magic
it has no entrance
it's closed
to all
but those
who cast spells
like after injuring bones
we fail
to acknowledge
anyone but our own
our hatred
is a living and breathing
of defense against
the genuine evil
the planet is facing
a difficult path
and the labyrinth changes
yet and still
with all considered
the meander is taken
it's like mutants
protecting humans
despite the fact that they're hated
and feared
by the very peers
that they are saving
it's a fact of life
that life isn't white and black
it is grayish
everything between
all color schemes amalgamated
it would take effort
to successfully separate them
and peace lacks effort
it's pleasure
it's recreation
things differ
desert planes and rivers
the light the day delivers
is removed
and replaced by the moon
the night vaguely glitters
hunters become the hunted
summer finds its way to winter
life's a portrait
relax while you paint the picture