Wednesday, March 5, 2014

shuttersorcery[feat. psionic paul](prod. by ranma)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

sea/swordz(pronounced:  sea of swordz)  -  psionic paul

prod. by ranma

 verse 1: (sea/swordz)

the awakening
a casket creaks
i astral sleep
my body divides
and multiplies
one half
a sheath
but of the two
which has the leash
don't be so arrogant
so as to presume
it has to be me
the tether
that ties the two
may be paradoxical
each walking the other
to share
being responsible
look at yourself
in a fluid
but stare beyond the pool
and heading for the end
like you're in
a piranha school
the only student
permitted inside
is you
so any found trespassing
should find your tooth
and be passed
from one to another
while you chew

my eyes
on a spyless moon
...the lullaby
of a tightened noose
above the sky
our roots
not one lie
can fight the truth
reality wins
how could pretend
challenge what is
well now
that depends
change everything
one speck
contains thousands
the microscope
with the most powerful lens
is directly aimed
at the slide
that all of space
that surrounds us
is in
and the eyeball
that gazes down it
compared to us
and the universe
that drapes around us
is big
peace for now
that's something
to think about
for a bit
but first
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verse 2: (psionic paul)

this life is not no mystery
its 'cause you got this karmic debt
that you can't see it clearly
humble thy self
its third jesus
who wont show his face
for perverse reasons
meditating constant
like the change of the earth's seasons
cursed heathen
no mind thats shallow
can ever fuck with me
denounce luxury
dispassionate foul utterings

dislocated a foes head
and then drift into smoke
left in the distance
provoke menaces
menes had said he'd quit
but he wont
'cause i'm so legend
it's evident
no peasant
can flow like my foe's nemesis

the empty page
is my realm to explore
thinking that's selfish
distorts wisdom felt from my core
cause of its bhagavad gita readers
who contemplate the essence
neither demons
nor these parasites
can touch em kid
cackle at his own rad-ness
scoping out a dutch to split
i had enough of it
stabbing these wack puppets
with ragged utensil grasper
and slash at they gut
spit crow bars rapid
and yak up the odd vomit
with skills thats beyond novice
i'm never no pawn
its the king here
i jab them where it matters kid

shoe string dusted
is the raddest
mic graspin orphans