Sunday, December 14, 2014

chronosphericsquall(prod. by 7th galaxy)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

wisdm - stranded

prod. by 7th galaxy

verse 1(wisdm):

spirit fox intergalactic
it’s static
pirate radio
in the back of an old attic
it’s tragic
scenes of the ghost’s old habits
blunt disappears when i’m near
like magic
look at me now
who dwells within his sound system
peace to the heads
who gave up time to listen
peace to my friends
who only know me as wisdm
been so long ago
since we were children
a couple of scars on my heart
but still living
can you hear my guitar singing
playing on the strings
is such an amazing feeling
it’s healing
meditative sounds for my being
like sleeping
soul traveling when i’m dreaming
it’s up to everyone
to find their own kind of meaning in life
i feel a sense of peace in the night
that i don’t feel in the day
dazed by the sun rays
ominous cloud shapes
form beyond horizons
touch of dawn
a crack of light
portal to an afterlife
we look past the hype
born warrior type face
sick of the rat race
but thankful
watch smoke dance from all angles
hand-styles earned
from times as young vandalz
aerosols jingle in my backpack
and some fat caps
out to the train tracks
roll up the blunt while we’re waiting
pays to be patient
i wonder where the days went
open your eyes
years later in amazement
photocell damaged in replacement
that’s ok
i’ll fix it later on the spaceship
7 days later
we’ll arrive at the station
orbiting what’s left
of the earth’s devastation

verse 2(stranded):

a ghost
with a cheshire smile
on his face
is floating in the sky
mournful of the earth
but ecstatic
to see the humans dispersed

his heterogeneous smirk
both happy and hurt
as he observes
from his matterless perch
a contemplative attitude lurks
how much beauty
does disdain for magic
he wonders
if just before their world shattered
they learned
just before the planet
became gases and burned
smoke ashes and urn
this is a chronospheric surge
of eulogic words
a lament for the worms
that become nutrition for birds
i’m torn
by the gradations of grey
that emerge
i reconcile the two
with the arrival of the positive roots
that the negative side has produced
on a subatomic level
opposites fuse
white and black holes
are theorized to create
snaking cosmical tubes
that the traveler
both disintegrates
and reconstitutes through

an intergalactic
stellar-like door
by the spooky action
seventh performs
enveloped in a massive
magnetic rapport
in its macro-molecular storm
a chrysalis from which
we will never be torn
with a moth in our ranks
you know that it’s within us
to transform
in a winter-long virulent sandstorm
one that’s only visible
from within
i’m here all millennium
floating on the notes
seventh’s guitar has jettisoned
i harvest intelligence
drawn from the vines
of sublime causal elements
scooping it up
like the jaws of a pelican
only a remote pack
knows of mirror
to gather
we disappear
and reappear on an asteroid
like some pages
in a book of black toys
steampunk ghosts
a series of androids
the further development of humans
moving askance
the alchemical evolution
of immutable plants
searching for a future
that improves how they stand
a perch
from which is suitable
for roots to expand