Monday, February 11, 2013

unearthlygloam(prod. by wizdomgod)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by wizdomgod

dark definitive
eagle scream particulates
do the math
remove and add
future path significance
thoughts unleashed
like danny the dog
touched keys
on an instrument
a moment speaking
with morgan freeman

the haunting vocals
and the percussion
on this beat
are indicative
of just how much
of a beast
the god wizdom is
he was gone
for a minute
then resurfaced
like dawn
when you look into it
like that on your arm
when the fangs
of a large
animal's jaws
push into it

i welcome him back
with too much weight
on the bars
to lift them with
drawing on the past
memory banks are visited
developing thoughts
so kinetic
they charge interest
so much so
you think remy lebeau
threw cards
when i spit the shit

approaching domes
with the force
of a star
blown into bits

path of directionality
expanding like roots
and branches
spread out from trees
like the shape of limbs
without their leaves
like sperm cells
racing anxiously
to sprout a seed
hurried orange tree
like a hybrid
of current and futuristic
the relationships i form
correspond to
a group of cichlids
a myriad
of isolated
organic mutant misfits

a rare species of souls
lost in an accretionary hole
so very alone
like a flame
buried in snow
a darkness
nightmarish to know
but despite the heat
associated with light
it perseveres in the cold