Monday, September 26, 2011

itssoughtafterflaw(prod. by wizdomgod)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by wizdomgod

i murdered a vampire
and was told of their vengeance
i saw van helsing
so i don't know if i dreamt it
the memory's so vivid
but it gets vague
when i try to remember
the events that go with it
but the mind
has an extent with no limits
so i have no doubt
that i could somehow
have had a shadow cast
on the past
like a sundial
allowing a silent moment
to become sound
a latent figment
dating prior
to my current state of existence
could i have been
awakened in a sense
in a way
reincarnated to live again
is the blood in the body
a vessel
containing memories
that survive
by being inside
who they're left to
am i remembering a piece
of what can potentially
be the lives of several
my eyes wrestle
with what i see
and what i am shown
it begs the question
can i leave behind my soul
can it be
that we live together
and die alone
if this is correct
i should take what is collected
and try to grow
the amalgamation
of whoever i'm fused with
the only way to break the cycle
the most successful solution
would be to exit
from where i am being
kept as a human
so i accept the path
that i beget from this movement
ensuing solitude
i can't be worried
if what i do
bothers you
but will this just be my tretonin
can i ever win
will i just be trading a symbiote
for medicine
is this journey
just a hopeless sentiment
a futile attempt
that is doomed
as soon as it begins
the symbiote is certain death
with the medicine
my life expectancy
improves to an extent
and any progress
is progression
so that is where
my time is invested
where i am headed
is the brightest spot
on a positive spectrum

i see peace from afar
the apogee of a star
my appetite is so large
why does it have to be so far
will i reach it
in time to prevent
the collapsing of the star
or must i suffer its loss
with the paradoxical scars
stuck in a time loop
where i am the cause
a physical world
with molecules
defying its laws
how am i doomed
if ( i ) am involved
i refuse to accept
that my actions
don't determine my results
this is the journey i walk
my path
will not be diverted
or blocked
there is no in between
i will either
get where i'm going
or not
things change
so rip the word ( same )
out of your skull
i WILL expose
fatality's flaw