Friday, December 16, 2016

abknormalkninja(prod. by 7 arm'd labyrinth)

written and performed by sea/swordz (pronounced:  sea of swordz)

prod. by 7 arm'd labyrinth

he runs amok
on a planet
all alone
there are so few conscious souls
he’s not sure
if they’re real
or leaves on a plant
in a pot
that he’s grown
stranded within a world
without a mind of its own
he can barely hear himself think
over the hum
harmonized by the drones
interference breeds tumult
where rogue consciousness roams
defiance alone
cuts an opening
in the stifling moan
contriving a cone of silence
despite the cries that oppose
a swan’s grace
the calm space inside a cyclone

the oddly tranquil paradise
that a storm’s sight knows
by a wellspring of aphotic energy
the stemming peace impales
the chain mail that envelops enmity

i simply vibrate out of phase
with nearby enemies
gently oscillating away
with atomic splintering

shadows loom over panda street
a wakizashi snowstorm
in an alternate cold
is haunted by sonic ghost swarms
as far as the development
on the evolutionary chart
that goes on
despite my level
i’m millenniums of light
from my adult form
hyperspace expansion
an [im/ex]plosive cross-breed
a world
entirely comprised of paradoxes
that move at pause speed
the balance essential
to suspend you in flying sauce beams

sitting still in the sky
like a nikon’s offspring

toxic noodlez

darkness flame
my jagan pupil flashes
having a dragon on your arm
is useful
with swords for fangs
it will never lack the jaws
to chew you

it splashes
at whatever lacks my staunch approval
as the wave crashes
you’re also stabbed by a mirage
somewhere on earth
a red planet depicts
a collage of funerals

the blur that tends to accompany
beauty’s profundity

filters out those
who don’t appreciate subtlety

hero in villain clothes
zero pose
i dress comfortably
cloaked predator
sky leopard
i hunt for beats

lurking with kaiju
a hundred deep

i am not an earthling
a portal explodes above your world
i’m inside it
a spiraling shadow with absurd wings

it’s like teleporting through fountains
neitherland travel sorcery
a forest of clouds
chain reaction
plagued by the trappings
of obscure links
pleasantly distracted
but that’s how sea/swordz thinks
he inhabits so many labyrinths
when he learns things
into other people’s planets
like meteors

planetary crust erupts
like when saiyans knuckle up
he’s a beast
this beat bangs
like the tailpipe on uncle buck
rinth went off
after kids saw him
sniffing that 404 coke
and philosopher chin palm stroked
until his jaw broke
like darth vader
hitting you with a dark sabre combo
in a galaxy
far away
he concentrates til y’all choke
psionic vacuum
vortex of aphotic stab wounds
somewhere on a silk road
flowerz! undergoes his last bloom

Sunday, October 30, 2016

musashimoonbabble(prod. by wakizashi jabberwockyz)

written and performed by: (in order of appearance)

menes the pharaoh
psionic paul

prod. by wakizashi jabberwockyz (anübis dōhji & 7 arm'd labyrinth)

verse 1: (menes the pharaoh)

cutting up tracks
like a broken wakazashi
never sloppy
off the top
like opium poppies
monsters of the pond kid
with the jabberwockyz
archaic prototypes
wander the mojave
arachnid wolf spider
chases you under moonlight
and bites into your shadow
strictly to consume light
broken gauntlets
rare form of a pathogen
airborne nucleus
attacking your brainstems
aesemon the executioner
sever heads for no price
its weight in blood
will suffice
and sacrifice
hang ‘em high
so the wind taste their sorrows
bringing no tomorrows
whenever in the hollows
stepping to the function
like musashi on the bridge
and breaking all your ribs
with one kick
and a molten fist
making wooded swords
out of wooden paddles
prepare for battle
like i’m shaking death’s rattle
snake versus crane
cause hysteria
impairing ya
no sparring partner ever survived
no sparing ya

verse 2: (psionic paul)

my mental stays altered kid
my thoughts is disturbing
spaced out author
talking in circles
thoughts is a blur
i thought i was certain he’s raw
but i heard he’s awkward in person
psionic paul IS studentz
just an alternate version
and my crew is like a gang
of schizophrenic heathens rapping
and he been acting odd as fuck
in ciphers
eating acid
studentz sniffing dust
the lifestyle rugged
then leave the hospital
chewing shrooms
like it’s nothing
he’s confused
cartoon nurses treat his wounds
he starts babbling ‘bout reptar
every time he sees the moon
slang ragged

act like i’m still a kid
the way i dress and walk is mega grimy
looking ill as shit
an emcee’s voice gets shaky
if they’re ever put against us
baggy champion hoodie
and lash psychotic wind gusts
amnesia in the cipher
i barely even started yet
psionic paul
the villain
like his fucking arm’s possessed

verse 3: (sea/swordz)

my eyes are slinkies
walking steps
i’m swamp possessed
wandering a pond
where monsters rest
with a mind of altered consciousness
swords protrude
like poison
that sasori’s puppet’s pores would ooze
use little forks for food
the kind of stuff
that rugged orphans do

a spaceship stowaway

i didn’t ask permission
i just snuck in through the lower bay
headed for the bridge
to commandeer the ship
and float away
like a reflection
when a mirror disassociates
disappearing like a ghost in space

spectral dissipation
dialectic innovation
our rhymes extend our lives
like we’re in cryogenic incubation

on the horizon
could there be a metamorphosis
lurking in specific moon coordinates
could he visit soon
manifest from this cocoon
torn to bits
perched upon a cloaked
amaterasu cloud forest limb
only time will tell
if i compelled him to transform again
and if when he arrives
he has musashi cloud tree swords with him

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

crimsondeathglow(prod. by 7th galaxy)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

wisdm - stranded

prod. by 7th galaxy

wisdm/7th galaxy





verse 1: (wisdm)

we burn heavily
steadily transfer energy
entities sentient
sending me melodies
destiny bleeds

seen silence for a moment
comatose frozen
floating open eyed
tide absorb the moment
still moping
hoping for explosion

shroom medicated vacuum
illuminated orbs
disappear as they pass you
past view
time travel back to the last view
same socks
different color
still love her
mary stay smooth like silk cover
who hover higher than the moon
no wonder
cloud disappear
kid thunder
leaf blade runner
feel my kunai puncture
desert vultures
devour culture
cultivating death in numbers
street magic blunted
watch the world blaze asunder
vigilante strike at night
take out the gunner
one goon
to the right
heard his heart stutter
last words
who the hell are you
as he hit the gutter
life in the jungle
stay humble
for the moment
contained rage
like cage
’til walls end up broken

verse 2: (stranded)

the atmosphere collapses
like you’re imagining things
the sky falls
calmly strangling
the planet it rings
the emergence of dense fog

feathers that don’t detach from their wings
some creatures fly
despite the absence of strength
more power is absorbed
through wounds
formed by my fangs

frogs for ice cubes
my eyes swirl as i drink
my mind tuned
to the sound of worlds of swords
as they clang
war between multiversal star systems
orbits my brain
the plethora within
disorients things
teleports me
to a more phantasmagorical plane
i vanish
like sugar tossed in the rain
but not all the way
it’s all frequency
i just alter my waves

before you attempt to trespass
ponder your fate
be cautious
my enforcers
use flying saucers as graves
the coffins launched in their wake
at the very least
threaten stars’ quantitive place
in regard to what there’s more of in space
but by all means
resume your transgression
if your confidence gapes

don’t let me dissuade you
from your cosmic mistake
your permanent extra-earth projectile state
lifeless bodies drifting off into space
just debris
in a field of light
poking in through the dark

swimmers don’t give menus to sharks
they just get ripped apart

so consider the consequences
before venturing off
be careful what pebbles you choose
to ripple your pond

peace to the seventh series of sparks
your music’s near to my heart
the use of mirrors evolves
magnetic electrocution
there’s an intimate bond
a mutation
rare genetics
engineered to respond

Friday, July 1, 2016

falseminoshiro(prod. by 7 arm'd labyrinth

written and performed by: (in order of appearance)

7 arm'd labyrinth
sea/swordz(pronounced sea of swordz)

prod. by 7 arm'd labyrinth

verse 1: (7 arm’d labyrinth)

an entire society
based around the use
of telekinesis
its runners fragmented the history
into a series of secrets
and manipulated the citizens’ memories
as if to protect them
but their imperfect technology
left uncovered scripts in question
certain members caught glimpses
and left their homes
for knowledge
their thirst will never be quenched
by the false minoshiro prophets
since before he finished
his luminous lecture on what had happened
a monk came and killed it
claiming it to be distraction
didn’t i have a sibling in the past
aren’t our peers just disappearing rapid
they dismiss it when i ask
but the notion of my sister
eats at me
and plagues my dreams kid
to make her face
i cut up ‘zines
and rearrange the pieces
i’ve changed
my mental states can no longer be explained
shun morphed into a karmic demon’s vault
and that’s where he remains

the dusted orphan
all my thoughts
i know they seem deranged
a lonely voyage kept and gone
to swim amidst a sea of blades

verse 2: (sea/swordz)

lost in a void
i spiral
in a blind kaleidoscopic rage
further and further
from where i belong
by catapulting concentric waves
i feel like i’m comprised
of mad debris
like saturn’s rings are made
a collection of tiny fragments
with no idea of what the pieces made

my origins forgotten
the orbit reminding me of pain
the knowledge of what i was before
to never be reclaimed

left suspended
in constant exhibition
of utter misery

metaphysically distraught
a composite of muddled energy

i try to sort it out
but it’s hard
when your aura’s indigo
it’s like trying to separate
a thousand knotted strings
that are all identical
so i trek inside
ignoring all outside
the world i recognize
if i was manga
my eyes would be swirls

i’m often mesmerized
seeing things
that only make their way
into MY irises
routinely snatched away
by the gravitation of aphotic rifts
plagued by odd events
throughout my life
what are they supposed to mean
profound relationships
with characters
who only roam my dreams
i wake
and it’s as if they died
i don’t know if we’ll ever meet again
washed away
by a ringing chime
that TEARS me from r e and m
as soon as i unclinch my eyes
society begins
and i freely go to prison
in exchange
to know what freedom is
my life spent
in a portable cell
weeks on end
at most
i have a couple days
before the cycle
must repeat again
even if it’s only for moments
in proportion
i’m appreciative
a better tomorrow
is a small price
to be content

Sunday, June 19, 2016

transcensionripples(prod. by le masque de fer)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by le masque de fer


a cyborg consults
with a primordial ghost
hovering above an iceberg
while the earth explodes
the planet breaking
as a swarm of locusts
channels hatred

off the sword coast
a tsunami’s waving
say hello to the conclusion
of your pathetic lives
the only way forward
is if humans are anesthetized
but i mean that in reference
to my insensitivity
to the gamut of pain
that they will experience
when they die

and may they suffer
as they fade into forgottenness
the moment marked
by a planet
as a monolith
such senseless existence
has been permitted
for too long
but this particular instance
can be made right
with two wrongs

the shadows teeming with life
when this light evaporates
these two go together
like the theme
sagal and applegate
if you don’t know
just trust
that when i speak such things
they’re accurate
with every word i thrust
you see my blades assassinate
parental advisory
violence steeped in bloodshed
it’s like sasori’s/puppetz
with a duffle squeezing cut heads

i got the sort of mind
that’s question mark porcupine

my neural current’s high
countless tiny torches shine
any shred of sanity
i may possess
is borderline
my brain’s aura’s a flame
on an oscura spine

a dark creature
with stark features
that polarize
like what you see
in the evening
when you gaze up
at a rural sky

living with humans
could not be more despised
i hate society
the false foundation of a world designed
to destroy imaginations
mass indigo auracide
they try to suppress
the truth inside
the blue and violet orbit

suicidal orphans
who want to kill themselves
because they find themselves surrounded
by such stupid mindless corpses
despite the pain
evolution’s quite absorbent
like images
that bloom inside of orchids
at best
any solution tied
to [who am i?]’s distorted
i can’t quite pin down
the roots from which
i grew to this importance
subtleties abound
this book i live’s
a pseudonymous forest
i blossom on a loop
like my cocoon just keeps reforming
we’re surrounded by pollution
disillusionments assorted
an atmosphere so gruesome
there’s no euphemism for it

most are so used to it
they’re torpid
while it’s prudent
that we address
the senescence of our future
they ignore it
it’s baffling
how foolish
people effortlessly are
the brain’s capacity
and use
the deficit is large
we’re roughly 93 million miles away
connected to a star
there’s no such thing as magic
accept a deck of cards

you fucking imbeciles
fully fill me with rage
my imagination’s body count
couldn’t fit into graves
so many souls to ferry
that in the initial days
with the weight on the styx river
it would’ve been displaced
the whole passage evaporated
dry as a pharaoh’s bones
so much so
that they’d need more
than reintroducing wolves to yellowstone
even the best of intentions
could pave
the most hellish of roads
despite what they are
aren’t parallel to results

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

lightswitch(prod. by ichiban hashface)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by ichiban hashface

i hear tell of demons
but i seldom hear the reasons
there are not a slew
of inherently evil beings
when a creature behaves as such
it’s because of a series of events
it blossoms
an anomaly popping up
is infrequent
and even then
it’s attributed
to malfunction of synapses
dichotomous contradiction
cognitive dissonance

science has argued
that our minds
are not meant for this
could eden’s garden be the lab
fruit from its vines
the experiments
what has been deposited
on the akashic etheric disks
if we inquired into its contents
what would the query present
an astute fascination
with mutagen
peace to coachgun
i salute imaginations
the few who concede to no one
this is how i persevere
reverse engineering a shogun
staring into a spear
whose point
peers as deep as my soul runs
cold blood
winter sand that won’t budge
the monument of old suns
synonymous with diamonds
when the coal’s crushed
when evolution piques
will you peak
or prove to be weak
and fold up
like a drawbridge
y’all kids
need to do like trees
and grow up

hold up
ichiban produced fire
to feed my rhymes
that’s peace
like getting high
off of marijuana
that’s legalized
alessa nodes
phosphorescent codes
like eggs on bowls
like shelley from hemlock grove’s
bioluminescent glow
i imbibe on lessons yo
when it comes to betterment
i don’t fuck with medicine
if it doesn’t make
a life or death difference
unless the world is set to end
and pestilence
due to consistency
my immunoefficiency is excellent
i’m all about empowering women
like estrogen
and having profound relationships
outside of having sex with them
i find beauty
in the body shape
and face
i don’t deny that
but i do not surrender
to each impulse in my synapse
i won’t allow myself
to treat a sentient creature
as an object
that’s a feeble concept
and it reeks of a weaker mindset
despite degree of knowledge
you’re moronic
if you don’t recognize facts
even if you can see
you’re blind
if you don’t realize that

if you disagree with me
we shouldn’t be in contact
may these words reverberate
and hold the weight of gold
like bobcat
the planet breaks
a plague of locusts flies past
as man disintegrates
it liberates my soul
in contrast
that may be cold
like caitlin snow
panabaker beside flash
but being stranded
is like the misdeeds of humanity
facing god’s wrath
by the daily bullshit
swirling violently
this world’s pointlessness
swallows me
look at the metaphor
you get absorbed
by those who bottom feed
as long as humans prosper
the future will not know peace
we’re made of galaxies
hidden power
but how do you shape reality
despite how small you are
you all think
it all revolves around your needs
what kind of sense
does that make
the gravity would be wild as shit
that many satellites
orbiting one body
could not persist
with just one additional moon
how the tide would get
the oceans could cock back
on some fire arm tsunami shit

a quiet calm
abruptly silences the mind
as comets drift along
at a gentle crawl
the dawn of new consciousness
fireballs that have been spawned
from the thrall of a cosmic rift

thoughts are flint
it is within YOU
that the spark exists
so close your eyes
and shadowalk a bit
carve your walkingstick
from a limb
that extends
from the roots
of your heart’s content
a rogue splinter
don’t surrender
your innermost occupant
let your soul explode
filling what holds it
ferrous will
adamant resolve
anachronistic thoughts
a sorcerer performing dark magic
to traffic mystic arts
what i spit is sharp
kick back
like when a pistol sparks
absorb it
like bufotenin
from a hallucinogenic frog
your whole world’s being destroyed
but you don’t want to get involved
typical humans
you sit
spewing your criticism blogs
you are the true and living flaws
the jaws that chew humanity
with ouroboric
self-destructive panderings
if you’re the type to subscribe
to foolish laws
developed by man
and need a marriage license
to confirm
you fell in love
that’s insanity
you should vanish
like george not dancing
under an enchanted sea
your inaction
results in damage
so expansive
you can’t foresee
world sculptor
before you advance
every time you make a choice
is a point where you plant a seed

Friday, April 1, 2016

wis3cod3monk3yz(prod. by wakizashi jabberwockyz)

written and performed by: (in order of appearance)

7 arm'd labyrinth
okami ghosthack
sea/swordz (pronounced sea of swordz)
menes the pharaoh

prod. by wakizashi jabberwockyz (7 arm'd labyrinth & anübis dōhji)

verse 1: (7 arm’d labyrinth)

7 rinth
clumsily distort and bend truth
sitting on his cosmic throne
and wielding gems that’s nen fused
says who
strange eyes of his
that capture that
laudanum inebriated
mental crushing capsule rap
i could have sworn
my thoughts control the seasons
addled mess
of adolescent maddened lsd binge
shadow silhouetted labyrinth
with no faces
i got high friends
in low places
rapping in smoked basements
tossing daggers
crooked postured alien
tablet gnashing
attic dwelling
morbid sort of alias
raps awaken sorcery
that’s dormant in his mental
psychic enhancement beverage sipping
orphan with a pencil
lethargic demeanor
baggy hoody rocking
awkward grin
bird’s nest hair
frizzed out
chaotic like my thoughts have been
the silhouette contortionist
who pace around illogically
although my music’s strange to you
it doesn’t sound so odd to me
this is my norm

verse 2: (okami ghosthack)

who let all these animals
in the jewel bazaar?
haunting harajuku bouncer graveyards
the panzerschreck prize fighters
casting charm spells
on zulu nightwatchmen
pink dogwood blossoms
in laughing coffins
lollipop ominous
yakuzas in ceremonial zebra gum robes
catnap catwoman in rome
the clock tower explodes
red spectacles
wolfsbane nectar slurpeez
otherworldly mp-40s
orbiting izanami the corpse queen
oops all berries
for toasting turquoise maned snow lions
cyan limes
a walking city fell through the ice
dreamsicle skyline
sharkskin men and peach hip girls
smiling with guns out
cruella deville
guangzhou opera quellazaires
twin zastavas
zipcraft valet inside a zipped bag
with comics
three wise code monkeys
spy versus spyware
polar researchers
blast stuffing out wild bears

miniguns melting

and two reincarnated grave robbers
found their own skeletons
dollhouse elvish

verse 3: (sea/swordz)

…realmless babbling fools
impersonating a master’s intellect
trapped in a zoo
in a cage
with a fasting silhouette

like staggering burberry
patterned mechs

the shadow moves
in a rage
until they’re wrapped up in its depths

ripped into darkness
rays of light
stripped to the bone
forced to evolve
like a narcissist
with no mirrors in his home

thought experiments
i spend long periods
in a zone
where wisdom roams
and the weather
is perpetual sandwinter snow
shroud of turin draped shinobi
swirling approach of death

murder face emoji
shuriken with a strobe effect
mute weapon
looking like some sort of shit
thrown by boba fett
the monk3y cod3 coated projectiles
open heads
it’s telepathic sabotage
signal path data fraud
trying to prevent the impact
of an empath’s battle scars
from being in a pasture
full of calves
being jabbed with cattle prods

verse 4: (menes the pharaoh)

a hundred nights i waited
10,000 days debated
ghost gauntlets
on a sinking ship
to coffin land
graveyard scuffle
broken knuckles on tombstones
of a foreign land
feral skin
glowing like a radiated chosen one
monks break bricks with heads
and light blunts with a molten tongue
olden sun
aura of a frozen gun
you still see me?
ghetto magician
busting shots out of thin air
believe me
morlore delorian
back to the past
his story being told
as he storms through the opium
denz in which i live in
his pens write in crimson
the end is what i’m given
forgotten but forgiving
1st and 3rd person
2 to 4
the truer living
i’m perpetually spinning
but eventually distant
the world back off me
too close to the enemy
who’s there
a shadow
that i never could perceive
witches in my caverns
caress my moldy flesh
and a necromancer enchant
with the name menes
take a bow into death
baohz inventions are the best

Sunday, February 28, 2016

theplanetbreaker(prod. by locvst)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by locvst

…i operate in shadow-driven phases
like steampunk light vibration
candle powered oscillation
determined by a paradigm
of sonic strobe manipulation
symbolized by the manner
in which
my host dimension changes

according to my observations
much of what i find
smothers eyes with blinding hatred
for humans
are by far
the very worst of all the races
i’m not human
i’m conscious
using a stick to walk through mazes
hallucinogenic concentration
imagine looking out
into space
and the sky is vacant
absence of the constellations
coincides with earth
being roamed by gods
facilitated by capitulation
bodies surrendered
by those willing to let them take them
avatar technology
souls powering
through the mechanics
of gold
a planet with ghost colonies
who walks among us
creatures cloaked in ignorance
moving unbeknownst
to those who lack experience
menes stacking pyramids
onlookers in a trance
when they glance
psychocamouflage pulls the trigger
dormant like the winter sand
for now
hidden clan
it’s like my swords
are made of cypress
how i can just kill a man
improvisational science
vials of blood on a ceiling fan
the butterfly effect
of pollen collected
once you build a plant
these days
wack rappers
blow up like film enhanced
by making it seem
like it’s cool to be felons
in silly chants
to children fans
that’s like bragging
about smelling what krillin can’t
i wish these fools would hold their breath
with their noses pressed against kilograms
of pure coke
and inhale
with the force of blowing wind
for teaching children to die
or survive to grow up in jail
makes me want to tear
a hole in the earth
and throw them in hell
like sahjhan
with quor’toth

holtz got his revenge well
i’m a lone monster
anthropomorphic maelstrom
that bends light
and grows darker
like wesley wyndam-pryce
with a crescent windpipe

an ancient dragon
of myth and legend
in flight
descending on an unsuspecting town
without an invite

a blind creature
with a profound amount of insight
perpetually seeking
to better comprehend life

that 'shadow self' song’s
a seven arm’d rinth bite
retrace your steps
to when your soul was lost
follow in spike’s
your spark restored
you will feel your heart mature
by paying appropriate homage
to swords that sharpened yours
on occasion
i consume trees
i’m an arborvore
peace to the moon lily
zodd the immortal
and amador
in the shadows
i evolve
like a polymorph
shifting intermittently
when it is fitting
i alter forms
the ignition
of eternal flames

my thoughts adorned
by softly flitting nocturnal plagues
of gently haunting swarms
this world pales
in contrast
to the one i’m crawling towards
it’s like the brightest light
beside the height
of the darkest wars
a caterpillar
steadfastly inching along
for it becomes a butterfly
at the end
it evolves
my own persistence will determine
if i ascend or i fall

so i just have to push
like nagato with his palm

three section staff
new chamber
my thoughts gravitate to paper
to become words
expressed as a collection of massive sabers
with a force
focused well enough
to shatter glaciers
the size of worlds
to spiral
hurled into the depths
of intergalactic craters
a weapon
akin to a planet breaker

Sunday, February 21, 2016

sabreteeth(prod. by poison flowerz!)

written and performed by sea/swordz

prod. by poison flowerz!

sea/swordz (pronounced sea of swordz)


poison flowerz!



tigers and cranes
large fangs
the biting of false brains
to administer death
not sustenance
the lack of substance
zero gravity
lacks the suction
i disappear
nearing the anatomy of astral functions
but not quite
i’m not light enough
to grasp such sun-strength
my framework is far too shadowful
darkness abounds
my thoughts in a shroud
that’s shatterproof
even though i don’t
i walk around in a scramble suit
scanning the dull
mannequin lulled
phantom barraged
transparent skulled
pandered to mobs
that do NOTHING
to supplant the facade
they accept it
with the full wingspan of their arms
to NOT be in command of their thoughts
ANYTHING to keep from having
to examine their hearts
they stalk the land of the lost
brains washed
bleach removes stains
but damages cloth
time’s a prison
for what’s the reach
of the hands on a clock
it has three
but it can’t even box
fuck a world
that reprimands deeper thought
how is sleep
the most freedom we got
and even that
is besieged by a clock
you can’t escape society
if you leave it or not

Thursday, February 18, 2016

holographiceyesight(prod. by episodic)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by episodic

the world imploding
as it undergoes morph-propulsion
any defense against this force
is hopeless
when an observer is focused
they endure psychosis
from the speed at which
extra-earth geo orbs approach with
waves emanate in their wake
because their course is so quick
shrouded in eternal solstice
the dura opens
the mind absorbs the shower
the surge devoured
as it soaks in
serenity flowers out of joph’s stems
as i look out
clouds blur the auric oceans
but just enough to serve
as a mural of pure hypnosis

i go into a trance
shadows independently dance
apart from the objects
from which they advance

the truth is an enigma
like studentz switching his stance
simple to overlook
and difficult to understand
i swim in a pool
not unlike an aquarium circumstance
where you are not meant to interact
beyond a stirring glance

a wizard made of stars
as soon as i turn the mic on
the future experiences
quantum level lightstorms
collateral damage
mushroom-headed lifeforms
slaughtered by a puppeteer
hiding behind the right pawn
so much that is beautiful
is torn to shreds
fuck the concept of funerals
to mourn the dead
that’s a process
that goes on in my head
from the moment they’re gone
’til i no longer draw breath

Monday, January 25, 2016

thepredationofmoons(prod. by the odd one)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

stranded  -  thoughtz

prod. by the odd one

verse 1(stranded):

the sky takes shape
and assumes the form
of unabated cocoons
what sort of creations flourish
from the predation of moons
the most gentle of torches
their blazes consumed
their soft light
inhumanely removed
any remorse
nearly decays as it blooms
while such horrors walk amongst us
my hatred will too

all things reap what they sow
lifeforms don’t always peacefully grow
but to the determined
adversity is an inertia creep show
any obstructions that surface
become hurdles below
wings sprout like an alter ego

fly like
aeon’s eyesight
i close my eyes tight
the darkness i like
spending time inside
keeps me sharp as hindsight
being blind
only means
that all outside the darkness
so get your mind right

a magnifying glass
on what isn’t noticed

the data
from the rift’s explosion
microdot sorcery
hair that moves
on its own
maneuvers of a worm
contorting into a hole
truly cold
the shadows of snow
a rare form of ice
trapped in a ghost
thesandwinter's lasting approach
if you buy it
it's drugs
a savant
wearing watches like gloves
that which is false
being  hugged

as the truth
an unseen tree's roots
crawl through the mud
a virus inside a robot
talking to bugs
through satellitic objects
what's big
is just a series
of subatomic jostles and tugs

i decline to be so arrogant
as to not consider
what lies beneath
what my eyes are aware exists

there are those
who surrender their lives
leaving their vessel behind
impeccably dry
for six years
they prepare
and sit
so when their spirits
wish to revisit this side
to again reside
they know where it is

as soon as the bell
no longer tolls
their bodies are left frozen
in a calming pose
empty vehicles
that await the day
that they are drawn back home

between planes
that double as graves
what is happiness
to those who know nothing of pain
if you haven't suffered
then you have never truly gained

to me
is totemic
the ultimate form of expression
in small doses
to one who
finds darkness so pleasant
is more than enough
to offer sustenance
and nourish
whatever longs for its presence
modest portions
as impactful
as subtle sparks in the heavens
is not equivalent
to how large an object is

verse 2(thoughtz):

my synopsis is
that nonsense and hypocrisy
of hominids
cause monopolies to flourish
for the dominant
it’s like nourishment will calm your sense
it’s common sense
til we’ve lost our head
medusa in an argument

you snooze
we’ll bring the phenomenally ominous armament
come with it
only to pause you like commas
your coma is karma
wearing armor for my consciousness
but it’s still hard to dodge
like the dollar’s grip
we’re short handed like court stenographers
assaulting novices
salt in the wounds
of the poor and impoverished
forcing the populous towards the consequence
a conduit
a star like a dwarf wandering
kurt cobain chilling
writing like kurt vonnegut
getting battered from the romulan
we deserve a planet as a monument
i’m truly disgusting
a something immune to a substance
chemicals fool with you puppets
it fuels the incumbants
that rule for the numbers
who’s to blame for the future
when it crumbles
without the use of the subject
but YOU say it’s nothing
what if newsday was fronting
what if all that we knew’s fake
a true plague was coming

the master with phrases
sages who fasted for days
gasped in amazement
my task for the day’s to put data to pages
shatter the matrix
with patterns comprised of matter
the madness to change the planet
i’m rabid with rabies
having his way
with rappers at stages
they should trap him in cages
before i snap and enrage
stay awake for 7
then nap for a day
wake up trapped in a maze
til being awake
isn’t half as amazing after the waking
they want to divide us
the temple legend passed by the masons
hiram abiff
what i craft
it is ageless
it contains the future
the past in the making
i create art
like taking acid
and painting
as i walk the path of the nameless
i’m only after self actualization
and declassification
of the self i masked
over ages
passed over cribs on passover
i have no relation
half smoke and half water
a mummy unraveling
absent from the planet
til i come back

i combat to save half the race
from their own self destruction
in the path they forged
and can’t escape
my spirit is vast
hear it in tracks
that take you back
to ancient acts
that made us trapped today

Friday, January 15, 2016

odin(prod. by 7 arm'd labyrinth)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

7 arm'd labyrinth - sea/swordz(pronounced:  sea of swordz)

7 arm'd labyrinth and sea/swordz = aphotic/vortex (pronounced: aphotic vortex)

*song is taken from the album.........loopz for basket cases........entirely produced by 7 arm'd the following link:

verse 1(zen studentz):

when he brought flows
truth hone oddest
been rapping
back of abandoned buildings
gnashing with the half of it
ruby caps
when we blast through the hazardous
yataghan grasping addict
wax digging master kid
raw spits
broke blunt ash jargon
his priorities have switched
now it’s get cash rapid
by all means


don’t even try to grasp the mic
thinking floozy spits
can measure up to baohz
his last opponent
caught a thousand punches
guts is bloody
it’s horror prone and ragged
when he mad and have his mask unlift
run and dash
blunts is ashed in fucking attics
wax thumbing through some odd jazz
crafting oops maddened

verse 2(sea/swordz):

energetic fossils
staggering toward your realm
dead and gone
but back
through an hourglass
where deserts fall

a nexus opens
gently floating
i trek along
on a path
beside a massive labyrinth
with seven arms

moving through worlds
granted access
like severed palms
we weave through space
taking notice
of beauty that few appreciate
when you use an ax
the roots of hacked up trees
lord studentz crafts
the truest magic seen today