Sunday, February 28, 2016

theplanetbreaker(prod. by locvst)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by locvst

…i operate in shadow-driven phases
like steampunk light vibration
candle powered oscillation
determined by a paradigm
of sonic strobe manipulation
symbolized by the manner
in which
my host dimension changes

according to my observations
much of what i find
smothers eyes with blinding hatred
for humans
are by far
the very worst of all the races
i’m not human
i’m conscious
using a stick to walk through mazes
hallucinogenic concentration
imagine looking out
into space
and the sky is vacant
absence of the constellations
coincides with earth
being roamed by gods
facilitated by capitulation
bodies surrendered
by those willing to let them take them
avatar technology
souls powering
through the mechanics
of gold
a planet with ghost colonies
who walks among us
creatures cloaked in ignorance
moving unbeknownst
to those who lack experience
menes stacking pyramids
onlookers in a trance
when they glance
psychocamouflage pulls the trigger
dormant like the winter sand
for now
hidden clan
it’s like my swords
are made of cypress
how i can just kill a man
improvisational science
vials of blood on a ceiling fan
the butterfly effect
of pollen collected
once you build a plant
these days
wack rappers
blow up like film enhanced
by making it seem
like it’s cool to be felons
in silly chants
to children fans
that’s like bragging
about smelling what krillin can’t
i wish these fools would hold their breath
with their noses pressed against kilograms
of pure coke
and inhale
with the force of blowing wind
for teaching children to die
or survive to grow up in jail
makes me want to tear
a hole in the earth
and throw them in hell
like sahjhan
with quor’toth

holtz got his revenge well
i’m a lone monster
anthropomorphic maelstrom
that bends light
and grows darker
like wesley wyndam-pryce
with a crescent windpipe

an ancient dragon
of myth and legend
in flight
descending on an unsuspecting town
without an invite

a blind creature
with a profound amount of insight
perpetually seeking
to better comprehend life

that 'shadow self' song’s
a seven arm’d rinth bite
retrace your steps
to when your soul was lost
follow in spike’s
your spark restored
you will feel your heart mature
by paying appropriate homage
to swords that sharpened yours
on occasion
i consume trees
i’m an arborvore
peace to the moon lily
zodd the immortal
and amador
in the shadows
i evolve
like a polymorph
shifting intermittently
when it is fitting
i alter forms
the ignition
of eternal flames

my thoughts adorned
by softly flitting nocturnal plagues
of gently haunting swarms
this world pales
in contrast
to the one i’m crawling towards
it’s like the brightest light
beside the height
of the darkest wars
a caterpillar
steadfastly inching along
for it becomes a butterfly
at the end
it evolves
my own persistence will determine
if i ascend or i fall

so i just have to push
like nagato with his palm

three section staff
new chamber
my thoughts gravitate to paper
to become words
expressed as a collection of massive sabers
with a force
focused well enough
to shatter glaciers
the size of worlds
to spiral
hurled into the depths
of intergalactic craters
a weapon
akin to a planet breaker

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