Thursday, February 18, 2016

holographiceyesight(prod. by episodic)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by episodic

the world imploding
as it undergoes morph-propulsion
any defense against this force
is hopeless
when an observer is focused
they endure psychosis
from the speed at which
extra-earth geo orbs approach with
waves emanate in their wake
because their course is so quick
shrouded in eternal solstice
the dura opens
the mind absorbs the shower
the surge devoured
as it soaks in
serenity flowers out of joph’s stems
as i look out
clouds blur the auric oceans
but just enough to serve
as a mural of pure hypnosis

i go into a trance
shadows independently dance
apart from the objects
from which they advance

the truth is an enigma
like studentz switching his stance
simple to overlook
and difficult to understand
i swim in a pool
not unlike an aquarium circumstance
where you are not meant to interact
beyond a stirring glance

a wizard made of stars
as soon as i turn the mic on
the future experiences
quantum level lightstorms
collateral damage
mushroom-headed lifeforms
slaughtered by a puppeteer
hiding behind the right pawn
so much that is beautiful
is torn to shreds
fuck the concept of funerals
to mourn the dead
that’s a process
that goes on in my head
from the moment they’re gone
’til i no longer draw breath

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