Monday, January 25, 2016

thepredationofmoons(prod. by the odd one)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

stranded  -  thoughtz

prod. by the odd one

verse 1(stranded):

the sky takes shape
and assumes the form
of unabated cocoons
what sort of creations flourish
from the predation of moons
the most gentle of torches
their blazes consumed
their soft light
inhumanely removed
any remorse
nearly decays as it blooms
while such horrors walk amongst us
my hatred will too

all things reap what they sow
lifeforms don’t always peacefully grow
but to the determined
adversity is an inertia creep show
any obstructions that surface
become hurdles below
wings sprout like an alter ego

fly like
aeon’s eyesight
i close my eyes tight
the darkness i like
spending time inside
keeps me sharp as hindsight
being blind
only means
that all outside the darkness
so get your mind right

a magnifying glass
on what isn’t noticed

the data
from the rift’s explosion
microdot sorcery
hair that moves
on its own
maneuvers of a worm
contorting into a hole
truly cold
the shadows of snow
a rare form of ice
trapped in a ghost
thesandwinter's lasting approach
if you buy it
it's drugs
a savant
wearing watches like gloves
that which is false
being  hugged

as the truth
an unseen tree's roots
crawl through the mud
a virus inside a robot
talking to bugs
through satellitic objects
what's big
is just a series
of subatomic jostles and tugs

i decline to be so arrogant
as to not consider
what lies beneath
what my eyes are aware exists

there are those
who surrender their lives
leaving their vessel behind
impeccably dry
for six years
they prepare
and sit
so when their spirits
wish to revisit this side
to again reside
they know where it is

as soon as the bell
no longer tolls
their bodies are left frozen
in a calming pose
empty vehicles
that await the day
that they are drawn back home

between planes
that double as graves
what is happiness
to those who know nothing of pain
if you haven't suffered
then you have never truly gained

to me
is totemic
the ultimate form of expression
in small doses
to one who
finds darkness so pleasant
is more than enough
to offer sustenance
and nourish
whatever longs for its presence
modest portions
as impactful
as subtle sparks in the heavens
is not equivalent
to how large an object is

verse 2(thoughtz):

my synopsis is
that nonsense and hypocrisy
of hominids
cause monopolies to flourish
for the dominant
it’s like nourishment will calm your sense
it’s common sense
til we’ve lost our head
medusa in an argument

you snooze
we’ll bring the phenomenally ominous armament
come with it
only to pause you like commas
your coma is karma
wearing armor for my consciousness
but it’s still hard to dodge
like the dollar’s grip
we’re short handed like court stenographers
assaulting novices
salt in the wounds
of the poor and impoverished
forcing the populous towards the consequence
a conduit
a star like a dwarf wandering
kurt cobain chilling
writing like kurt vonnegut
getting battered from the romulan
we deserve a planet as a monument
i’m truly disgusting
a something immune to a substance
chemicals fool with you puppets
it fuels the incumbants
that rule for the numbers
who’s to blame for the future
when it crumbles
without the use of the subject
but YOU say it’s nothing
what if newsday was fronting
what if all that we knew’s fake
a true plague was coming

the master with phrases
sages who fasted for days
gasped in amazement
my task for the day’s to put data to pages
shatter the matrix
with patterns comprised of matter
the madness to change the planet
i’m rabid with rabies
having his way
with rappers at stages
they should trap him in cages
before i snap and enrage
stay awake for 7
then nap for a day
wake up trapped in a maze
til being awake
isn’t half as amazing after the waking
they want to divide us
the temple legend passed by the masons
hiram abiff
what i craft
it is ageless
it contains the future
the past in the making
i create art
like taking acid
and painting
as i walk the path of the nameless
i’m only after self actualization
and declassification
of the self i masked
over ages
passed over cribs on passover
i have no relation
half smoke and half water
a mummy unraveling
absent from the planet
til i come back

i combat to save half the race
from their own self destruction
in the path they forged
and can’t escape
my spirit is vast
hear it in tracks
that take you back
to ancient acts
that made us trapped today

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