Friday, January 15, 2016

odin(prod. by 7 arm'd labyrinth)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

7 arm'd labyrinth - sea/swordz(pronounced:  sea of swordz)

7 arm'd labyrinth and sea/swordz = aphotic/vortex (pronounced: aphotic vortex)

*song is taken from the album.........loopz for basket cases........entirely produced by 7 arm'd the following link:

verse 1(zen studentz):

when he brought flows
truth hone oddest
been rapping
back of abandoned buildings
gnashing with the half of it
ruby caps
when we blast through the hazardous
yataghan grasping addict
wax digging master kid
raw spits
broke blunt ash jargon
his priorities have switched
now it’s get cash rapid
by all means


don’t even try to grasp the mic
thinking floozy spits
can measure up to baohz
his last opponent
caught a thousand punches
guts is bloody
it’s horror prone and ragged
when he mad and have his mask unlift
run and dash
blunts is ashed in fucking attics
wax thumbing through some odd jazz
crafting oops maddened

verse 2(sea/swordz):

energetic fossils
staggering toward your realm
dead and gone
but back
through an hourglass
where deserts fall

a nexus opens
gently floating
i trek along
on a path
beside a massive labyrinth
with seven arms

moving through worlds
granted access
like severed palms
we weave through space
taking notice
of beauty that few appreciate
when you use an ax
the roots of hacked up trees
lord studentz crafts
the truest magic seen today

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