Monday, May 19, 2014

hypnopompicchaos(prod. by fext)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

zen studentz  -  sea/swordz (pronounced:  sea of swordz)

prod. by fext

verse 1: (zen studentz)

still the raddest
loose fitting sweatshirt rocker
zen studentz
all hail when he enter room
and flick ash on rabbits
elevate rapid
we the lords of the labyrinth
sanskrit axe
that rap orphans attack with
most rappers trapped in dimensions
stuck within the physical
with no astral projection
unlike baoh
this life is just a game to me
i mastered it
massive towers crumble
when he mad and have his mask unlift

i wake up in a castle
full of illusions
and my fathers in the distance
i grasp at the mirage
but then i only felt my fist clench
and laughters in the back
as bats flock to my vision
mad house
it felt like years
when only seconds dragged out
he relived all occasions
that had left him void of truth
but in the pain
his shell cracked
and de-earthed his poison roots
i saw a glimpse of light flicker
near the base of my feet
the floor shattered into pieces
and from the matrix
was freed
i thought to myself
what a place this can be
too many complacent
diseased folk
remain on a leash
the face of the beast
i sit at home and meditate
with an ace up my sleeve
all the while
my shadow self is adjacent to me
he said
come back to that fog kid
then coffins appear
get numb from plenty pharmaceuticals
get lost in despair
i toss him left and right hooks
but all i caught was the air
the scene changes
then i'm back in my chair
back in my room
take deep breaths
from all that had ensued
and try to pull myself together
in this labyrinth of doom
you see
this is just a small tale
from indigo ascended
and just one of the endeavors
that i decided to mention
and theres plenty more where that came from
y'all best believe it
switch stance nigma
of this forest
i'm a genius
fuck y'all

verse 2:  (sea/swordz)

stepping on a puddle
without breaking its tension
i navigate apprehensively
through this unstable dimension
say for instance
my imagination entered
into a world
with only danger in it
at least
that's the way it's witnessed
absence of understanding
can leave you so afraid and shitless
that you may prematurely
seek to escape the tempest
the paralysis of sleeping
being fondled by beings
without seeing
are quick to attribute
these miserable issues
to foul demons

but that is irresponsible
in an attempt
to free yourself
you only create an obstacle
if you would maintain control
of your mind
the truth of the matter
would unfold over time to you

smoke and mirrors
asperatus reflection
could it be you
who molds the appearance
of your astral collective
brain waves are placid/aggressive
because they who hold the reins
are rashly expressive

most don't stop
to ask themselves questions
when but a brief pause
could be vastly effective

so ponder a bit
before you ball up your fist
be certain
that the object
of your horror exists
may be the threat
to what you haul off and hit
may be all they wish to offer you