Friday, July 1, 2016

falseminoshiro(prod. by 7 arm'd labyrinth

written and performed by: (in order of appearance)

7 arm'd labyrinth
sea/swordz(pronounced sea of swordz)

prod. by 7 arm'd labyrinth

verse 1: (7 arm’d labyrinth)

an entire society
based around the use
of telekinesis
its runners fragmented the history
into a series of secrets
and manipulated the citizens’ memories
as if to protect them
but their imperfect technology
left uncovered scripts in question
certain members caught glimpses
and left their homes
for knowledge
their thirst will never be quenched
by the false minoshiro prophets
since before he finished
his luminous lecture on what had happened
a monk came and killed it
claiming it to be distraction
didn’t i have a sibling in the past
aren’t our peers just disappearing rapid
they dismiss it when i ask
but the notion of my sister
eats at me
and plagues my dreams kid
to make her face
i cut up ‘zines
and rearrange the pieces
i’ve changed
my mental states can no longer be explained
shun morphed into a karmic demon’s vault
and that’s where he remains

the dusted orphan
all my thoughts
i know they seem deranged
a lonely voyage kept and gone
to swim amidst a sea of blades

verse 2: (sea/swordz)

lost in a void
i spiral
in a blind kaleidoscopic rage
further and further
from where i belong
by catapulting concentric waves
i feel like i’m comprised
of mad debris
like saturn’s rings are made
a collection of tiny fragments
with no idea of what the pieces made

my origins forgotten
the orbit reminding me of pain
the knowledge of what i was before
to never be reclaimed

left suspended
in constant exhibition
of utter misery

metaphysically distraught
a composite of muddled energy

i try to sort it out
but it’s hard
when your aura’s indigo
it’s like trying to separate
a thousand knotted strings
that are all identical
so i trek inside
ignoring all outside
the world i recognize
if i was manga
my eyes would be swirls

i’m often mesmerized
seeing things
that only make their way
into MY irises
routinely snatched away
by the gravitation of aphotic rifts
plagued by odd events
throughout my life
what are they supposed to mean
profound relationships
with characters
who only roam my dreams
i wake
and it’s as if they died
i don’t know if we’ll ever meet again
washed away
by a ringing chime
that TEARS me from r e and m
as soon as i unclinch my eyes
society begins
and i freely go to prison
in exchange
to know what freedom is
my life spent
in a portable cell
weeks on end
at most
i have a couple days
before the cycle
must repeat again
even if it’s only for moments
in proportion
i’m appreciative
a better tomorrow
is a small price
to be content