Monday, December 31, 2012

don'tthink...feel(prod. by semantix)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

semantix - stranded - catalyst

taken from the semantix album ' 4d '

prod. by semantix

verse 1 (semantix) :

yo it feels good fam
like heavenly glory
put the mind aside
with the story
be the author
source and all present
listen from within
yo it ain't  always pleasant
it's always the truth
untampered and pure
not dressed up bullshit
and pampered galore
mind is a tool
use it wisely
and know
when that talk is yours
or outside thee
subliminal programs
inside me
want to be heard first
and shout loudest
to guide me
'i am' observes me
back to homeostasis
to feel if it serves me
proceed in wisdom
understanding arrives
the truth speaks through us
just listen
be quiet
take that extra few seconds
see what appears to you
then ask yourself
(how did it feel to you?)

verse 2 (stranded) :

don't think
what you feel is real
it ain't potential
that's just clay
what do you shape it into
we're sculpted
by our responses
to the things
we've been through
without our permission
there isn't
anything they can do

we decide on our own
what drives us
lies in our skulls
what affects us
are not directions
unless we accept them
so wherever we end up
will not be their fault

take responsibility
for your conductivity
it is YOU who reacts
when you're stimulated
by energy
so before you act
consider the fate
of your decision tree
the consequences may be
a principally painful memory

you know
when something isn't right
you feel it
that sense excites
the true nature of things
appears clearly
to inner sight
you can lie to the mirror
but not to what gives it life
what you feel
is as quick as light
experiences ignite
neurons explode
both receiving
and sending signals alike

verse 3 (catalyst) :

4th chakra
first born cosmic made mass
we are the gods that shape us
but they take us
in the illusion
of inherited dreams
hemmed in to the formulae
beggars and kings
where nothing's what it seems
kept possessed by theft
like the contradictions
of sacred texts
my thoughts fragment
like osiris
and self fulfilling cycles
from the ghettos to the grove
programmed for ego and violence
i know
the war is being fought
in our mind
not on road
so i connect with
the silence deep inside of me
cleanse myself still
of greed and pretense
in this chaos
that we're living in
i see my shadow
try to tempt me
every single day
but i've forgiven him
'cause that's how i feel
your heart will always
tell you what's real

Sunday, December 23, 2012

vestigialuprising(prod. by pesticyde)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

stranded - vice versa

stranded and vice versa = iridophoric/pseudomorphs

prod. by pesticyde

verse 1 (stranded):

theta recorded
brain performance
dna contorted
beast metamorphis
the change is enormous
but it's not that i'm larger
than the way i was
before it
it's more
that it provides me
with a way
to move forward
without decay
and rigor mortis
like acid
that's methanoic or formic
so as i approach the future
standing tall
like the dolichocephalic skull
of a nordic

the past fades
and dulls
in proportion
which was plastered with
the blatant disregard
of an orphan

your curiosity
could go to mars
if you wanted
like the rover
nasa launched
to conduct
scientific processes on it
who we are
has been gone
far too long
many planetary orbits
like bombs
from famicom's
airship fortress
very unfortunate

the plant-saboteur abortionist
when we receive his beats
you know what's coming
a powerful event
it's like
bleeding in the ocean
and seeing the approach of
a thousand dorsal fins
a mile around
that form a disc
and surrounded
you're within
i practice being senseless
like how a war begins
so when i  restore them
their strength
will sprout
when born again
open like a corolla
when a flower's forming it
i spit as if i've got
a fountain for a head
but if you think
I'M nice
vice can balance
a mountain
on his pen

verse 2 (vice versa):

sarcoptic mange
lantern wise
venerated pagan taboo
antiquarian classified
tentacled hiemlick manuvuer
castrated bondage photog
paddled by canoe carvers
in the corner
bellmakers crucible

wilting ceiling fans
in the condemned insectarium
mosquito breeder brim cloister
birds in knots
anatomists pocketbook
with raised ridges
cobalt blue latticework
vertical hobnails
the art restorer tar enforcer
embossed lettering
on surgical gauze veils
1917 urinal fetish microbial
terminal bomb flail
merlot and cocktails
hurtful bibliopegy provoked
discernable swamp sail
moss trail
leading to electroplated plaintiffs
hedgerows raided
whiteside parsons rocketry research
cervical geodes
purple pitcher plants
spade leafed sun-dew
one seemingly mud slinging upbringing
sedative sea sponges
boxcar slag heap
sapo tramp
mycelium white plume

Sunday, October 28, 2012

daybreak(prod. by aethra)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

kalki - stranded

kalki and stranded = night/scream

prod. by aethra

verse 1 (kalki):

life is suffering
when your friends
spite your utterings
how do you mend it
despite your discovering
that friendship is a fickle thing

we’re just little things
lost in space
the moss we pace on
as we crush microcosms
we cough and stray on
without a thought to say
as a species
we should be tossed away
in this cosmic maze
e.t.s probably watch us
and often pray
they could possibly squash us
but not today
so we gossip over pasta and lobster
mobsters and impostors talk shit
as we pop shit and swallow it
escaping through
this hollow ship’s gaping holes
with grey souls
we follow misfits
and wallow in statistics
stay old at a young age
strung out in cages
some come out of their caves
to discover
amazing brothers and sisters
uncover the mystery of existence
we’re gifted
with wisdom and free will
listen and be still
i breathe with gills
in this prison
of greed and killings
i bleed
and it's spilling into ink
instilled in you
to think
of infinite possibilities
don’t be limited and lost
you’re willingly
mocking your abilities
we could bask in our sorrows
or pave the paths to tomorrow
if you crave wrath
you can borrow some of mine
even in the summer time
it rains acid
in the slums of my mind
my pain lashes at me
i pray to Laksmi
and bask in my pages’ math
you can play and laugh
but i leave that to children
i breathe data to reveal gems
still hem breezes in stratas
kill men that are evil in status
i believe in my madness
makes me see through the sadness
and the deeds
that my habits made me do

i’ll relax
when Brahma’s day is through

verse 2 (stranded):

when day breaks
i escape
leap to the night
get away
sleep when it's bright
in the shade
experience dreams
that don't survive
when i wake
they just slip away
like the rock biter's friends
when the nothing
took them away
life is imagination
there are no boundaries
to what defines fascination
curiosity ascertains
the mind's gravitation
without it
how could data
find its way in
how would the empress
hear what bastion's name is

i'm peering past the same shit
evolution veers
and pathways shift
trails branch
but many fail to advance
'cause they don't have the vision
to see
just a blank stare
or a pale glance
only a few
can feel it
like braille hands
such sight
brings things together
that nails can't
events unfold
at the end of the road
new beginnings
every end
continues to go
when the moon has risen
i enter the true and living
we pretend that we know
so very certain
even though
we can't be certain
what we perceive
isn't a show
so easily believe
what they never really could know
it seems silly
but still
it is so
and many
who have disagreed
have been killed
as a result
leave the children alone
let them decide what they feel
on their own
your mind
is the window sill
of your soul
it's okay that we're different
why can't you just chill
like it's cold
like a critter's quills
when it rolls
that's better than
your momma's
pillsbury dough
but there's no solution
'cause if someone stupid
travels faster than light
they're still very slow

plenty of power
under the hood
but no one
behind the wheel
in control
it's like
a mine field
in the snow
beauty abounds
of which
only those
who keep
their eyes peeled
can behold

Friday, October 12, 2012

quietcontemplation(prod. by snake vs crane)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

seraphguard  -  killer falcon  -  seraphguard  -  stranded

prod. by snake vs crane

verse 1 (seraphguard):

he had an honest query
decided to make his way
up to the monastery
feared being alone
but it was not as scary
as the implications
of the unknown
he stopped
but barely
discarded his phone
and proceeded atop an airy field
among the mosses
usually clung to losses
but it was a time of change
and he had just begun the process
along the trail
he saw a monk
sitting in contemplation
upon his arms
were paintings
the art was amazing
with the calmest patience
and the smarts of the ancients
he started waiting
saw a serene breeze
shuffle over the green trees
grazed prayer wheels
to the chirps of cicadas
carved in gold
were rare seals
denoting certain vedas
higher still
passing a pond of lily pads
his mind tempered
by his fire will
forgot what made him really sad
at last
he reached the mountain pass
then the peak
looked down upon the land
littered with the vastest creeks
he observed his reflection
in a river
seemed so much clearer
than the man in the mirror
to himself
he felt he'd been delivered

verse 2 (killer falcon):

a lone poet
wanders in the trees
clutches pen and pad
dims a glow of tranquility
sense of purpose
settles on a path of leaves
cross legged posture
ready for the masterpiece
in the grasp of peace
he opens up the chakras
wrote his finest scrolls
with inspiration of the forest
whispers of a redwood
seep a silent wisdom
soaks in their awareness
heights redefine his vision
a conscious presence
found in every sapling
among the bees and birds
connections everlasting
discard mental barriers
taken off the masking
saw life in purest form
droplets wash away the fallacy
hits a blinding light
ascension of divine strength
inhales a timeless breath
transcending life or death
the unrefined essence
beyond flesh and blood
found all things below
blends with everything above
assertive inner peace
temple surging
he observes
a moment
transcending all the hell on earth
total ego dissolution
as nature
he became one
harmonious with all
the inner sage shone

verse 3 (seraphguard):

an unassuming lady
who found delight
in the mundane and grand
from a cold town in england
preferred the sun rays and sand
one day unplanned
she paid a grand
found herself
on the mexican hills
looking like waves in the land
back home
she had a mazatec inscribed
sword of iron
then fully restored like zion
but it was about more than
buying a collector's item
she simply had
an insatiable curiosity
for the mayan
said her sight was sore
so she could skip the guided tour
she sneaked down some pyramid steps
behind the shore
she tried the door
stepped inside with awe
tears streamed down her face
like she never cried before
saw something shining beside the floor
she almost had a heart attack
when she realized
it was an artifact
it was still sharp
in fact
she touched the symbols carved in black
and thought what it would be like
if she brought it back
both bold and shallow
she grabbed the bow and arrow
standing before a statue
resembling a golden pharaoh
cold and narrow
held it tight
like how a bone holds the marrow
knowing she'd be looking upon it
in her home
in harrow

verse 4 (stranded):

while it's strange
what many consider noise
performs in a way
that teleports him away
all it takes
is a yin and yang snake
to swirl with a crane
and something goes on
in his brain
he grows
like fast forwarding age
and presses onward
to explore
his head's dormant remains
he lights up regions
that have
seldom seen
their neurons aflame
his sight travels beyond
his actual eyes'
normal restraints

no longer held
by the force field
he escapes
and vanishes
like a man with a
vortical face
where he arrives
is an incorporeal place
not unlike where
neo and morpheus trained
amorphous terrain
with absence
when he leaves
his memory
of before
is so vague
all he remembers
is it exists
not the world it contains
he always wonders afterward
what tore him away
but just the knowledge
that it happened
endorphins the pain

photographicmemory(prod. by snake vs crane)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

stranded  -  seraphguard  -  white lotus

prod. by snake vs crane

verse 1 (stranded):

a child was born in vain
only for her mother to die
while she was on the way
she came out face down
she never saw her face
she aged taking the blame
for why her father was absorbed by pain
'cause she was ignorant
to what went on in his brain
he could tell her
how he was torn two different ways
by the joy and the pain
joy for her
for the woman from which she came
but she knew he loved her
so she would never believe what he'd say
so he let things just be as they may
it wasn't something that needed to change
despite their despair
the love between them remained
he's been on a dark journey
since that day
seeing her in that coffin
sparked an eternal flame
he thought of her often
and drifted away
the harder he focused
the further he strayed
he left the planet
but visited on a regular base
to mourn at her grave
in silence
for there were no amount of words he could say
to soothe his soul
or to explain
how he felt
borderline to insane
he read her book
but never got to the last page
and he was far more than a chapter away
the pages abandoned when she passed away
there was so much he had to say
but he always bit his tongue
now he'll never get rid of the aftertaste
never will the emptiness evaporate
his heart broken
never to heal
it was only held together
by his daughter's will

both women
make him feel the same
but it's different
'cause his daughter's a constant reminder
of what he's missing
looking at her
just as much as it didn't
an unknown force
doubled his vision
it was blurred
but he saw her and her mother in it
he would close his eyes
to shut out the image
but that only made it much more vivid

verse 2 (seraphguard):

it was in a locket
he kept as a memento
put it in the front pocket
of an old rental
under his vest
lay his naked stress
he would rock it as a stencil
he had never spoken to her before
even though
he had always meant to
not sure of what was about to ensue
he held tightly to the invitation
that came out of the blue
wrapped in a ribbon
and then powdered with glue
he planned to taker out
and around at the zoo
thought he could
make it all up to her
but then
he doubted it too
he had been
granted the gift of mercy
never thought
he'd again see
the face of compassion
but on this trip to jersey
maybe it could happen
work was a major distraction
so he quit dispersedly
whatever it takes
perhaps then
she'd become the only light
left in his life
since the split from his wife
trying to sleep
through the stress
in the night
he ducked out
before her due date
thought it was too late
but now he finds himself
standing outside their new place

verse 3 (white lotus):

and ever since his first birthday
he never seen his father
who always worked late
come home licking the plate
then off to bed
moms got no attention
sick of his shit
and left
not that she felt
he wasn't a good provider
it was more about
how he was a selfish liar
his belt dealt fire
after a few drinks of whiskey
not lucid
becomes abusive
and tipsy
they made an escape
at a later date
young boy says to his mother
'i hate this'
'i hate YOU'
'why did you take me from daddy?'
as he sleeps
on a bench seat
in the back of a caddy
years had passed
moms thinks he'd forgotten
one night
pretends to sleep
playing possum
contempt for his mother
he seemed to blame HER
outside pop's window
two kids and a strange girl

lonewolf(prod. by snake vs crane)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

stranded  -  seraphguard

prod. by snake vs crane

verse 1 (stranded):

he was all alone
or so he thought
an entire world
below his skull
millennia ago
pangea began to float apart
but despite that distance
he now knows abroad
are there with him
even though they're not

the bond that music forms
spans infinity
transcends proximity
he's by himself
but not alone
paradoxic chemistry
brotherhood merges
and in between
they share common interests
who constitute his siblings
they give him reasons
to want to leave
the solitude he lives with

much like a star
he roams planes
largely unoccupied
but just as far
as those stars
are not combined
he takes a step back
and counts the stars
across the sky
there are many
but when you focus
the rest lie outside
the outline
of what you decided to notice

he learns his lesson
for humble incurs acceptance
while pride
can blind the stubborn
and blur the message
that's not to say
that such mistakes
would not recur
they're expected
he's always been alone
so despite his new family
spread across
this spinning globe
a certain degree
of isolation
is still his home

verse 2 (seraphguard):

a lone wolf
who abandoned the pack
he went in
head first
without a plan of attack
he had managed to stack
about a grand
in a sack
buried deep in some sand
in a burlap
behind the abandoned building
where the land had collapsed
it was the day
he ran away
of where he would have to stay
but that's the breaks
he didn't believe in the words
he'd have to say
"i'm sorry"
would have been
end of story
the weather added
to this sad display
never again
would he ever
look his dad in the face
he was quick witted
but he had
an even faster mouth
so-called friends
became estranged
when he asked
to crash on the couch
"you're a useless bastard now"
someone they would laugh about
it got to the point
where it was well past a doubt
that all of his luck
at last
ran out
his funds evaporated like water
he took refuge
at the condemned building
sleeping in a dilapidated corner
burning junk
kept him captivated and warmer
years passed by
as he began pan handling
but the saddest thing
was the reflection of his face
in the loose change
his dad just handed him

Saturday, October 6, 2012

thetruthdepictselation(prod by kwervo)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by kwervo

so suddenly
by all
the impact
to walls
when they're caving in
the sight
and expectation
amalgamate to climax
in an overwhelming sensation
on contact
adrenal explosion
a volcanic episode
will you manage
or will you
because there's so much pressure

maintain balance
a steady hand
so to speak
the serene nature
of moments
like when eyes
slowly blink
the period of time
that when they're closed
you think
and sink
unexplored ocean
in an epiphaniacal instance
you realize
your primary interests
all else shoved aside
as you follow
whatever left your mind
with its imprint
the path i walk
that which is sought
will be learned

the interpretation
of the walkingstick bird

after all
who you actually are
should not be
lost to the earth
belongs on its perch
from the shadows
monsters emerge
crawl to the surface
be yourself
embrace your flaws
you're not perfect
the imperfections
are what make impressions
on the thoughts of observers
you are admonished
to let your consciousness flourish
and blossom
like sakura's courage
when she decided
to get stronger
so as to not depend
on naruto further
these words
embody wisdom
like the goddess minerva
you must not surrender
you can only venture
as far as your fervor
lethargic prey
cannot escape
the jaws of inertia
are you absent or present
will you sit back
in concession
or attack with aggression
with whatever
will act as a weapon
the wounds of which
are lasting impressions
if you're not competitive
the predator
is your own acquiescence

tooth and nail
or you will fail
to what a spine
can achieve
with a broken disc
i can't stand people
who are mistreated
and don't resist
there isn't a world in which
a single hero exists
that could save someone
who won't hold their fate
in their own two fists
if you careened over a cliff
what good would a rope be
if you won't reach for it
and close your grip
in order to teach
one doesn't need
a whole bunch of fish

the student determines
where their school is
learning's only extent
is their curiosity
they absorb the knowledge
each is open to get
they must be interested
or the implement
won't make a dent
cannot be forced
on those
who don't give a shit
take responsibility
be yourself
it will help you find serenity
be proficient
in the ways
of 'within the mind' agility
what's in
divides you all
until complete
in much the same way
provide specific things

it's like paintings
they're made up
of several brush strokes
you can't see the images
they're meant to project
from up close
move back
and the depictions
will begin to unfold
the vague
becomes vivid
when you pivot the scope

accepting queens
doesn't mean
you surrender control
you can acknowledge
their existence
and not do what you're told
could it be
resistance isn't written
in a bee's genetic code
or perhaps
it fears the consequences
at the end of that road
but perhaps
you can only get
where you're willing to go
if you don't pose a challenge
how will you ever know

with just one feather
from a crow
i ascend to the sky
his act of generosity
permits me to fly
he plucked it from his wing
to initiate mine
grateful for the pen
i soar the wind
at his side
the beat
a quill i fill
with ink from my mind
i write what i feel
the rhyme it builds
increases in size
all it needs is some time
and patience
he provides

galaxies collide
but life
comes out the other side
an entrance can be an exit
it depends
on the set of eyes
so before you make decisions
consider what's next in line
'cause whatever you decide
gets heavier over time

hook ( x2 )

for those who say
that hope is for fools
i say hope is a fuel
if you use it
to drive you forward
you can go where you choose
you can't just hope
and wait for roses to bloom
if they're not nourished
they cannot flourish
and grow from their roots
nothing exists on its own
you must give
to what you wish to be grown
we're all symbiotic cogs
that spin for the whole
the bigger picture
the eyes of ANY behold
only thing you control
is the pixel
you contribute
to the image that's shown

Thursday, September 20, 2012

theglowingblade[sharpersword](prod. by ill majestic)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by ill majestic

with paper bombs tied
arranged in a design
like the corolla
a dense flower provides
a maze
pain surrounds you
you can't escape
the explosions
like clouds in the sky
wings rendered hopeless
but kept afloat
by thousands combined
between their wrath
you begin to fall
but each blast
keeps you enthralled
playing catch
you are the ball
to be tossed
until you're gone
fated to be erased
where detonation awaits
but what if i told you
this is the method we take
for you to be
sedated awake
from your false world
imaginative state
by sending a shock
to your senses
so great
that you're ultimately
convinced that it's fake
you exit
a sudden brightness
where light had not threatened
your eyes adjust
to what had been denied
until present
atrophy takes time
to subside

based on unreliable legend
how you behave
outweighs the 'why'
and inception
for despite what you follow
free will
provides your direction

look inside yourself
from time to time
for reflection
this mirror
like those
in catoptric
telescopic instruments
pain darkens your heart
such thoughts
are often pictureless
a pond
ripples far beyond
the body that limits it
but you are enlightened
when reminded
of your fondest images
that's why it's essential
to recall
that scars are not emptiness
they represent survival
the things you've been through
cannot offend
from inside you
if it is them that wins
it is them
that you surrender
your mind to
a keen kunai
will slice
clean through time
see tomorrow
like martin
m - c - fly
and glimpse beyond
those with crystal balls
that feed you lies

expand your horizons
who's your master
when your sifu dies

my thoughts feast
ripping apart meat
with sharp teeth
food is ideas
i chew my meals
like shark week
to be projected
like movie reels
on large screens
esoteric perspectives
mirrors of similar things
message takes flight
it's like a ninja star flings
and catching a weapon
is necessary
to feel my heartstrings
the spread of mutants
through children
descending like icarus
with the impotence
of his thawed wings
apical pathways
are safe from the last days
things engraved
aren't as easily erased
as a flat page
i literally
keep a base
in a batcave
but i don't
need a costume
you can't see me
i'm that vague
i slip away
like water
with the heat
to evaporate

i skip phases
that's how much
i'm changing
i'm a mutant
that's never
done mutating
expand my mind
like lung inflation
with over intoxication
of oxygenation
life's a pamphlet
it provides information

do you take the time
to analyze
what it's saying
or do you
just accept
what it offers
without consideration
this is not something basic
it's deeper
than the opposite
of helium/talk/inhalation
my rhymes
a series
of dark innovations
words are
sharp and serrated
my sword
like samehada
for laymen
it bites you
and takes your life
through your chakra's deflation
you weaken
as it feeds
it leaves your body sedated
lying awake
you try to awaken
but fail
snared between
two paradoxic occasions
you experience
like hidan
forever lost
in a forest
barely alive
you stare at the sky
from your grave
and ponder
but how you got there
defies contemplation
this is NOT
to be interpreted
as death
but modification
i refer to the steps
your mind follows
throughout observation
confronted with perspective
you process information
the death i mention
you responding
by changing

your prior self dies
murdered by conversation
the words one provides
fertilize ovulation
exercise your mind
at all times
let your neurons shine
open the doors
to the dormant sections
you're neglecting
below your skull
these regions
will fluoresce
like explosions
in a dark sky
in an evolved mind

...sharper sword

Sunday, August 19, 2012

canal(prod by cairo beats)

track is from morning star's album:

philosophy of the kali yuga

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

morning star - stranded

verse 1(morning star)

the automated nature
of well-trodden paths
has me seeking
a new light
in the evening
i ask the crowd
who follows
and who steps to be the leader
i watch
who stands apathetically
and does neither
my seed shows strength
and grows
like cedar and oak
as deep roots are soaked
with holly essences
i struggle
with my breathlessness
so i sacrifice
strands of energy collection
for protection
from the poison
in the heavens
as the winds fly by
and sandblast my egocentrism
to bypass all external criticism
the table has turned
the burned idols
the understandings that diminish
the race to the bottom
getting close to its finish
a cave system
that became an archetype
of searching for no meaning
place an entire population
far beyond redeeming
reshaping consciousness
both through saturation and omission
you’re best to evaluate
whether your actions
are building someone else’s mission
because our years
are of deception
and survival will entail
a fine refining of perception
to swallow pride
to watch the void
start to subside
in this realm
of hungry ghosts
i increase my lung capacity
to stay self-sufficient
in my sailing
amassing energy
between my spine and my navel
the divine make me able
watch me and stranded
fuck it up
and leave this axis unstable
got something to prove
still try to strangle the groove
under my hoof
thats my criteria
build and destroy
from north america to syria
i give all
to face the wall
before my last seconds
thirds and fourths
i blast wisdom
with my cohorts

por los siglos
de los siglos
de los siglos

verse 2(stranded)

minor adjustments
i take steps
like double helix
one flight
could be hundreds
each path
goes beyond its production
i wander
my walkingstick
never not in my clutches
so go ahead
think i'm lost
i'll applaud your assumption
like zodd's approach
as the darkness is coming
i'm not alive
the human body
is death
my consciousness
stuck in
an inmate to society
and the problems
it comes with
people are eager
to waste their time
but i am reluctant
the application of clocks
is highly disruptive
so i seek
to leave my body
but keep
cognitive function


as in
the inability to die
if you switched
with 'be governed'

free from the tubes
the tunnels
that we must use
by outliers
what else could we do
we just want
to live our lives
and be ourselves
when we do
to deny us this
is to be
an elephant shoe

Monday, August 13, 2012

gard/e/ns(prod. by no one)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by no one

no one knows
the life
that stellar oceans hold
next to nothing
of the dark parts
and little
of those that glow
if ghosts exist
do you think
we have ghosts alone
there would be
ghosts of aliens
and there's no limit
to where a ghost can go

during transformation
a lycan's skeleton
is restructured
bone for bone
resulting in
suffering the sensation
of the breaking
of every one of its bones
they're hunted
whether or not
they've got themselves
under control
in addition to this threat
they undergo
the difficulty
of their own machinations
they may become
captive patients
of apathetic individuals
because of their
scientific fascinations
in a lab
in cages
only to be freed
for ghastly experimentation
there are even those
that would eat them
and do you know
what that procedure entails
in order to do so
they must be kept alive
while the meal is prepared
they would revert
to how they
ideally appear

that word is used backwards
it would be humane
that's how humans
typically behave


powder gripped a man
as his prey's life
slipped away
to the after
i wish i could convey
the sentiment
his empathetic display
perhaps then
they would disobey
their sinister
innate aspirations
and evolve
their minds
beyond their skull's expanse
allow me to double back
to how this all began
how could we
what matters in space
when we don't even know
what matters
on our OWN
ball of land
the human species
is what's wrong
they're damned
peace can only rise
with the fall of man

hook (x 2)

the hanging garden
vague stars lit
by artificial pollution
the damage
humans do
only hurts themselves
the planet's
indifferent to it
its many parasites
the host
continues moving
as if it will
throw them off
on some
uber-centrifuge shit
and leave them
to orbit
like little moon bits
the earth left
to quietly float
like an empty cruise ship
free from those
who would pose
an endless nuisance

Thursday, June 14, 2012

lunarscars(prod. by episodic)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

vice versa - stranded

vice versa aka blunted sultan aka carmine moth





vocal sample:

forgive my intrusion

....i hope this isn't a bad time

verse 1 (carmine moth)

arch bishop of roach droppings
so obvious
headlice afraid
baroque fountain
enzyme depraved
throat modeling
paraplegic paratrooper
bodily bloated
oddity cloaked
yellowed fish eye pavilion
orbiting slaughter cadre
cactus limb human

blurred then focused
comedy hoax
most debauchery obtuse

wet silk tapered to the bone structure
moans muffled over commonly
syrupy stalagmite
impaling all the wailing
prolonging prose recited
to frightened ghost wandering
solemnly gloat
the ringworm toad robbery
bothering jolts
of archetype evoked conjuring
drunk barber cabal
headclipper close clobbering
properly coaxed
into morose artistry
cognitive devil
nebula lobe conquering
Guild of Funerary Violinists
now mope sauntering
the viper bog emporium
euphoria arteries roped
in a fibonacci corkscrew
beware cryptobotomy
sickle sodomy
cinematography luminary glow
army coat
tailored by carnie dolts
dont bother me
supernotter film
noir bottom feeder mode
2nd annual robot builder club
binary code honoring

verse 2 (stranded)

 a carmine moth
wing flap
time lapse
still frame
frozen eye snap
moment goes unforgotten
deep impact
on neural receptors
encouraging lecture
vivid euphoric image
with a blurry texture
a figurative swirling wind
that would disorient escher
but i am inclined
to provide such consumption
when i am confronted
with mind numbing
observational fire redundant
light production
in the proverbial darkness
of my circumference
the shadow teeming
lack of dreaming
i suffer
sleep atrophying
accompanied by astral demons
who approach me
but won't speak
on what it is that they're after
not often
but in proportion
to the few lucid
rapid eye movements
i've been involved with

when i was ten years old
i saw how the world will explode
but i lost it
all i remember
is l.a.
and an airplane that was monstrous
it felt as if
it would happen that day
but i learned that wasn't the case
long since

i wonder on occasion
if it
was clairvoyance
or a nightmarish figment
we'll never know
if it was a premonition
because we'd die
with the explosion's ignition
and if it wasn't
and it was nothing
we can't know that it isn't
because if it was a vision
when it will happen
wouldn't have a limit
i could have remote viewed
beyond my death
through a descendant

the likely direction
by the unexpected
a smaller piece
of a larger puzzle
to be connected
i suspect that
a series of gears
there and here
are operating a mechanism
they have no recognition
they even steer
the fusion of purpose
implemented by mutual serpents
their unity ferments
the energy
produces a current
generating power
throughout their circuit
the balancing out of versus
the tao swirl disc
of dark and light
the purest archetype
not one or the other
ALL of life
those not stuck
in their mother
and father's sight
those who see further
than what was
beyond its vice
this freedom
turns into walls of ice
a fortress
the solitude of orphans
from a multitude of sources
is conjured
to conquer feuding forces
constant fuel for torches
carried onward
with the portent
of apocalyptic horses
so far into the future
your imagination
couldn't possibly
support it
barely glimpse
just a fragment
and after
their reality fractures
loses integrity
and gradually shatters
the area
they wish to represent
is like a natural disaster
there are no instruments
capable of fully mapping its patterns

lunar scarring
what's left
of the reflection
of beautiful starbeams
a moon
that can only be viewed
with eyes
that see truth

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

weaponmarket(prod. by poison flowerz!)

written and performed by stranded as sea/swordz(pronounced sea of swordz)

prod. by poison flowerz!

sea/swordz and poison flowerz! =  sasori's/puppetz

hit the weapon market
for a feathered starfish
i hold it
in the palm of my hand
and it takes flight
like a federation starship
as it locates
and decapitates its target
and brings the head back
to face its marksman
for confirmation
before i scratch
his name off the parchment
and fade off
in the darkness
with pale moon rays
that are toxic
but not so much
that they make me vomit
just enough
to make me feel the noise
a bee makes
when its flying

i was distracted for a minute
by an apparition
but i came back
to the living
like lazarus did
or so you presume
the mind is a flower
it takes your whole life to bloom
you can't be certain
even then
if the extent
to which it opens
is full
all you can do
is give it all
the solar rays
it can chew
and so much water to drink
a boat could sail on it too

feed your head
like 'the murder fists'
track 3 suggests
peace to lotus
and the cd's he pressed
one of the first cats
that had me impressed
when i discovered myspace
before my feet were wet
i thought i was by myself
as far as emcees could stretch
but i learned
that the world
had many secrets left

Saturday, January 14, 2012

...iexist(prod. by fivesicks)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by fivesicks

vocal sample:

light thinks it travels
faster than anything

but it is wrong

no matter how fast
light travels
it finds the darkness
has always gotten there first

and is waiting for it

in a dark world
i exist
slightly lit
but there is light within
far more than i provide you with
when i say
i'm here because i insist
it's like explaining to someone
born with hyper-hearing
what silence is
that's how futile
the idea of conveying thoughts precisely
yet i attempt
for me
hearing music like this
is like disappearing
through a spiral disc
to go on a series of idle trips
you'd be amazed
at how much you can experience
while you sit
appearances lie like shit

eyes closed
they tilt to the sky
even though they are blind
at the moment
the ability to view
as they normally do
it is an intangible sensation
enveloped in hypothetical fumes
a pause in time
that will never resume
frozen past
holding fast
slowed to last
what do you know of that
read between
i ponder
sleep and dream
followed each week
by a weak routine
that is responsible
for every attempt
to delete these things
as this dark world speaks to me
i am reminded of 'these machines'
the little that m.atthew. has provided
will suffice to be serene
despite my wish
that more of the like would be convened

what does life even mean
i would follow these
to the end of time
and repeat
while i am not complete
it is the quest
to piece together this puzzle
find something worthy
to give love to
that urges me to come to
from this coma that we must undo
we are an inert form of kung fu
there is so much more we must do
we are meant to imagine
but this multi facet
deliberate distraction
of anything that resembles placid
won't have it
they want life to be like 'fray'
with no magic

i wander away
shit is so tragic
i'm on some 'mind planes drifter'
peace to riishii
go grab it
you can hare krishna several ways
it's a perspective thing
there is energy in everything
even in dead remains
it's what exists
when nothing else remains
the subtle wells in things
all of what it entails
chisel and stone
like that of depression
living alone
but i remain intact
with no evidence of a soul
pressure builds fast
but grows hesitant to explode
for what would debris accomplish
better than if it's whole
it's effortless to just grow
why resist evolution
to exert so much energy
to surrender
is stupid
direct it toward
something more
fit for improvement
the path to true master
is a disciplined student
the gravity of its grasp
as attractive as mila kunis
an event horizon
grabbing a human

my blood drawn
abby's eyes
as she removed it
once again
the subtle glints
in a darkness
otherwise unavenged
are undersized
with so much to give
nothing provides us with gifts
for we are free
to fill the emptiness
as we please
those who are envious
lack degrees
so busy without
nothing is bound to hatch beneath
but when you travel within
your path completes
who's the master
the last dragon speaks
with a bullet
grasped in his teeth
of what he can achieve
you'll see this happen
when i significantly attach to beats
once - thesandwinter -
is alas complete
but time is voluminous
it is not only now and then
it is what the future is
flooded with foolishness
i suffer through the shit
because i know
it's coming to an end
i show restraint
and use my head
peace to cloke
it's things like this
that give me reason to hope
even though
i know
most of the thought
we have to eat
is choke
staring at a tower
of indecipherable speech
many people sulk
they think that person
thinks they're dope
when many times
that's not why that seed explodes
there's an entirely different source
from which
what they speak is grown
there are many things
we don't know about one another
most of which
will not be discovered
and that is no wonder
being self absorbed
what do you expect of others
my point can be expressed with numbers
one to a hundred
what do you share
of all that is there
what you do
to what you don't
would be small when compared
look into the mirror
and get lost in the stare
so much so
that you no longer are there
take time to reflect
focus on yourself
not all the rest
you'll just be lost in the mess
quit trying to fit everything
in a box
and accept
any order that exists
is chaotic at best
for every rule
there is always except...

in a dark world
i exist
slightly lit
but there is light within
far more than i provide you with
when i say
i'm here because i insist
it's like explaining to someone
born with hyper-hearing
what silence is
that's how futile
the idea of conveying thoughts precisely
yet i attempt
for me
hearing music like this
is like disappearing
through a spiral disc
to go on a series of idle trips
you'd be amazed
at how much you can experience
while you sit
appearances lie like shit