Monday, December 31, 2012

don'tthink...feel(prod. by semantix)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

semantix - stranded - catalyst

taken from the semantix album ' 4d '

prod. by semantix

verse 1 (semantix) :

yo it feels good fam
like heavenly glory
put the mind aside
with the story
be the author
source and all present
listen from within
yo it ain't  always pleasant
it's always the truth
untampered and pure
not dressed up bullshit
and pampered galore
mind is a tool
use it wisely
and know
when that talk is yours
or outside thee
subliminal programs
inside me
want to be heard first
and shout loudest
to guide me
'i am' observes me
back to homeostasis
to feel if it serves me
proceed in wisdom
understanding arrives
the truth speaks through us
just listen
be quiet
take that extra few seconds
see what appears to you
then ask yourself
(how did it feel to you?)

verse 2 (stranded) :

don't think
what you feel is real
it ain't potential
that's just clay
what do you shape it into
we're sculpted
by our responses
to the things
we've been through
without our permission
there isn't
anything they can do

we decide on our own
what drives us
lies in our skulls
what affects us
are not directions
unless we accept them
so wherever we end up
will not be their fault

take responsibility
for your conductivity
it is YOU who reacts
when you're stimulated
by energy
so before you act
consider the fate
of your decision tree
the consequences may be
a principally painful memory

you know
when something isn't right
you feel it
that sense excites
the true nature of things
appears clearly
to inner sight
you can lie to the mirror
but not to what gives it life
what you feel
is as quick as light
experiences ignite
neurons explode
both receiving
and sending signals alike

verse 3 (catalyst) :

4th chakra
first born cosmic made mass
we are the gods that shape us
but they take us
in the illusion
of inherited dreams
hemmed in to the formulae
beggars and kings
where nothing's what it seems
kept possessed by theft
like the contradictions
of sacred texts
my thoughts fragment
like osiris
and self fulfilling cycles
from the ghettos to the grove
programmed for ego and violence
i know
the war is being fought
in our mind
not on road
so i connect with
the silence deep inside of me
cleanse myself still
of greed and pretense
in this chaos
that we're living in
i see my shadow
try to tempt me
every single day
but i've forgiven him
'cause that's how i feel
your heart will always
tell you what's real

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