Tuesday, December 26, 2017

haunt(prod. by ())

written and performed by stranded

prod. by ()

this beat
makes me nod my head
like the hulk’s
response to threats
slamming loki
by his legs
on some ‘puny god’ whatevs
to capture
what my mind ejects
i write with electronic lead
my rhymes are puzzle pieces
from a sequence
that does not connect
i need to rearrange them
i’m a detail-natured architect
deinopis seeking prey
the things i say are spider threads
the computer keeps the pace
as i weave and shape
a great methodic web
who shift their eyes
to the sky
will find a net

you’d be surprised
how many times
the skin astride my astral body
to wriggle out
from under parasites
vampires i have fed
an energetic exodus
my fire ebbs
from where it can be usurped
through fangs inside my neck
i flick ‘em off my shoulders
starving cobras i do not respect
with calm composure
gently alter boulders
to their smallest specks
it doesn’t matter what they weigh
they crumble
by a hidden dragon’s wrath
my arm’s possessed

often times
the way my rhymes
are designed
as my insides project
my thoughts are lost
in my own private
kotodamic dialect
i love okami to death
yet i digress
ophiocordyceps gives new meaning
to the ANTenna one might express
heads explode
like naota’s
when his n.o. power’s iris spreads
perithecia disperse their cells
their servant shell’s final breath

their teeth securely fastened
to a leaf
before their time of death
a bunch of trees
with corpses on their leaves
this forest
quite complex

dreams are braille
i sleep on a nail
made out of iron beds
i find it difficult
to read the realms
that i just left

Saturday, December 23, 2017

thejawsoflight(prod. by surge cess)

written and performed by:  (in order of appearance)

dr. hatake downplay


prod. by surge cess

hundred-year war is..............dr. hatake downplay/lucas ingram........and.......a/void

verse 1: [dr. hatake downplay]

9 dots
out of the box thinking
that most are misperceiving
specific study epiphanies
from a make shift kingdom
psychoactive chemistry practice
fillory magic distinction
synced like gps spoofing tools
controlling increments
prometheus expedient star-map
open source data crack
supersonic magnetized turbulence
molecular cloud collapse
by amplified robustness
with lightyears to expand
durable frame tardigrade
unexplained by man
100 year war-chants
that dance off satellites
overwriting humans
spoolers programmed to terabyte
that hubble sight’s alright
but their flights stay low orbit
we speed of light spinning
from a gravity warping fortress
storm the quantum foam
with exotic matter forces
deformed in higher dimensions
superpositions of waves
sick district 9 resistance
bloody mech suit interface
alien physics
twisted kip thornes and roses

verse 2: [a/void]

a wave of gravitation
untamed fascination
radiation of omniscalar
innate natural inflation
a pseudo-neutron heart
too small for it’s output
unestablished valence
a half
that can’t quite amass formation
the chemistry may be massive
but not exactly connectively
the atomic system
may be far too deficient
static dark matter
star field distortion
will these jagged parts heal
or reveal an orphan
light travels a path
established by atmospheric forces
but still bounces
through a series of mirrors
with zero warping
the technology of an image
seen through optical lenses
the implications are strong
like several celestial objects
all aligned in the sky
in a rare cosmic design
that wanders inside the ascendant
a soul that pervades
the whole range
of the solar rays of all stars
my retinas
shown fangs
with no hope
of escaping their jaws

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

intoawhitehole(prod. by neadunkel)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by neadunkel

with gravity as his opponent

he carries the weight
until he transforms the heavy
to feathers
and levitates
disheveled space
the shape of everything
bends to his will

an exit becomes an entrance
a hole turns into a drill

he examines the distance
and sees his existence
being inflicted
with coma vandalism
triggering the ignition
of dystopian soul somnambulism
doomed to walk a future
that threatens
to leave him more alone
than his planet prison
shitty directing
this isn’t my show
there’s no remote
and there’s channels missing
the monetization of observation
they charge you to see
and NOT what you’d feed your eyes’ dilation
the images aren’t what you seek
a beautiful garden
and used for cars
as a street
it’s hard to believe
how truly lost
humans can consciously be
it’s like they’ll do anything
to produce more carbon
and make it harder to breathe

who needs oxygen
when you’ve got a million vaults
of cha-ching
a thoughtful disease
‘how can we most effectively
decimate what is pure?’
humans aggressively infect
so as to never let nature mature
no meditation
the realm of self-medication’s ignored
in-depth examination of self
is the most prevalent way to your core

what’s significant to you

and how can it be obtained
without bringing harm to your surroundings
to facilitate your gain
it isn’t at all necessary
for you to administer pain

in order to stimulate
the pleasure center
within your brain
unless of course
you’re the sort
to take pleasure in something’s pain
it’s unfortunate
that the world
is infested with such a thing

Saturday, December 16, 2017

tsunamicarchitecture(prod. by nix)

written and performed by:  (in order of appearance)

rpm the brown robe


prod. by nix

verse 1: [rpm the brown robe]

the architect speak up
reach up
from his resting place
standing for his right
in what’s destined to take place
much liver at any rate
filtering the outside world
inner pearls enchant
how crazy things once were
then like weren’t
sometimes i’m currents
sometimes gone like
not returning
rocking the turin shroud
as a turban
transferring learning
the light is curing
if he can just find
how to be certain
behind the curtain
lie the same damn thing
man just reaching for bling
on the brink
pushing the o-ring
no thing in nature
portray the maker that way
that kind of display
will get her taken away
somewhere in there
is what’s not in the database
through the magic haze
of capital gains

and waste
you’re on board the clairvoyager
not just some everyday destroyer
the soul has no employer
spoil yourself less
let the mystery stay dressed
or you could stay stressed
going ‘round
all bent on a razor edge
in the present tense
i ascend seven steps
propitiating nephilims
madmen in bethlehem
in my element
your favorite rappers are less intense
i work the flow
like a crescent wrench
at prophetic ends
look through your own lens
wipe it down
with this here rag
i’m a jack
i’m an ace
a m7stic hag
transporting back in time
with no lag in the mind
high in the tower spire
in a window out of my mind
how could i be blind
it all depends
on what side of the ‘i’ am i
i plan to climb

you’re a pantomime
i’m a phantom rhyme
in your crumbling paradigm
the architect
laying steps in the grand design

verse 2: [stranded]

i surf the sands of time
like norrin radd
inside an hourglass
in search of
the soul i lost
as a result
of a cosmic power bath
i am what you cannot believe
the shadow
of a shadowless monstrosity
the wrath
of an unimagined scifi glossary
is it clairvoyance
if what your eyes have seen
are events
that take place in a past
that at some point in the future
you travel back in time to breed
cast beyond belief
with exotic matter tacit properties
the known has chasms
what you don’t fathom
would crack your mind in three
like bui
swinging a trilateral axe
at a giant tree
a single cloud’s tiny leaf
on the inaudible sound
of a silent breeze
on a stream of focused thoughts
as loud as a siren’s scream
peacefully dozes off
and drowns in a quiet dream
a mountain of light
a shroud
of unrequited beams
a solar fountain
with the shrike’s physique
there’s no account
for what these spikes could mean
photons frozen
bound in an icy freeze
it’s like being trapped

in your own private
ash dimension

a cold
silent hill apprehension
fluttering wings
budding signals of aposematism
that are only distinguished
with anachronistic vision
by someone with intuition
surpassing temporal limits
a mutant viewing remotely
what a scope
with an astral lens
the sight of those
born to bypass
normal eye paths
those capable
of the extrapolation of data
from a fast forward time lapse
mere mortals’ minds collapse
in a series of vortices
swallowed fast
pulled in
with the torque
of an astronomically enormous python’s grasp
the chaos of the vacuum
of a distorted
orgonite bomb blast

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

aworlddescends(prod. by nix)

written and performed by:  (in order of appearance)


rpm the brown robe

prod. by nix

verse 1: [stranded]

a mystic eye

to which a modest lens abides
that seems to often
catch profound blips of time
this raw energy
is absolutely synthesized
by a chemist
who firmly insists
that it’s just improvised

a mural swirls again
a world descends
light ignites birds within
sojourn begins
this is what happens
when a person evanesces away
without ever actually
setting foot in a grave
one travels far and near
from here to away
a coronal field appears
as a soul is nearing escape
energy emanates
ebbs and breaks
the figures
on each side of a ratio
progressively switching place
as the transposition
finishes taking place
this new form tethered
by a tentative chain of fate
at any moment
it can be absorbed
back into its lamp
a sheath implodes
its sword
ripped from its hand
i suspect
that’s why society was built
to entrance
distract us from
becoming avid travelers

but on these rare occasions
when fortune smiles
in mysterious ways
and somehow
we can slip out the cage
we must take advantage
as the grains of sand
spill away
weave ‘em like ‘friction’
masta killa in rain

this profound peace
however brief
when it is weighed
against our much longer periods
imprisoned away
we find
the scales are balanced
with equivalent weight
because abundance and significance
are two different things

i go inside my skull
and drift through the maze
as my mind evolves
its walls
transfigure away
i stare into outer space
while earth spins through the shade
and find myself lost
in the abyss of a gaze
just consider
…for all eternity
the night will disguise
entire worlds
behind obscure lights in the sky
it looks like
taulmaril’s bolts of lightning preside
a screen capture
of catti-brie fighting the gods

verse 2: [rpm the brown robe]

the verbal lighting rod
evoking the squad
on up high
amongst divine
not just after a good time
even though
that’s of course
to be had
it’s all there in the math
learn how to add
learn how to burn to ash
then back up again
i funk gems
like you don’t understand them
like when you do
they’re right there in your hands
i walked amongst land
littered with economic problems
let’s help you solve them
here guy
apply solvent
or let the girls take it all away
‘cause you’re acting all obtuse and shit
that means one-sided business
my rhymes ring true
like speed dial digits
a meteor shower visits
you’re like ‘wow’
what a vision
that was a long time
can you believe it
i’m steady weaving
like this woven teach string
in between hymns
on my knees
fighting for some freedom ring shit
don’t go there
it’s prayer
i’m on some voltaire
i think we can both declare
like we’re told they’re
fresh native

like breathing this toltec air
go to heck
if you got the motor head
i’m steady
let go
ill rhyming from there and back
and don’t go to bed
EYE stole a photo
of my own ego
my zen took over
y’all cats are tall tales
short winded pinocchio
there’s an open window
so wide
you wouldn’t know it
you’re all down in the mouth
just below it
i’m equilibrium
in elysium
you’re what’s keeping them
‘r’ to the ‘p’ ‘m’
’til we meet again

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

cirromorphicairspace(prod. by aquariusminded)

written and performed by:  (in order of appearance)


zodd the immortal

prod. by aquariusminded

 verse 1: [stranded]

offbeat circadian
lost in a bleak irradiance
a creature quite familiar
with what disorientation is
roaming his prison
pretending he’s not an alien
secretly formulating
his plot of escaping it

occasional fickle flames
on immortal candlewicks
perpetual evolution
of the canon of what can exist

….my meditation
conjures galaxies of transience
worlds that hatch
form and collapse
into peaceful ambience
the rogue interpretations
of shadow accretion analysts
home to anthropomorphic
astral clouds
that speak somnambulant

…take a halberd to the face
serrated molecules
shadows lurk
in baby goblin dunes
subatomic ghouls
stranded on the outskirts of dirt
we hide in pools
rogue fish
who on occasion
blip in episodic schools
a momentary twitch
their wrists
give off a sonic boom
like guile
in street fighter ii
these galaxies are not for you
i’m but one of a conscious few
who constitutes an ebb’s demise
an unnoticed moment
marks the roots
of a legend’s rise

in search
of what the depths would hide
only seen
by the most unique
sets of eyes

such things
elude the shallowescent mind
self-imposed prisoners
surrenderers of every kind
fall victim to a foe
who with
only one step would die
they stand still
as they get wrapped up
in a web of lies
you can’t be given hope
to escape
if you’ll only accept your binds
that’s just more
of that irony
alessa finds
souls are most at peace
while wandering unmeasured time
free from their temporal imprisonment
my own two are the only temples
you’ll find me religiously visiting
real absorbed
kneeling before
all that i’m witnessing
as i solemnly sift through it
earmarking what’s interesting
lost in crisscrossing infinites
in pausing increments
blinking in and out
of atomic bomb-like instances
shrinking beneath profound
epiphanic cosmic filaments

i get smaller all the time
there’s so much more than me
i ain’t shit
everything that exists
evolves from sorcery
magic is at the bottom
of what reveals the world we see
our entire macrocosm
pales to the quantum worlds beneath

verse 2: [zodd the immortal]

consume planets
spit ruins
and shit humans
lift moons
in the monsoon movement
scaly skinned alien
an eagle’s face gazing in
the sun is phasing
the moon’s changing grins
i’m grim daily
seemless changing
like baby twins
the plaguing of a generation
no one is made to win
deadly sins playing on a ukulele
life’s a crazy simulation
of what you might have been
the slightest glimpse
leaves you blinded
two timing hymns

how are you just now convinced
under the rule
of the foulest prince
i’m not perfect
but i’m also not human
i’ll admit

the calloused grip
you get slammed into earth’s crust
it bursts guts
there are no challenges
in the forest of realms
where the blasphemed souls dwell
and madness’ held captive
the unknown ever lasts
within the vast growing blackness
she’s mad as she chants
with stained glass lips
figure like an hourglass
but watch for her wrath
it’s entangled in madness
relaxed venomous kisses
that she’s entranced with
story goes that it
once killed a blacksmith
condemned by her majesty’s magic
the town was in panic
insanity classic
i get to work on your casket

black cats crossed paths
within the vanishing castle
with laughter
she brandished a black hole
hell whispered the passcode
it collapsed backroads
and cracked open ever afters

i climbed in
and fell through forbidden chapters
a moment intimate with disaster
god gifted the rapture
the arrival of the cryptic messenger

i break course
the floors melt

they reached out their tentacles
for help

Sunday, December 3, 2017

opaquevoyage(prod. by aquariusminded)

written and performed by:  (in order of appearance)

rpm the brown robe


prod. by aquariusminded

verse 1:  [rpm the brown robe]

rpm on the mic son
the sun done gone down
making truth with its loved one
like fahrvergnugen
i’m audi
but leaving behind an offering
in the form of virtual sample
like a handshake
earthquakes on mandates
on my m.o.
and that makes my metaphysical lifestyle
i been around like van wilds
and burners
that breathe the vapors
from the oil
of toil true
fade from one time
to still happening
you never have to save
built in auto function
dialed with correct timing
set the path on blast
to find things
as you come to them
refresh to make it understand
knowledge keep you younger than
wisdom through experience
ride upon a ray
of gamma band bending
to reach the planet
before the gathering end
grab another bag
and pitch in
with the rest of us
traveling bags of dust
what’s left of trust
that we let rust
and oxidize
for all
time flies
a count of eyes
how many of us still memorize
and how many summarize
to make it dramatized
real cannibalized
but can fantasize
and fantasy should never despise
nor let be despised
this what a three-eyed druid surmised
when he came back
snatched the patent
then applied
different formulas
combined by design
filling blanks
like dna planks
rising to the right hand side
and ever so slightly aggrandized
with my command files
and i also have a real knack
for letting go
gain altitude for altruism
and flew
through the vision
dudes listen
how many of y’all killing mission
need ambition
why you tripping
stay your position
hold post in the cell division
convincing all the opposition
like some type of politician
you need tradition

throw it up for mysticism

throw it up

verse 2:  [stranded]

…pure inner vision

i couldn’t look at humans
with more cynicism
there is no more
a despicable organism
they insert themselves
in healthy cyphers
and pour venom in them
why do they issue hurt
i know that they feel pain themselves
why not prevent others
from ever knowing
the things they’ve felt

being abused
is no excuse
for hunting innocence
anyone who exhibits this
gets no forgivenesses
i despise those
who reinforce awful sentiments
you should strive
to never be to blame
for someone’s emptiness
go inward like siddhartha
as the river drifts
conjuring astral images
quantum mirror wormhole
mind altering vertigo
how many worlds you know?

i am not satisfied
with this current paradigm
so i am the architect
of a much more repaired design
i do my part
and don’t concern myself
with what others do
no one who’s alive
doesn’t have to live
with what they do
if they don’t see for themselves
that they need to improve

fuck’s it supposed to mean
to be berated by you

any such behavior’s
just a waste of your fuel
just be persistent
like pepé le pew


i’d walk on drug needles for shoes
if it meant the difference
between me being me
or being you
it’s like fast forward
slow exposure
photographic volleyball
i’m lost
in the eye
of a storm of [fuck all of y’all]
that bullshit obscures
until it’s just a blur

blanketed in disregard
until it’s stricken
from my earth
you will only ever
see me embrace
what i appreciate
i will never hold onto
that which would see peace deflate
it would eat away at my soul
if i chose not to deviate
and it’s scant enough as it is
without being willfully decayed

energetic deficiency
that still measures considerably
‘cause despite how empty i am
i still give every bit of me
the only times
i fail to give all i’ve got
is when it’s for me
‘cause i can’t help
but respond
to all the flaws
that my mirrors speak
despite how much love
i provide
there’s an insufficiency
i will never be satisfied
with what those in my heart
get from me

Sunday, November 26, 2017

numbedbyascorpion(prod. by ⚛aumaura⚛)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by ⚛aumaura⚛


i’m pushing
on a bubble-like
dimensional boundary
from outside
you see a creature
pressed against a balloon

i make bulbs of light ignite
producing a shine
from a frequency
slightly out of tune
with your eyes
if you were to readjust
i’d look like lucy in the sky
my aura poking through the world
where humans reside

what is this
your world is just one
mine is under it
shadow looks after
all the matter
that the sun forgets
a scorpion’s tail
becomes a whip
the venom in its moonbeams
consumes me
i’m numb as shit

i’m escorted
to a comfortable abyss
with this poison
moving through my bloodstream
this is what you get
a century-long depiction
of an hour of meteors
the most exquisite shower
in the sky
you’ve ever seen before
when you’re in the grips of this
peace cannot be ignored
serene allure
sharper than a tongue
made out of a sea of swordz
you can’t escape
you’re captured
by the hands of fate
trapped inside a shadow
held captive by a vanta lake

from inside the darkness
a tiny spark expands away
an explosion
a flammable ocean
of titanic waves
like bruce
being swept with gamma rays
truly blessed
he accrues a debt
that he can’t repay

a permanent high tide
of fire
with whatever lies
on the outskirts
omniverse wide

the introduction of a glow
to an unlit hole

was enough to evoke
a zillion-sunlit soul

but the vessel
where its nestled
is an unfit home
a disheveled moon
tethered to an upkept globe

it doesn’t make sense
what’s real’s so fake
such pain
shouldn’t be allowed
to feel so great
but sometimes
reality seals your fate
and bends
around the laws of logic
to reveal its shape


i’m pushing
on a bubble-like
dimensional boundary
from outside
you see a creature
pressed against a balloon

Sunday, October 15, 2017

deathruinviolence(prod. by rogu)

written and performed by:  (in order of appearance)

p. wrecks


prod. by rogu

track taken from the album 'bridge drawn'.....available at the following link:


verse 1: (p. wrecks)

far sight
teller of tales untold
wonder undersold
cold slaughter
plastic soldier
game of ghost following host
guilt ridden apology
to the geo sphere
with fingers behind crucifixion

drew another stone
brew another cup
dew on a fingertip
under foreplay
door to a volcano
doesn’t need a floor
to stand on any more
to sacrifice
than one once had
in a fucking dunce cap
rap is adolescent

bureaucrats lack the talent
to address the evidence
just pad print barcodes
to better self security
self reflecting
is the current echo chamber
dead infection
skull dressing
skilled method
but practice to keep practicing

stress burns cataracts
cat tracks precision pawed
how many moons until our mountain range
cleared my sampler’s banks
put on a ski mask
and read a comic book

that’s persuasion
that’s my urn
ashed in understanding

other hand cold
contemplates the remainder
construct your own puzzle
that’s meant as a compliment
calmly misunderstood most of
constructive of these words don’t play
naysayers don’t freight
fright night
any time the moon
is resting in the windowsill
twist to shut blinds
and open sessions
the room full of crawling spines
okaying decaying cosmos
mirrored distorted cathedrals
insects behind stained glass
pen too dull
the sword from sticking back
and stabbing sticky notes
envelopes we sealed ourselves into
licked the stamp
and it dissolved
grave robbers go on suicide leave

verse 2: (stranded)

they fall into a hollow grave
that swallows those
who try to take
these particular corpses
prefer not to be bothered
while they lay
they transform into wormholes
transport ‘em to a future world


from the vehicle
that carried them across the vector

they find the framework
of their bodies
next to an intricate dollhouse
made of elaborate elvish architecture

when the 100th monkey knowz
it overcomes the globe
the bold
distinguished heart
of a single spark
that won’t succumb to snow

a castle’s vast disgruntled moat
spans a rebel multiverse
lurks below a drawbridge
that only special souls traverse
a solar echo pulse dispersed
trespassers met by teeth
as crescent cheek’d
flesh eating nebulas
calmly go berserk
immortal waltz with bones
the posture of a photograph
if you look closely
you’ll see me yoke a mask
and hear dōhji laugh
the shriek of ichigo’s collapse
i begin to swirl
jagan event horizon
point at which
i leave and enter worlds
come and go like obito
through his mask’s only hole
my soul aglow
molecules diffuse
unfolding slow

with progressive
evanescing spread vibrations
travel surreptitiously
until i reach my destination
whereupon i’ll integrate
initiating restoration
ash ascends to space
a phoenix in an ancient nest
the sky assumes i levitate

Thursday, September 28, 2017

__clew__?(prod. by 7th galaxy)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by 7th galaxy

a star
being born
from a galaxy
and a crystal shard
akin to frogs
a mirror blips afar

a distinct reflection
a flicker
with apogee-al roots
a compressed packet of light
sent by a shadow
the first intracontinental burst
that reaches you
a message
carried by a walkingstick bird
that says
‘peace to you’
but on the way
it had to make a pit stop
to say
‘eat some food’
this bird closes its eyes
and takes the scenic route
it goes
where the shadow’s heart explodes
sees its truth
tethered to this energy
it ends up where it leads it to
attached to its intentions
tentacles in an ether realm
a hydrostat supporting life
like leaves
when a tree exhales

deep as hell
an insomniac
in a sleeper cell
as soon as she sees the owl
she jumps out
and leaves her cell
chilling on the seat
while she runs out in the street

to find a way
to finally change
the way she sees herself

ayo jiraiya
love is not just for you
it may be going elsewhere
but i still got enough for you

uncle who?

a shadow
is the sun removed
your father
and another
are the only ones
with such a view

by virtue of who they are
they earned a peek
beneath the mask
it’s even darker underneath
but certain people see a flash
a light
even hidden from the candle
it’s connected to
once he discovers
this wick ablaze
what’s he left to do
that’s a story for another time
back to this stellar seed
the bird i sent a bird to
asked his past
to help set him free
she released
a telepathic meditative scream
a crystal for a crystal
FORBIDDING scalpels to make a seam
with enough chromium
to serve as kryptonite
to weaken the kryptonians
so tokyo could dip the knife
jiraiya made his way
to this existential plane
galaxy to galaxy
nanoka to the milky way
arrival time 2:22
he came with patterned symmetry
it takes a shadow
to gaze at shadow imagery

he sits stoic in nature
amassing energy
with the intent to pass it
to otomo’s classic centerpiece
when i release my clones
they don’t often go back into ME
it’s love
i freely give myself
to those who have it
when in need
and those who have it
should know
that they have it
for infinity
it will never be revoked
unless they grossly act despicably
and in effect
change their very fabric
my love will dissipate
‘cause it’s not attached
to that identity

so fear not
my judgment in such things
is rather marvelous
constructive evolution
in oneself
the path is arduous
so much time within
engineering consciousness
spending years
peering into mirrors
like a narcissist

evolving quick
i keep my eyes peeled
for walkingsticks

i’m quite observant
sighting birds
that veer off and dip

a flock
made up of species
that don’t even fly as one
separated by miles
but connected
on a cosmic hunt

one particular owl
ventured out
inside for love
while another bird
discreetly shadows
jiraiya young

Monday, September 25, 2017

just...(prod. by klinging swordz)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by klinging swordz

space itself
spreads its arms
the stars are cradled well
you’re straight
like ‘l’
lower case
with me
you know you safe as hell
even though
it seems i’m cold at times
just shine
you’ll make me melt
be calm
quit trying to find
something wrong
when my embrace is felt
don’t concern yourself
with harming me
just sink
and save YOURSELF
even if i WAS to scar
that’s peace
i’d long to take that L
in the event that i’m sleeping
when you call
i awake from hell


happier than laughing
watching dave chappelle

you underestimate
the power you have over me
how often i’m alone with peace
because i never won’t be reached

it keeps my dome at ease
knowing for certain
you have a securely frozen
permanently open
wormhole to speak
making me sever that connection’s
wack to me

but still
i seppuku’d myself
and reattached the sheath
you found a way
for you to clash with grief
‘cause i have the audacity
to love you from mad capacities

i won’t apologize
for the way
my heart blasts from me
and you get wrapped up
in its arms
as they grab and squeeze

that’s just me
both in and out the sea
this is just what love is like
above the heights of alchemy

you have all the power
if you feel
that this has got to stop
i don’t know
how to turn it off
and there’s no volume knob

vampire by mistake
i apologize
i’ll learn to starve
if draining you’s
the only way that i’ll survive
if you said
“we don’t got no vibes”

i’d say
“i’m not surprised”

‘cause dark and light
don’t look at all alike
side by side

don’t go outside and hide
go within
dive inside
fuck shaking him
shake the etch ’n sketch
erase the lines of time
don’t bury yourself
under the pain
while you die inside
fight and rise
stay on top
like hakeem olajuwon

i’m not a hero
i’m just skillful
shaking pompoms
you’re doing all the work
i’m just chilling on the sidelines

i’m just encouragement

love and nourishment
you’re the one behind
the elaborate custom workmanship
i create an atmosphere
that magnifies assertiveness
and provides environments
to satisfy resurgences
but you’re the one responsible
for any progress you make
‘cause you’re the one
who’s got to move
to energize the steps you take
all the time
you spend inside
criticizing everything
you could use your inner eye
to visualize much better things
fuck all of those without
who wish to start your funeral
the flux of your soul abounds
what’s within is far more beautiful
you’re incredible
the most pleasant light
i ever knew

i’m mad grateful
i was able to connect with you
i wish i knew a way
to persuade you to accept your truth
but in that
i’m powerless
so that’s a challenge
that is left with you
it’s hard for me to fathom
how even ravaged by pain

your aura is comprised
of such spectacular flames
in the end
there’s only one thing
i have left to say…

Friday, September 1, 2017

atomicbladework(prod. by chief bob)

written and performed by:  (in order of appearance)

golden swords


prod. by chief bob

verse 1: (golden swords)

shaolin disciple and stranded
intertwine into one blade
two elements of emceeing
combined into one sword
razor sharp lyrical force
will crack the earth’s crust
and throw the globe off course
chopping off heads of commercial emcees
their soul stuck in between heaven and hell
trapped in between good and evil
forever lost
hip hop is my religion
pray to the culture
that been crucified on a cross
spit darts through your blood vessels
through my rhyming style
you can see
their commercial style of rap music
outlined in chalk

poetry split your face open
like moses' staff
suplex metaphors on paper
and break the blue lines in half
swing iron daggers
regurgitate ill vocabulary
represent the true emceeing craft
wake up the hidden eye
poetical katana blades
left your inner mind with a righteous gash
most cats flow for green cash
so i feed your mind state
with verbal vegetables
spit poems thru your cerebal cortex
bathe your mind state in knowledge
like a bath
lyrically hard headed like a rams mentality
on an infinite writing quest
that’s a never ending task
deadly rhymes trapped inside my minds iris
kicking poetry thru the mic cord
like a 9 months old fetus
in a pregnant woman’s stomach
gave birth to an ill verse
when i form an alliance
wrote scrolls
paint pictures of the commercial world
so you can see the diabolic science

the power
from the lyrical
and poetical ink brush
will shatter
your physical alignment into dust
the sky talker
elevate from the earth’s crust
spit poems
lyrically diving into the clouds
regurgitate underground lyrics
busting out of a worm’s hole
write five fingers of death
the kid with the golden touch
the shinobi microphone holder
split your frame open
like cigar paper
stuff elevated thoughts
inside of the ink tube
like marijuana inside of a dutch
spit darts
leave holes in the mic
like 9 iron ring broad sword
skills is heavy
through the process of the verse
you get your frame crushed

shine bright
spit daggers the color of the sun
the element of fire
burn down your weak kingdom
spit poison
like a ninja blow gun

emcees be changing faces
for fame
like jet li’s profile in ‘war’
iron ink spill through the paper
thoughts pour
poetry is priceless
like golden horses that they kill for
poems from the manual
swing deadly
like blood rain sword
through the instrumental
thoughts run like leopard claws
slice through emcees
now i got this game locked
like pit bull jaws
snakes slither on the floor
spit verbal bullets
through your mentality
blow the hinges off your mental doors
let the golden swords saga begin
grab microphones
blowing up shit like c4

verse 2: (stranded)

fuck you looking at me for
put your eyes away

before you zoom in
on all kinds of blades
katana rain
walking cloud
horizontal pain
your blood responds
by erupting
but matrix dodges
so as not to touch me

its flight cut short

joshua guthrie’s
there’s so much more
than what the eyes can just see

go further inside it
trust me

i’m on some ‘one’ is always +3
but the bridge is not exactly complete
it’s up to you
to make the viaducts link

complete the puzzle
rubick’s q*bert pyramid
my imagination reconstructs you
can you discern confusing words
when i speak in jumbles
on occasion
i conjure flames
on a leaf that crumbles
colossal kaiju beasts
arrive and leave
in light pleated bubbles
exotic alchemy
i’m a cloud
from an egregious jungle
a dark figure
made of sound
towering above you
and despite my hatred
i am peace
when i don’t even love you

i don’t approach bullshit
that’s like shooting ghosts
with full clips
a satellite is stupid
if it roams that orbit

foolish human race
don’t ruminate
such basic mind sets
your non-death
is an unappreciated concept

i spend nights streamed
awake inside of dreams
that ain’t my rem

the japanese tell stories
about the way that i rest

legend has it
that my origins
have evaded context[echoes out for a bar]

few consider the roots
while many pick fruit
in their self-proclaimed
superior variation
of an insignificant skin suit
no clue what lies within themselves
while trying to tell you
what exists within you
makes me want to bum
one of nathan summer’s guns
to pistol whip you
distort the coordinates of your face

concaving space
then calmly walk away
with blood dripping from a wormhole

wandering bewilderment
off on a shadowalking pilgrimage
lost inside my mind’s cosmic wilderness
lone explorer

you can see
but cannot hold an aura
that don’t belong to you
this holds true
for even glow absorbers
can be extinguished
but not sustained
their energy will fizzle
‘cause your signature
is not the same
one’s essence is a sensitive quilt
it’s from within that it’s built
so it’s only natural
it’ll lose integrity
if it is peeled
there is no more contemptible filth
than those
who would deliberately
cause petals to wilt
and not be fettered with guilt
you should be fed a sword
from its tip to its hilt
that spins like a drill
in super slow motion
until you are killed

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

yagamidark(prod. by aloeight)

written and performed by: (in order of appearance)

eligh (don't have his lyrics)

prod. by aloeight

light descends
over obscure
cognitive tombstones
blotted with doomed souls
completely oblivious
to the pen
that digs their new homes
just a sentence
could put an end
to their bloom

entire root structures
decay and collapse
riding lightning
as thunder rumbles
fading to black

the sun moves
its planets tumble
trailing in back


we will eventually crash
but by then
we will have come and gone
millenniums past
but perhaps
we will have developed technology
able to stop the end
and prevent the orbit
from falling into its grasp

who knows
possibility is infinity
two fold
many are lost
as they walk
where truth roams
so used to what’s false
they contribute frost
to what’s already too cold
they need to alter the phase
dig into the hearts of their brains
as they walk
in shadows
cast by thoughts
when they’re flames

will catapult you to things
spooky action at a distance
stars apart
can establish ignition
substantially divert a path
in an instant
some destinations are reached
despite the traveler’s intention
sometimes all it takes
is a lepidopteran wing flap intervention
and the waves of a tsunami
crash in the distance

chain reactions
the subtle ways
of magic’s existence

hiding right behind the pursuit
so no matter where it looks
it’s not in its view
by the tracker’s cognitive loop
inattentional blindness ensues
it goes unnoticed
like donkey lips
on fox
he died
because jessica alba’s so cute
an ‘x’
a ‘5’
a ‘4’
a ‘5’
and a ‘2’
one of the most remarkable specimens
the manticore project produced

much like eyes only
i only have eyes for the truth

an observer
the world in which i wander
is huge
a single chamber
in a honeycomb the size of our moon

which means
if you made a chart
you’d still see the entire pie
if my slice was removed
you become more narrow
the wider your view
is an explosion
that results in a vestige
an rogue interloper
that renders what’s shown ineffective
an omnivoyant approach
will always broach misconceptions
that subdue hidden jewels
that would bestow you with lessons

Sunday, July 16, 2017

shadowphysics(prod. by 7th galaxy)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by 7th galaxy

silver corneas
photonic formulas
a creature of the dark
soft light euphoria
eyes gently glow
calm energy
splashing out of them
suspended above a forest
abrupt obscurity
shrouding him
his vessel enveloped
in a cloud of limbs
he unusually flies
moving through the sky
like an owl swims
armed with a scowl grin
he gazes at the land below
creating chronomantic holes
for any who abandon growth
ending their time
with a carefully contrived
pedantic blow
by the disorienting trails
of a clock’s hands that slow
flux capacitor
with a sequestrian manifold
march on the universe
with an army
built in the phantom zone
lunar life form
skywalker blood
muted lightstorm
i glitch amidst the stars
flicker against the ocean floor
defiladed consciousness
my software isn’t open-source
a roaming shadow
a ronin
walking with a broken sword
or does it just have
partial invisibility cloaking on
you defend
according to
where you think
the end of the sword is
and therefore
get stabbed
when you’re certain
that it’s a sure miss
i am shadow
a member
of a rare species of outworlders
hailing from an amaterasu
noctilucent cloud forest
my jagan fuming
an aura of violet
profound currents
the more i exude it
the more the light illuming
is malnourished
the embers consumed
through the use
of umbral manipulation
dark defiant druidry
triangulated initiation

the sky vivids
beneath the weight
of the implications
the change in momentum created
by a silent eclipse instated
only time will tell
if what i’ve unveiled
is divination
i hope when i reach the future
i’m able to find
my vision sated

and if not
may i be blinded
i don’t want to see my world
with hollow space inside it
what matters most
by a swirl
that permeates my eyelids
a void
absorbing what’s in my heart
like langoliers
working hard
to erase what drives it

completely unrelated
a torch unhides
a portal
that contains a door
through time
that travels to
before our marrow was formed
by what allowed us
to soar through the sky
foraging wide
prepared to swallow
any prey we could afford
with our eyes
they collapsed
to be absorbed
by our spines
to be reactivated
fastforward in time

humans are so stupid
lying dormant inside
the solution is evolution
you must transform
if you want to fly

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

dimethyltriptomars(prod. by anübis dōhji)

written and performed by sea/swordz (pronounced:  sea of swordz)

prod. by anübis dōhji

 a severed hand
holding a man
as a triangular
hyperspace expanse
makes his head expand

an animated skeleton
coming out of a gap
in one dimension
from another
all relaxed
as if it's done
more inter-dimensional travel
than quinn mallory has
a pink sky
with one cloud
at its back
face like a terminator
without its mask
at some sort of
advanced technological hourglass

could this object
found in its grasp
be responsible
for some ominous
hour to pass
where are the rest
of the tentacles
that that invisible octopus has

is that woman's head
in a trophy case
appearing as if
it is in the midst
of a lycanthropic change
is it in some sort of fluid
if this picture was moving
would we be watching
it float away
i see a lot of smoke
no flames

are we seeing
the unidentified flying 'o'
or go away

and why are those buildings
seemingly weightless
in pieces
is that how they were designed
or is there
an invisibility device
that they are strategically
being erased with

what is the significance
of the triangle
missing in the table
being penetrated
by one of the mysterious
cephalopodic appendages

is that rabbit in a hat
semi-spherical ball
a magician's trick

is it all an illusion
being viewed
from the perspective
of where the audience would sit

he put his hand
through a window
being seen
from the side
what goes in
doesn’t seem to arrive
but on another screen
he provides
you see the scene
i previously described

and who the hell
is that old man
can it be
that he is being held
by his own hand

Thursday, July 6, 2017

atinyemptiness(prod. by dirtylosttapes)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by dirtylosttapes

…i’m not even close
to who i should be
at most
too insubstantial
to even constitute being a ghost
doomed to endure
a lack of wind
at sea all alone
the density that my soul achieves
is weaker than smoke

a shell of myself
at best
a pale silhouette

playing out a snail’s build to death
by a zillion breaths
you don’t quite understand
the gravitational force
the situation
and the weight it supports

caught in the embrace
of a sensationless torque
that wrenches one away from their source
a maelstrom
the size of the sea of space
swarming with sharks
compressed into a tiny emptiness
that pulls you apart
if you wish to know
why i’m most comfortable
where the darkness is yo
it’s ‘cause much of the light
that i’ve come to know
is artificial
positivity typically equates
to the laud it gets you
you fake fucks can eat
an entire mech’s arm of missiles
i wholeheartedly welcome
the tenth avatar of vishnu
may hell come for you all
the fall paroxysmal
just because i hate
don’t mean i don’t love
my heart’s official
feelings aren’t contingent
on comprehension
you’re monolingual
make an effort
to learn my language
you ain’t no participle
you don’t get to decide
i mean something i don’t
shit’s far from simple
rosetta stone
when it’s thrown
the pond will ripple
the truth extends itself
to the sharpest mentals

pretty soon
stars won’t find our globe
the sky alone
by an opaque biodome
what evidence do you have
that humans affect the climate’s mode
by the time proof
will be enough for fools
that door cannot be closed
much of what they choose
provides the future
with a somber tone

the significance
of the successful
siege on scarif
by a rogue
although obscured
garishness hides below
the threat
of anachronistic steampunks
buried within a cryo-hole
and the transformations
these three experience
until their time explodes
flash to where tomorrow dwells
just slightly after
there was a blast
stars fell
like bar bells
the size of africa
for any assassination
weapon market’s spectacular
they got an aerosol blowdart
with a flux capacitor
it circumvents time
and wanders through quantum apertures
to teleport specks of sawdust
to the hearts of draculas
to the knowledge
self-arcwelded passenger
his meditation prompts
a heartfelt allelic massacre
mutations in the dark well
the skull-enveloped scavenger
you’re a pilot
you’re brain and your body
are like a mazinger
seventh galactic hotbox
spliffs mad long
suicide with a shotgun
shit’s that strong
it’s like a mech
using its cannon
as a big ass bong
the smoke leaves the barrel
like a dispatched bomb
a pyramid shapeshifts
its bricks transform
and it creeps across the desert
like it’s six past dawn
a lotus floats distinguished
in a pitch black pond
guarded by a buddha
looming ten flats tall
an abyss with no identity
frozen by splintering
once again intact
after perhaps
being gone for an infinity
a kyber-cell loss of energy
a sabre caught shimmering
photovoltaic inverting
in the throes
of decay and entropy
being blind
chirrut used the eyes
of a synesthete
he formed images
through the act
of meticulous listening

using a lightbow
to snipe far away enemies
and when he was taken
to see gerrera
they made sure that he couldn’t see
stupid cats
should’ve used headphones
that canceled noise

killed two senses at once
republic android
reprogrammed and deployed
to see that his former camp is destroyed
with the rebel clan that he joined

we all prefer
that the planet was void of humans
who won’t advance from a koi
if you don’t choose to evolve
like powder kegs
like daenerys being consumed by a star
with countless eggs
360 expansion fan
dragon wave-propegation
the blast unfolds
with adiabatic approximation
exploding so fast
it lacks emblematical oxidation
the temperature stays consistent
for the emphatic shock’s duration
obscurity doesn’t indicate
something that isn’t plentiful
it just means
it’s not widely acknowledged
it’s a hidden truth
you don’t know the ratio
of elements that we inhale
unless you analyze
what the air that we breathe entails
so much goes unnoticed
when you don’t look
you don’t see as well

the reverse can be as well

peace to side b
learn how to work that akai piece
i got dibs on your first fly beat
as long as josh peace
but back to this beautiful
piano-laden drum track
dirtylosttapes with blunt wraps
mosaic gun clap
the power of wisdom
twin cipher ammunition
the blast
like alex’s sibling
with panoramic vision
we wreak havoc on those
who go into a trance
and listen

in a zone
their heads explode
like an aneurysm
silk road shooting range
many weaponz on display
body shaped silhouettes
surrounding where the bullets sprayed
all but what you’re shooting at
mazinga finger glock
precisely disintegrate a target
with a single shot
if you’ve ever witnessed
what that particular pistol does to cats
your hair will super saiyan
if you hear me cock that knuckle back
you can’t avoid the slug’s impact
it’s much more difficult than that
each shot’s
got a deoxyribonucleic-hunting app
made from extra-earth skeletal alloys
extracted from the spines
of stellar metallic cowboys
and voluntarily
on some kimmimaro kekkei genkai
the growth of hyperbaric
splinter-starmetal insides
reconfigured spinal discs
extinction level impact
equipped with go-go gadget combs
to part and push your wig back
thousand petal lotus
with the stem snapped
traces of a moth’s blood
no longer intact
ink brushed from a page

by a monk with a plague

swept underneath
a secret lurked a dungeon
in chains

but later liberated
it emerges unscathed
like a bird from its cage
to finally serve its purpose

and walk the earth
purple flames
my jagan erupts
a horde of auric dragons
surf your veins
as my katanas touch
imagery is conjured
from the energy that i conduct
strung together
with a web
of indigoic viaducts

over time
i’ve come to know
that i don’t cry enough

and even still
i have yet
to let my arid eyes well up
this is just how it’s occurred
it’s not meant
or preferred
it just is
what it is
i’ve observed
but i’ve recognized the value
of a dissonant purge
i just haven’t been able
as of yet
to trigger the urge
or could it be
my tears have been
reconfigured as words
and i’ve laid my head
on the shoulders
of particular birds
the specific ones
to which
thewalkingstick has referred
without a flock
who chose not
to see ‘within’ as a blur

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

inwardstellarframework(prod. by cyborg 303)

written and performed by stranded

produced by cyborg 303

tumbleweed scuffle
under water
with swords made of flame
but they don’t disturb the water
its fluid state is sustained
the fire is more an image
than a temperature thing
but that’s not to say
that the ignition’s
not an instant away
the ripples of transcension
don’t exhibit decay
they’re a bubble
that keeps expanding
while its density stays
a dragon made of fire
swims in a rage
no horizon
the dark comprises
every inch of the blaze
fucks you up like goku
with wrenches for days
light reduction
the sun conducting monkey business
with shade
what was before
nothing more than a vestigial stain
a tale
to be told
to those
who descend from the pain
candyman mythology
the horror of childhood dreams
materialize on earth
in a subservient cloud of bees
a legend is not as much
what it was
as how it’s seen
its measure
is the amount that believes
powerful seeds
once sown
these myths sprout into plants
and trees
that trickle down
like gallons
that span mountains
with streams
the convolution of veins
that protrude from the range
curiosity mass produces
mad fruit for the brain
this cyborg’s music
is a beautiful thing
it alludes to a strange
distant future that changed
the way that horn toots
is insane
in cahoots with the way
that drum loop is arranged
to an indian sort of flute
when it’s played
and the effect
on a snake’s movement
that’s presumably made
i’m moved to allow myself
to be removed from my cage
and explore
a new obscure evolutional stage

my cocoon torn
the mutant of blades
exhumed from a storm
with all the swords
that bloomed in the grave
in the shadows
our atoms plot
to improve what they shape
in some inhabitants
their appetites
soon are assuaged

everlasting wisdom
a flame established
in the middle of snow
twenty below

it tolerates the wind
as it blows
but holds
the principle
represented by the alchemist’s stone
transforms anything into gold
contemplation finds mutation
at the end of its road

the more you think
the more you sink
into a hole
like a cinnamon roll
into your soul
in the throes
of a gentle maelström
a tunnel to wonderland
a sojourn
that even seldom
dummies don’t understand
two birds in the bush
are rarely worth one in the hand
“i’m humble”
aren’t the words
of a humble child
or man
phantasmagorical grams
cause my lungs to expand
and they magnify all the data
i put under my lamp
i see as clear as the substance constructed
after bunson-ing sand
i scroll through neuroholograms
to summon guns to my hands
disinter jewels
from the most industrial scans
like echo hunters
to the umbral under lands

deep gnomes
tapping on stones
to track what they hold
by paying close attention
to the refraction of tones

even their keen ears
can miss the path that is shown

and no one listens better
than these cats
on the globe
mental manipulation of shadows
is known as umbrakinesis
when you behave
as if you have a remote
but what do you call it
when you’re the one
beneath the shadow’s control
when your every action
is decided
by light’s absence alone
slightly lit
i exist in a world
blacker than coal
but such pressure
has been known
to yield spectacular stones
shinigami apples
fibonacci fractals explode
we’re surrounded by patterns
that extend labyrinths below
the dimension of which
when measured beneath
examining close
the further in you zoom
they seem to actually grow
this lagomorph hole
an intrepid theoretical swirl
the depths that unfurl
are like leaping
off the edge of the world
just to discover
where you were
was just a speck of the mural
this sets off elucidation
like menes spitting ‘dural’

tossed in rumination
your whole perspective is hurled
your comprehension upended
a 3d structure twisted
into other dimensions
and even then
that wouldn’t cover
but so much of existence
the complexity of the physics
is like a tesseract
crumbled up and disfigured

to quantify it
would require hundreds of digits
and john nash formulas
scribbled in clusters
on windows

the most abknormal
out of all of the kninja
blades precipitate from clouds
he manifests with his fingers
a tragic storm on the forecast
perpetual winter
all shadows and grains of sand
telekinetically rendered

from a grenade
that genetically splinters
and crashes into the brains
of the most perceptive of listeners
the cellular whispers
hybrid code tether constrictors
reach forth
to what hasn’t yet been configured
and methodically wrap themselves
around telepathic pictures
with a direct
but nonthreatening signature
commands wander
as they will
to where they’re destined to venture

Monday, June 19, 2017

starcities(prod. by 7th galaxy)

written and performed by:  (in order of appearance)

dr. hatake downplay


prod. by 7th galaxy

verse 1: (dr. hatake downplay)

cold-fire weapons charge blade
clone replacements
12 monkey’s contaminants
sublime time vagrant
cannibalistic aliens
mutating in stages
7th dimensional space kicks
battle-star apocalypse
immortal portal catalyst
seeking orbital bliss
my timeline began
the same place it ended
with a glitchy past existence
firefly serenity
evolved from being absolved
from several identities
there’s no matching the intensity
when it’s from the psyche
enhanced ocular implants
advancements made precisely
electrically engineering perceptions
into widening
active camouflage
chaotic events and rioting
systems comply
evidence of a hyper-being
epic win gamer face
unstifled conquering
unstable matter igniting
heightened senses
future freaks of nature
hovering in the distance

hook (x2): (dr. hatake downplay)

this style has no remedy
naturally or chemically
bio-boosted heavily
with the necessary adjustments
trips to starcities
multiversal functions
auxiliary memories
ages that’s illustrious

verse 2: (stranded)

prehistoric fork
chrono-truth distorts
convoluted course
time mutants
rooted in the wake
of a future corpse

space dwarf
a titan of sorts
fading life support
igniting torches
in the brain
initiates a hyperwarp
a vessel
in a bioluminescent shell
a pirate sets sail
on a sea of fire
and never melts
to navigate these waters
you must be your higher
and separate self
the steps are symbolically
sheath bodies in parallel
spirit of the commander
truth lost in a fairy tale
mythology that blossomed
from the spot where polaris fell
time’s tangential nature
temporal aphasia
the message progressively forsaken
as the envelope’s favored
obscured by ambition
what matters
by the dearth of wisdom
you can’t imagine
what the earth has hidden

let alone
cities that glow
galaxies unknown
only an absolute fool
could think that we’re alone

hook (x2): (dr. hatake downplay)

this style has no remedy
naturally or chemically
bio-boosted heavily
with the necessary adjustments
trips to starcities
multiversal functions
auxiliary memories
ages that’s illustrious

Sunday, February 5, 2017

animpostor'smedicine(prod. by nsone)

written and performed by: (in order of appearance)

menes the pharaoh as mirage/bladez (pronounced: mirage of bladez)
sea/swordz (pronounced: sea of swordz)

prod. by nsone

verse 1: (mirage/bladez)

no watered down waves
an oasis away
bodies decay

with no blood in my veins
i hope to say
one day
i be better than okay

not really though
my tomb on display
for all of you
room at the gate
waiting for a moment of peace
to hate
my teeth scratch the plate
an open map
with brain tissue debates
a debacle of delays
the oracle
some would say
the owl wolf howls
it’s never safe
hatchet handz
and basket grams
noose you twice
to see
if you really hang

loop you real nice
to the breaks
see if you really slam
my land’s magic
the golden sands be grafted
too much for the eyes and ears
swaying from the rafters

verse 2: (sea/swordz)

pardon me
i had to pull the string
on a volcano first

inflate menes’ blood pressure
so his veins would burst

anger lurks beneath
like mass murders of crows
when they emerge from trees
scrolls are immersed in ink

it only took minutes
when menes went in search of beats

one arrived
from one of the other side
of earth’s elite

we never settle
for no mediocre sorcery
this spell’s
from where the deadliest
of creatures in the world convene
magic so dark
it’s powered by a moon
that can’t be visualized
unless it’s being viewed
by the most worthiest
of wizards’ eyes
one must be familiar
with realms
seldom observable
to step within the confines
of a construct not discernible
an abstract dimension
as far as the perspective
of man’s comprehension
not unlike the platform
for astral distension
you project yourself on a wall
that’s only half in existence
and like that
our axis is shifted

Saturday, February 4, 2017

adorabledegradation(prod. by 7th galaxy)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by 7th galaxy

a brief return
to methods of old
the peace incurred
never gets old
in each instance
it manifests on its own
develops and grows
embryonic gelatin
of which
will enclose
once it is whole
it provides
but it arrives
just as it goes
focus less
on what slipped your eyes
more on what you were shown
invasive surgical
bird's eye view
hovering above
the inner workings
of something
you'll never learn to do
immersed in truth
i drown
and do so happily
for when
such a thing is happening
i surrender to its gravity
but i don't die too often
i dwell in THIS reality
by peoples' thoughts
and the hell
that they're imagining
i let go of the car door
wiley wiggins
rising within an artform
my own thoughts form
reclaiming the territory
on which
these humans' hell
before me
was brought forth
addition by subtraction
an instant transmission
i disappear here
and reappear in satisfaction
the comfort found
in the mere act of my absence
a sight
that tear gas couldn't blacken
for i fight
the type to steer
into the path of the kraken
standing on the mast
peering past the distraction
this massive creature
regarded in such a way
it's just in the way
for where i plan to travel
is where i'm GOING to be
my journey is under way
it can be a needle
in a bunch of hay
to me
it's another day
because i will not be kept
from the tug
of the coming place
at times
i am drawn away
my trip
all but erased
but it's not from a lack of effort
or a lack of love's embrace
it's life
how things
placed before us
valleys and peaks
i prefer to climb mountains
that are out of my reach
and backstroke
on the valleys beneath

how could this be
the answer
can be found in this beat
grab a phone
and rabbit hole
out of this sleep
the escape velocity
is a conscious desire
and concentration
that leaves marks
like stria
when the thoughts are fired
the impact of which
when concentrated
offers to fire
high explosives
like when lost
is just starting to focus
overdosing on knowledge
to move with photonic motion
in my small sky
i've watched the light
sibling stars shine
just go dim
their silence
is a crime
that's gone unpunished
for such a long time
it's hopeless
but i hold out
for the slight chance
that y'all might
get to know them
i've had the pleasure
to feed microphones with
but went off the grid
on some 'leave me alone' shit

the winds of change blow
eroding the same
it's washed away
in the wake of the falling rain
the death of normal
the evolution of strange
nothing ordinary remains
it just decays

the winds of change blow
eroding the same
it's washed away
in the wake of the falling rain
the death of normal
the evolution of strange
nothing ordinary remains
there's no such thing

Friday, January 27, 2017

spiritorphanz(prod. by wakizashi jabberwockyz)

written and performed by: (in order of appearance)

7 arm'd labyrinth

prod. by wakizashi jabberwockyz (anübis dōhji & 7 arm'd labyrinth)

verse 1: (7 arm'd labyrinth)

cosmic babble
demons in the lunar house
ask a ferret
with one working tentacle
a favor
for some hyper juice
he said
‘i only use him for his music
i don’t even like the dude’
neverending cycle
labyrinth headed peasant icing you
i can’t afford no daggers

i stab with icicles
and rap with veteran status
labyrinth menacing writing
crash your house gathering
like ‘who the fuck invited you?’
ignoring logic
commune with demons often
‘cause i’m psychic
super heightened senses
i can use

lunar legend
drink anything
and act completely normal
unless it’s 211s
i can act real irresponsible
then lecture you in seconds
cognitive dissonant
depressing truth
accept it
remember that real impressive sentence
i just said to you
forget it zhu
i take too much of this medicine
and wreck my human vessel dude
but what’s a human vessel
to the next life
i’m bored of this
and know all the childish riddles
in this orphanage
i’m dusted

verse 2: (sea/swordz)

...this songs’ a product
of lightless aphotic ghoulishness
applied illogic
that conjured constant night
where only moons exist
i summoned demonic lunatics
to augment what the future is
a world far more conducive
to an amaterasu nucleus

this fog’s made up of
independent squads of pseudonyms
skulls are thousand petal lotus gardens
that too many blossoms bloom within
people concern themselves
too much
with the costume they’re in
i’m more concerned
with the creature behind the human skin
the incorrect
aberrant integration
the sophisticated knot
of intangible matter
photon/shadow amalgamation
it’s been speculated
that our world
is derived from imagination
whether or not
such an unlikely presumption is true
it is something
that our minds
are certainly
powerful enough to do
i admonish you
to acknowledge
the true strength
that you possess
become an innerspace cadet
and venture into the maze of webs
the cellular structure
that comprises your soul

we’re orphanz
‘cause we’re so inside
that outside
we’re alone