Tuesday, December 26, 2017

haunt(prod. by ())

written and performed by stranded

prod. by ()

this beat
makes me nod my head
like the hulk’s
response to threats
slamming loki
by his legs
on some ‘puny god’ whatevs
to capture
what my mind ejects
i write with electronic lead
my rhymes are puzzle pieces
from a sequence
that does not connect
i need to rearrange them
i’m a detail-natured architect
deinopis seeking prey
the things i say are spider threads
the computer keeps the pace
as i weave and shape
a great methodic web
who shift their eyes
to the sky
will find a net

you’d be surprised
how many times
the skin astride my astral body
to wriggle out
from under parasites
vampires i have fed
an energetic exodus
my fire ebbs
from where it can be usurped
through fangs inside my neck
i flick ‘em off my shoulders
starving cobras i do not respect
with calm composure
gently alter boulders
to their smallest specks
it doesn’t matter what they weigh
they crumble
by a hidden dragon’s wrath
my arm’s possessed

often times
the way my rhymes
are designed
as my insides project
my thoughts are lost
in my own private
kotodamic dialect
i love okami to death
yet i digress
ophiocordyceps gives new meaning
to the ANTenna one might express
heads explode
like naota’s
when his n.o. power’s iris spreads
perithecia disperse their cells
their servant shell’s final breath

their teeth securely fastened
to a leaf
before their time of death
a bunch of trees
with corpses on their leaves
this forest
quite complex

dreams are braille
i sleep on a nail
made out of iron beds
i find it difficult
to read the realms
that i just left

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