Tuesday, December 19, 2017

intoawhitehole(prod. by neadunkel)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by neadunkel

with gravity as his opponent

he carries the weight
until he transforms the heavy
to feathers
and levitates
disheveled space
the shape of everything
bends to his will

an exit becomes an entrance
a hole turns into a drill

he examines the distance
and sees his existence
being inflicted
with coma vandalism
triggering the ignition
of dystopian soul somnambulism
doomed to walk a future
that threatens
to leave him more alone
than his planet prison
shitty directing
this isn’t my show
there’s no remote
and there’s channels missing
the monetization of observation
they charge you to see
and NOT what you’d feed your eyes’ dilation
the images aren’t what you seek
a beautiful garden
and used for cars
as a street
it’s hard to believe
how truly lost
humans can consciously be
it’s like they’ll do anything
to produce more carbon
and make it harder to breathe

who needs oxygen
when you’ve got a million vaults
of cha-ching
a thoughtful disease
‘how can we most effectively
decimate what is pure?’
humans aggressively infect
so as to never let nature mature
no meditation
the realm of self-medication’s ignored
in-depth examination of self
is the most prevalent way to your core

what’s significant to you

and how can it be obtained
without bringing harm to your surroundings
to facilitate your gain
it isn’t at all necessary
for you to administer pain

in order to stimulate
the pleasure center
within your brain
unless of course
you’re the sort
to take pleasure in something’s pain
it’s unfortunate
that the world
is infested with such a thing

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