Saturday, December 23, 2017

thejawsoflight(prod. by surge cess)

written and performed by:  (in order of appearance)

dr. hatake downplay


prod. by surge cess

hundred-year war is..............dr. hatake downplay/lucas ingram........and.......a/void

verse 1: [dr. hatake downplay]

9 dots
out of the box thinking
that most are misperceiving
specific study epiphanies
from a make shift kingdom
psychoactive chemistry practice
fillory magic distinction
synced like gps spoofing tools
controlling increments
prometheus expedient star-map
open source data crack
supersonic magnetized turbulence
molecular cloud collapse
by amplified robustness
with lightyears to expand
durable frame tardigrade
unexplained by man
100 year war-chants
that dance off satellites
overwriting humans
spoolers programmed to terabyte
that hubble sight’s alright
but their flights stay low orbit
we speed of light spinning
from a gravity warping fortress
storm the quantum foam
with exotic matter forces
deformed in higher dimensions
superpositions of waves
sick district 9 resistance
bloody mech suit interface
alien physics
twisted kip thornes and roses

verse 2: [a/void]

a wave of gravitation
untamed fascination
radiation of omniscalar
innate natural inflation
a pseudo-neutron heart
too small for it’s output
unestablished valence
a half
that can’t quite amass formation
the chemistry may be massive
but not exactly connectively
the atomic system
may be far too deficient
static dark matter
star field distortion
will these jagged parts heal
or reveal an orphan
light travels a path
established by atmospheric forces
but still bounces
through a series of mirrors
with zero warping
the technology of an image
seen through optical lenses
the implications are strong
like several celestial objects
all aligned in the sky
in a rare cosmic design
that wanders inside the ascendant
a soul that pervades
the whole range
of the solar rays of all stars
my retinas
shown fangs
with no hope
of escaping their jaws

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