Wednesday, December 6, 2017

cirromorphicairspace(prod. by aquariusminded)

written and performed by:  (in order of appearance)


zodd the immortal

prod. by aquariusminded

 verse 1: [stranded]

offbeat circadian
lost in a bleak irradiance
a creature quite familiar
with what disorientation is
roaming his prison
pretending he’s not an alien
secretly formulating
his plot of escaping it

occasional fickle flames
on immortal candlewicks
perpetual evolution
of the canon of what can exist

….my meditation
conjures galaxies of transience
worlds that hatch
form and collapse
into peaceful ambience
the rogue interpretations
of shadow accretion analysts
home to anthropomorphic
astral clouds
that speak somnambulant

…take a halberd to the face
serrated molecules
shadows lurk
in baby goblin dunes
subatomic ghouls
stranded on the outskirts of dirt
we hide in pools
rogue fish
who on occasion
blip in episodic schools
a momentary twitch
their wrists
give off a sonic boom
like guile
in street fighter ii
these galaxies are not for you
i’m but one of a conscious few
who constitutes an ebb’s demise
an unnoticed moment
marks the roots
of a legend’s rise

in search
of what the depths would hide
only seen
by the most unique
sets of eyes

such things
elude the shallowescent mind
self-imposed prisoners
surrenderers of every kind
fall victim to a foe
who with
only one step would die
they stand still
as they get wrapped up
in a web of lies
you can’t be given hope
to escape
if you’ll only accept your binds
that’s just more
of that irony
alessa finds
souls are most at peace
while wandering unmeasured time
free from their temporal imprisonment
my own two are the only temples
you’ll find me religiously visiting
real absorbed
kneeling before
all that i’m witnessing
as i solemnly sift through it
earmarking what’s interesting
lost in crisscrossing infinites
in pausing increments
blinking in and out
of atomic bomb-like instances
shrinking beneath profound
epiphanic cosmic filaments

i get smaller all the time
there’s so much more than me
i ain’t shit
everything that exists
evolves from sorcery
magic is at the bottom
of what reveals the world we see
our entire macrocosm
pales to the quantum worlds beneath

verse 2: [zodd the immortal]

consume planets
spit ruins
and shit humans
lift moons
in the monsoon movement
scaly skinned alien
an eagle’s face gazing in
the sun is phasing
the moon’s changing grins
i’m grim daily
seemless changing
like baby twins
the plaguing of a generation
no one is made to win
deadly sins playing on a ukulele
life’s a crazy simulation
of what you might have been
the slightest glimpse
leaves you blinded
two timing hymns

how are you just now convinced
under the rule
of the foulest prince
i’m not perfect
but i’m also not human
i’ll admit

the calloused grip
you get slammed into earth’s crust
it bursts guts
there are no challenges
in the forest of realms
where the blasphemed souls dwell
and madness’ held captive
the unknown ever lasts
within the vast growing blackness
she’s mad as she chants
with stained glass lips
figure like an hourglass
but watch for her wrath
it’s entangled in madness
relaxed venomous kisses
that she’s entranced with
story goes that it
once killed a blacksmith
condemned by her majesty’s magic
the town was in panic
insanity classic
i get to work on your casket

black cats crossed paths
within the vanishing castle
with laughter
she brandished a black hole
hell whispered the passcode
it collapsed backroads
and cracked open ever afters

i climbed in
and fell through forbidden chapters
a moment intimate with disaster
god gifted the rapture
the arrival of the cryptic messenger

i break course
the floors melt

they reached out their tentacles
for help

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