Saturday, December 16, 2017

tsunamicarchitecture(prod. by nix)

written and performed by:  (in order of appearance)

rpm the brown robe


prod. by nix

verse 1: [rpm the brown robe]

the architect speak up
reach up
from his resting place
standing for his right
in what’s destined to take place
much liver at any rate
filtering the outside world
inner pearls enchant
how crazy things once were
then like weren’t
sometimes i’m currents
sometimes gone like
not returning
rocking the turin shroud
as a turban
transferring learning
the light is curing
if he can just find
how to be certain
behind the curtain
lie the same damn thing
man just reaching for bling
on the brink
pushing the o-ring
no thing in nature
portray the maker that way
that kind of display
will get her taken away
somewhere in there
is what’s not in the database
through the magic haze
of capital gains

and waste
you’re on board the clairvoyager
not just some everyday destroyer
the soul has no employer
spoil yourself less
let the mystery stay dressed
or you could stay stressed
going ‘round
all bent on a razor edge
in the present tense
i ascend seven steps
propitiating nephilims
madmen in bethlehem
in my element
your favorite rappers are less intense
i work the flow
like a crescent wrench
at prophetic ends
look through your own lens
wipe it down
with this here rag
i’m a jack
i’m an ace
a m7stic hag
transporting back in time
with no lag in the mind
high in the tower spire
in a window out of my mind
how could i be blind
it all depends
on what side of the ‘i’ am i
i plan to climb

you’re a pantomime
i’m a phantom rhyme
in your crumbling paradigm
the architect
laying steps in the grand design

verse 2: [stranded]

i surf the sands of time
like norrin radd
inside an hourglass
in search of
the soul i lost
as a result
of a cosmic power bath
i am what you cannot believe
the shadow
of a shadowless monstrosity
the wrath
of an unimagined scifi glossary
is it clairvoyance
if what your eyes have seen
are events
that take place in a past
that at some point in the future
you travel back in time to breed
cast beyond belief
with exotic matter tacit properties
the known has chasms
what you don’t fathom
would crack your mind in three
like bui
swinging a trilateral axe
at a giant tree
a single cloud’s tiny leaf
on the inaudible sound
of a silent breeze
on a stream of focused thoughts
as loud as a siren’s scream
peacefully dozes off
and drowns in a quiet dream
a mountain of light
a shroud
of unrequited beams
a solar fountain
with the shrike’s physique
there’s no account
for what these spikes could mean
photons frozen
bound in an icy freeze
it’s like being trapped

in your own private
ash dimension

a cold
silent hill apprehension
fluttering wings
budding signals of aposematism
that are only distinguished
with anachronistic vision
by someone with intuition
surpassing temporal limits
a mutant viewing remotely
what a scope
with an astral lens
the sight of those
born to bypass
normal eye paths
those capable
of the extrapolation of data
from a fast forward time lapse
mere mortals’ minds collapse
in a series of vortices
swallowed fast
pulled in
with the torque
of an astronomically enormous python’s grasp
the chaos of the vacuum
of a distorted
orgonite bomb blast

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