Sunday, December 14, 2014

chronosphericsquall(prod. by 7th galaxy)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

wisdm - stranded

prod. by 7th galaxy

verse 1(wisdm):

spirit fox intergalactic
it’s static
pirate radio
in the back of an old attic
it’s tragic
scenes of the ghost’s old habits
blunt disappears when i’m near
like magic
look at me now
who dwells within his sound system
peace to the heads
who gave up time to listen
peace to my friends
who only know me as wisdm
been so long ago
since we were children
a couple of scars on my heart
but still living
can you hear my guitar singing
playing on the strings
is such an amazing feeling
it’s healing
meditative sounds for my being
like sleeping
soul traveling when i’m dreaming
it’s up to everyone
to find their own kind of meaning in life
i feel a sense of peace in the night
that i don’t feel in the day
dazed by the sun rays
ominous cloud shapes
form beyond horizons
touch of dawn
a crack of light
portal to an afterlife
we look past the hype
born warrior type face
sick of the rat race
but thankful
watch smoke dance from all angles
hand-styles earned
from times as young vandalz
aerosols jingle in my backpack
and some fat caps
out to the train tracks
roll up the blunt while we’re waiting
pays to be patient
i wonder where the days went
open your eyes
years later in amazement
photocell damaged in replacement
that’s ok
i’ll fix it later on the spaceship
7 days later
we’ll arrive at the station
orbiting what’s left
of the earth’s devastation

verse 2(stranded):

a ghost
with a cheshire smile
on his face
is floating in the sky
mournful of the earth
but ecstatic
to see the humans dispersed

his heterogeneous smirk
both happy and hurt
as he observes
from his matterless perch
a contemplative attitude lurks
how much beauty
does disdain for magic
he wonders
if just before their world shattered
they learned
just before the planet
became gases and burned
smoke ashes and urn
this is a chronospheric surge
of eulogic words
a lament for the worms
that become nutrition for birds
i’m torn
by the gradations of grey
that emerge
i reconcile the two
with the arrival of the positive roots
that the negative side has produced
on a subatomic level
opposites fuse
white and black holes
are theorized to create
snaking cosmical tubes
that the traveler
both disintegrates
and reconstitutes through

an intergalactic
stellar-like door
by the spooky action
seventh performs
enveloped in a massive
magnetic rapport
in its macro-molecular storm
a chrysalis from which
we will never be torn
with a moth in our ranks
you know that it’s within us
to transform
in a winter-long virulent sandstorm
one that’s only visible
from within
i’m here all millennium
floating on the notes
seventh’s guitar has jettisoned
i harvest intelligence
drawn from the vines
of sublime causal elements
scooping it up
like the jaws of a pelican
only a remote pack
knows of mirror
to gather
we disappear
and reappear on an asteroid
like some pages
in a book of black toys
steampunk ghosts
a series of androids
the further development of humans
moving askance
the alchemical evolution
of immutable plants
searching for a future
that improves how they stand
a perch
from which is suitable
for roots to expand

Sunday, September 21, 2014

eyeofastorm[inlightning](prod. by 7th galaxy)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by 7th galaxy

windowless souls
lids squinted closed
but don’t grow
withering slowly
like winter springing liquid from snow
there’s a thin line
between the end
and the beginning of roads
the most unlikely of instruments
can implement hope

like fire-retardant cord
hidden truths are everywhere
microscopic spores
mystical realms appear
through cytological doors
ayahuascan journ
eye of a storm
are no more significant
than the life of the thorns
photons in lightning
are so methodically stored
that when it flashes
the masses are enlightened for sure
trees ignite in a forest
shifting perspective
in a direction
that sees titans as dwarves
the preexisting paradigm metamorphs
the lids of eyes levin
where they were leaden before
the impact of a sublime elemental force
destiny skipped across several galaxies
worming through stars
disregarding technicalities
may what you seek
exceed your palm
keep the bar set out of reach
forge light into a bomb
bioluminescent alchemy

so many people lost
detached from reality
they look at seesaws
and somehow see balance beams
the degree of neglect
a vast dimensional discrepancy
but beyond the mire
of lost tired effigies
is a moth inspired
by foxfire telepathy
communication concocted
by a myconid recipe
assassin vines
anthropomorphic vegetation
that’s alive
phantom fungi
the shadows cry
their screams falling heavily
on the ears of passersby
the inhabitants of an entire planet
committing matricide
this is not something
that i could so lax abide
but what exactly happens
when narrow impacts with wide
providing that narrows
cannot act as knives
it would be like
a crater in a town’s effect
on the earth’s state
as it spins around
while profound love is existent
in addition
hatred within abounds
constructive opposition
the function of magnetism
what establishes dimensions
is the rate at which
energy travels upon its entrance
the electrical pulses
ultimately characterizing encephalic vision
neurological pictures
painted with tones
octaves and pitches
with velocity
what the observation process delivers
the impressions
left by cognitive splinters
sudden vibrancy
blossoming from the darkness of winter
solar crash
stellar squalls snap like photographs
an unwavering series
of indelible moments pass
leaving marks
that even in stone
would last
despite the erosive wrath
of h2o and gas
what happened to golden mask
it’s all peace
no one lasts
such an absence
darkens the globe
like molten ash
that ensues from an eruption
of super volcanic mass
from an undisclosed moon
an ululant phantom laughs

nyctophilicsunbath(prod. by 7th galaxy)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by 7th galaxy

vocal sample:

is the breaking of the shell
that encloses your understanding


i was just thrust
from an altering husk
a dark mutation
i race from dawn
to meet dusk
death that walks
longing for blood
i insert my straw
and draw what i want
drown in the countless
monsters i hunt
not at all long ago
not resorting to dreaming
an entire world
swirled into being
i wandered forward
headed toward the zenith
but before i reach it
it must be accepted
that an immortal
doesn’t receive credit
for the performance of breathing
i am absorbed by the evening
a moth
arranging thorns full of reason
flits about
above a vortex beneath him
frozen fast
trapped in an intangible photograph
what’s the future
to a man
for which
devotes his past
when nothing remains
of his planet
but smoke and ash
stuck on a plane
that he cannot hope to crash
the former world
nothing more
than shards of broken glass
sharper than
a snake-headed whip’s
unholy lash
loosed upon the realms
the darkest spells
could not dispel
the sheer beauty
his thoughts beheld
he peers
through a gnostic veil
and sees much
that the false would tell
most of which
would not cross the shell
the bubble in which
he sits
to watch this hell
untouched by its ghastly flames
other than what is felt
via empathic gaze
periodically blinded
by chronic blasts of rage
but even when he regains his sight
the wrath remains
not so easily forgotten
a lasting stain
the shadow
this light casts
is grave
a massive grave
buried so deep
the tone’s a key
that can’t be played
a ball hitting the ground
before approaching the catcher’s range
a pitch
too low to be ascertained
what do you know
of such a class of pain
could you endure
suffer through the war
all sides of which
wish to be your truest form
to get to the eye
of the feudal storm
not realizing
how futile
their use of force
for each one of the combatants
is YOU of course
all representing something
you choose or want
the participants will only fall
if that is what you TRULY want
many times
it would be just as difficult
to reach out and touch a unicorn
but difficulty is not synonymous
with the impossibility
of your ability to accomplish shit
don’t be a sissy
when you encounter
adversarial disadvantages
push through
do what you must do
when there’s a barrier
to get to the other side of it
don’t fail to acknowledge
the wealth of esoteric knowledge
that may very well
be buried within your consciousness
just how long were we here
before we engineered god’s ascent
i am certain
that there were schizophrenics
before doctors lived
the spiritual
among you
may not want to hear this
but you will not forget

hook [x 2]

solar scars
no one is safe from the stars
shadows shrink away from their hearts
the pain is smart
perhaps i neglect
what makes me so dark
i watch light reflect
the concept of life and death
is taken apart
maybe it’s just me
but running away from my thoughts
would be like bleeding in the ocean
being chased by a shark
so i give you evolution
the mutation of talk
for communication
is the most ancient of arts

Sunday, June 15, 2014

deathgatecycle[bowtie](prod. by aquarius minded)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by aquarius minded

blade of the immortal
use decay as a portal
change and conform
to your conditions
in a way that affords you
reincarnative restored youth
be innovative
limitations are for fools
i'm on my way
with a torch
lit by more than flames
a series of sparks
along a neural chain
it's sort of strange
the way that thoughts travel
is similar
to how oxygen molecules
course through veins
there's a war
that goes on in brains
the mind
is an immortal blade
a sword of change
that morphs
as it absorbs the pain
from whatever it strikes
with precise
force and aim
feed it right
or endure the same
for the violence
that lies within your skull
is yours to tame
it is up to you
what this elemental forge
will shape
trees twist
their branches dry
and leafless
perhaps they should die
and wither to ash
but they resist
they consider the past
the opposite of a weakness
what they've been through
impacts their lives with reason
they find purpose
the truth is not a secret
it's a fact
you may obtain it
but you cannot keep it
it is but for you to search
close your eyes
and touch the universe
reality bites
like a future lurk
the wounds inside
are the ones that truly hurt
the scars remind us
who we were
when our roads forked
which way did we choose to turn
between our present
and our past selves
who is worse
we are a ridiculously
small part of a universe
that is far to large
to be portrayed through a church
no one can be persuaded by lucifer
the ways of evil
are humans work
when you die
do you go to heaven
or get what you deserve
or before you exit
do you enter evolution first
the truth is blurred
but vivid
and big as jupiter
are the illusions
that rule the earth
but what you see
is the result
of what you discern
so what is it
that you observe
will you be told
the answers to that question
or will you research

discover for yourself
what you think
be yourself
become distinct
if nothing else
just a wink
let all you've felt
like words
from their ink
that arrived
through an eye
that doesn't blink
thoughts travel through time
in just a blink
the magic of the mind
what a wondrous thing
there are times
when we have to decide
like chuckles with jinx
he did what he thought he must
and he suffered the grief
it was all for nothing
but what it reaps
it was a turning point
where does it lead
that isn't up to me
or you
it's up to whomever
those circumstances are born to
only that person can determine
where their piece on the board moves
so concern yourself
with planning YOUR moves
i study within a universe
buildings are for fools
i prefer a WORLD of peace
over a war ROOM
the cost is through the roof
to be less them
and more you
those who are dishonest
'cause they cannot afford truth

death wears so many masks
it is the end
of ANY path
but it takes pioneers
to bend the grass
that over time
turning into paths
what questions will you ask
this is class
only the teacher
is omnipresent
there are constant lessons
endless tasks
take something
from every second
you get to have
'cause once they're gone
they're gone forever
you'll never get them back

death wears so many masks
it is the end
of ANY path
but it takes pioneers
to bend the grass
that over time
turning into paths
what questions will you ask
this is class
only the teacher
is omnipresent
there are constant lessons
endless tasks
take something
from every second
you get to have
'cause all that's left
is what you remember
what made impressions
in the past

Monday, May 19, 2014

hypnopompicchaos(prod. by fext)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

zen studentz  -  sea/swordz (pronounced:  sea of swordz)

prod. by fext

verse 1: (zen studentz)

still the raddest
loose fitting sweatshirt rocker
zen studentz
all hail when he enter room
and flick ash on rabbits
elevate rapid
we the lords of the labyrinth
sanskrit axe
that rap orphans attack with
most rappers trapped in dimensions
stuck within the physical
with no astral projection
unlike baoh
this life is just a game to me
i mastered it
massive towers crumble
when he mad and have his mask unlift

i wake up in a castle
full of illusions
and my fathers in the distance
i grasp at the mirage
but then i only felt my fist clench
and laughters in the back
as bats flock to my vision
mad house
it felt like years
when only seconds dragged out
he relived all occasions
that had left him void of truth
but in the pain
his shell cracked
and de-earthed his poison roots
i saw a glimpse of light flicker
near the base of my feet
the floor shattered into pieces
and from the matrix
was freed
i thought to myself
what a place this can be
too many complacent
diseased folk
remain on a leash
the face of the beast
i sit at home and meditate
with an ace up my sleeve
all the while
my shadow self is adjacent to me
he said
come back to that fog kid
then coffins appear
get numb from plenty pharmaceuticals
get lost in despair
i toss him left and right hooks
but all i caught was the air
the scene changes
then i'm back in my chair
back in my room
take deep breaths
from all that had ensued
and try to pull myself together
in this labyrinth of doom
you see
this is just a small tale
from indigo ascended
and just one of the endeavors
that i decided to mention
and theres plenty more where that came from
y'all best believe it
switch stance nigma
of this forest
i'm a genius
fuck y'all

verse 2:  (sea/swordz)

stepping on a puddle
without breaking its tension
i navigate apprehensively
through this unstable dimension
say for instance
my imagination entered
into a world
with only danger in it
at least
that's the way it's witnessed
absence of understanding
can leave you so afraid and shitless
that you may prematurely
seek to escape the tempest
the paralysis of sleeping
being fondled by beings
without seeing
are quick to attribute
these miserable issues
to foul demons

but that is irresponsible
in an attempt
to free yourself
you only create an obstacle
if you would maintain control
of your mind
the truth of the matter
would unfold over time to you

smoke and mirrors
asperatus reflection
could it be you
who molds the appearance
of your astral collective
brain waves are placid/aggressive
because they who hold the reins
are rashly expressive

most don't stop
to ask themselves questions
when but a brief pause
could be vastly effective

so ponder a bit
before you ball up your fist
be certain
that the object
of your horror exists
may be the threat
to what you haul off and hit
may be all they wish to offer you

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

shuttersorcery[feat. psionic paul](prod. by ranma)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

sea/swordz(pronounced:  sea of swordz)  -  psionic paul

prod. by ranma

 verse 1: (sea/swordz)

the awakening
a casket creaks
i astral sleep
my body divides
and multiplies
one half
a sheath
but of the two
which has the leash
don't be so arrogant
so as to presume
it has to be me
the tether
that ties the two
may be paradoxical
each walking the other
to share
being responsible
look at yourself
in a fluid
but stare beyond the pool
and heading for the end
like you're in
a piranha school
the only student
permitted inside
is you
so any found trespassing
should find your tooth
and be passed
from one to another
while you chew

my eyes
on a spyless moon
...the lullaby
of a tightened noose
above the sky
our roots
not one lie
can fight the truth
reality wins
how could pretend
challenge what is
well now
that depends
change everything
one speck
contains thousands
the microscope
with the most powerful lens
is directly aimed
at the slide
that all of space
that surrounds us
is in
and the eyeball
that gazes down it
compared to us
and the universe
that drapes around us
is big
peace for now
that's something
to think about
for a bit
but first
locate the 'like' button
where this media player is found
and then click...

verse 2: (psionic paul)

this life is not no mystery
its 'cause you got this karmic debt
that you can't see it clearly
humble thy self
its third jesus
who wont show his face
for perverse reasons
meditating constant
like the change of the earth's seasons
cursed heathen
no mind thats shallow
can ever fuck with me
denounce luxury
dispassionate foul utterings

dislocated a foes head
and then drift into smoke
left in the distance
provoke menaces
menes had said he'd quit
but he wont
'cause i'm so legend
it's evident
no peasant
can flow like my foe's nemesis

the empty page
is my realm to explore
thinking that's selfish
distorts wisdom felt from my core
cause of its bhagavad gita readers
who contemplate the essence
neither demons
nor these parasites
can touch em kid
cackle at his own rad-ness
scoping out a dutch to split
i had enough of it
stabbing these wack puppets
with ragged utensil grasper
and slash at they gut
spit crow bars rapid
and yak up the odd vomit
with skills thats beyond novice
i'm never no pawn
its the king here
i jab them where it matters kid

shoe string dusted
is the raddest
mic graspin orphans

Sunday, February 16, 2014

thelabyrinthineblur(prod. by pesticyde)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

kalki - zodd the immortal - stranded

prod. by pesticyde

verse 1 (kalki):

i watch
from a bird's eye's view
a traumatized child
in the body of a lost
and blurry eyed youth
who socializes in a wild
godly fashion
an odd bastard
that plays his cards rashly
constantly harassed
by demons in his mind
he seems to be confined within it
blinded by his sinning
walking in hells
and awkward cells
lost in this jail
samsaric vastness
but he talks in spells
to harness the madness
an artist with a canvas
that stretches past
the farthest pastures
on this sordid atlas
he's soaring past them
as he writes
hoarse and raspy
spite him in his ears
but he blasts and strikes them
with his peers
astrally likened
to an eerily masterful lycan
a shaman with phrases
neurolinguistically gifted hacker
intrinsically mystic rapper
with hanuman's grace and agility
he displays his abilities
attacking opponents
unspeakably wicked
with his crafted omens
he seeks to be lifted
past the zones
that he dwells in
hell's sins engulf him
but he delves
and swims like dolphins
in the flames
in his brain
he adapts and evolves
'til he maps it all
he's a heavenly being
but he's a tarnished angel
he's meant to be gleaming
but he's scorched and strangled
contorted at angles
that are far from yogic
he blossoms like a lotus
and spars with foes
with bars as potent
as the stars that glow
he hardly notices
how much he's suffering
much of the time
how could he clutch this
it's too much for the mind to grasp
the pressure would confine and collapse
the best of minds
they would crack
under the test of time
and perhaps
eventually be blind as bats
of an elemental kind
that lacks ultrasonic capabilities
so he alters sonnets
and willingly assaults
his demonic tormentors
with sonic clauses
that mentally harm them
like the jaws of a sabertooth tiger
he aims to save the youth
from liars
that degrade the truths
of messiahs and saviors
he aspires to sages' wisdom
and perspires it
in pages written

verse 2 (zodd the immortal):

i killed a part of me
that wanted to die
now he's stuck
inside a glare in my eye
staring back through the mirror
paralyzed in my mind

he's stuck
forever mine
his mind is lost
that's something he may never find
unless he climbs inside his heart
and walks the path of the divine
and yet
he may never shine
the pain only gets worse
after the incline
stumbling downhill
bobbling his weak mind
he feels the devil
grab hold of his spine
he fights for his life
as he strives to rise

already dead
forever trying to be alive
as fear wraps around his soul
like a vine
he seems to shift a pole
take control of his time
breaking the mold
as he's holding the triumph
this moment
spoken with giants
revolting an ascending alliance
re-conceive zodd the undying
consciousness shift
resembles prophecies of the mayans
equivalent of three kings
arriving at zion
worlds colliding
iron tongues defying tyrants
rhyme design
sharp darts incising
my mind is flying
in all shapes and sizes
to reawaken the lifeless
like isis
it's priceless

life's test
has got my mind stressed
i'm a divine mess
in this quest
as time stretch
and break away from the bondage
he doesn't feel
how much his soul has been tarnished
an honest man
followed by carnage
it's hell in every bar spit
it's even hell in his apartment
his real home is a park bench
in pure darkness
he wants to be rid of his demons
repeating with every darn wish
but he doesn't understand the consequence
the reason his power has harnessed
is obvious
to everyone but him
rising above
from sin
releasing the god from within
repairing the wings
the devil once trimmed
he soars from the ground
and is gone with the wind
you can hear him sing
in the breeze
there's a hymn

verse 3 (stranded):

he sits by
seemingly idol
but his mind
is focused
like a laser's thin line
he begins to see
as if with a big eye
and consistently
nature's energy gets pried
upon entering
it swims beneath
with its tide
blending into a symphony
rippling inside

like molecules rotating
his body begins to glow faintly
brightening at a slow pace
but with a consistent growth rate
the light given off
is sharp
like shark bite scissor arms
contact is like
jaws of life
ripping off
the dark ignites
he moves through worlds
not unlike guenhwyvar
the panther companion
to the menzoberranzian
who brandishes star and ice scimitars
the stark white haired archetype
brought to life by the author
of icewind dale's crystal shard
he calms his mind
until his thoughts
are like the snowfall
that lines a pale winter yard
not yet disturbed
by footprints left by birds
or any other animal
with which
such steps occur

for a time
he finds peace
in this world
[the big wet] concerns
the human wasteland that nets the earth
he meditates
and levitates
above the brainwave-spans
of lesser girth
that slaves
who behave as commanded

he swims through the sky
like a plastic bag
being blown by the wind
in july
when he surrenders his concentration
and once again acknowledges
the things that enter his eyes
his time away
provided by way
of the psychic train
his mind creates
by pretending he's blind
arrives at its final place
end of the line
he returns to a world
that splinters his spine
he can't stand
when he's inside
which is why
i spit the line
beginning this rhyme

the segments
of the corolla
of a blood lotus
are centri[petal]ine

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

starfishdufflebag(prod. by poison flowerz!)

written and performed by sea/swordz(pronounced: sea of swordz)

prod. by poison flowerz!

spiraling fall
eye of a storm
mirror unmade
estuarial spun blades
only appear
in the sun's shade
is always most visible
as one flame
as the young stray
the old ways
lash at them
lacking simple growth traits
because of the false shit
that they attach
to old age
but energy only changes locations
it doesn't fade
it exits and enters
several dimensions
it is the passengers who fear
the travel from here
something considerable is required
to make a shadow appear
what if you can extract
an entire memory
from the grasp of a tear
who knows what's contained
in the things
that you deem
are of no import
quietly exerting
a blinding light
from a dim source
just another image
your crummy vision's not meant for
the wind soars
with a hood on his head
like serpentor
and ends wars
with poison flowerz!
and bitter thorns
the toxins inserted in the forge
folded and struck
my thoughts are converted into swordz
emerging in sandwinter form
when we strike
it's like
an entire clan of ninja swarm

Monday, February 10, 2014

coherentcontradictions(prod. by blunted sultan)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

zen studentz - sea/swordz(pronounced:  sea of swordz)

zen studentz and sea/swordz = aphotic/vortex (pronounced: aphotic vortex)

prod. by blunted sultan

verse 1: (zen studentz)

i prefer to be named

by the lab rat tested
birth defected 'nomaly
oddest to be unsheathed
the commoner among the beast
sloth brained
clothes lifeless
ragged old shoes
spin kick cats
how is it that…
i'm odder than the average folk
coherent slurred
stamina is infinite
you rock atrocious
mind clap
taught the novices
to breathe before you speak
wishy washy motived
he nonchalantly smoke spliffs
and slay foolishness
i prefer to be named
by alias monikers
wrote this off an om
he's scaly
and arrived within an alien saucer
we're steadily abused
by these crude nefarious officers
glared at with small minds
wing span dusty
villainous enough
to brilliantly spit it clumsy
and be anti-ostentatious
coherent contradictions

verse 2: (sea/swordz)

paradox swirl
space/time collapse
but not quite
quantum shift
matter reconfigured
subtle sponsorship
1's and 0's
computer code
it's all bonds
of opposites
maneuver through the space
where photons don't conquer
in other words
day or not
i walk the night
not unlike a monster
misconstrued by the obvious
false interpretations
earn the weight
of accomplishment
the pull of gravity
proves to be too much
for shallow minds
to generate
the vital speed and thrust
the irony
as they try
without velocity enough
the atmosphere's too dense
to escape its feeble clutch
you determine what surrounds you
greenhouse effect
you're a victim
of the prison
that the heat now projects
you can simply melt
or manipulate
the choice is yours
time unfolds
despite the chosen corridor
vines that
growing forward
that i suppose
form some sort of
ouroboric hyperhole
a world that absorbs
the ordered
and chaotic
joined in the core
where they're combined
to comprise the whole
but that is
crudely simplified
perhaps it's still sufficient
but i won't fail to dignify
that facts of a matter
don't parallel intention
so be careful
who you tell
you've been advised
it isn't wise
to simply share
the wealth of wisdom
what good is strength
if yours
is not its guiding
cerebellar system

Sunday, February 9, 2014

featherblossom(prod. by blunted sultan)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by blunted sultan

intravenous wormhole
bio-cosmic bonding agent
molecular chaperoned
seed ovulation
additional birth
active protein augmentation
of a midian vertebrate's
rogue carminemoth mutation
feathers grew

plumage ignited
from a flightless
quiescent root
quite the accrescent bloom
wings flap
instincts snap
despite ineptitude
i execute playback
of things
that i could never do
not cut from wood
a path
your questions rule
brotherhood and prajna
i couldn't ask
for a better two
forged to reflect
the form of a crescent moon
folded and shaped
in the flames
of incessant youth
your peoples won't progress
if they only hear
'yes' from you
sluggishness unexists
with but a bit of unpleasant truth
so may you speak sincerely
things are rarely
as they're appearing
like cotton weary
add salt to injury
in but the process
of touching the earth
with our feet
we perform authentic magic
in a world of disbelief
how are the pineal gland
and the eye of horus
the answer has been trapped
in the confines
of historic mystery
sage mode
meditating clones
who sit for weeks
worlds away from home
dissipate to smoke
and enter me
the power generated
by uneventful means
a tremendous force
from an extensive
source of energy
i am taught techniques
but develop
methods of my own
in a virtual cell
losing myself
to be left alone
the irony kills
as i try to REfill
a measureless hole
it takes all i have
just to find
the shards and fragments
that piece together my soul
let alone
even start to imagine
that it could ever be whole

hollow shells
are often
embryos' homes
so perhaps tomorrow
isn't so cold
there are always forks
at the end of the road
if you arrive at water
get in a boat
or jump in
and swim to a coast
if nothing's left
at the bottom
spring from below
feather blossom
wings that explode
starts within
what it grows
actions have consequences
that when compared with intentions
don't always bear a resemblance
so contemplate
the authentic characteristics
of who you are
before you share your concentrics
the path
of each effect you have
from where it commences
you transmit
your bandwidth
can be controlled
to an extent
you can determine
the direction
an explosion
can be sent
the potential exposure
it will get
so before you go
consider the eventual roads
on the trip