Sunday, February 16, 2014

thelabyrinthineblur(prod. by pesticyde)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

kalki - zodd the immortal - stranded

prod. by pesticyde

verse 1 (kalki):

i watch
from a bird's eye's view
a traumatized child
in the body of a lost
and blurry eyed youth
who socializes in a wild
godly fashion
an odd bastard
that plays his cards rashly
constantly harassed
by demons in his mind
he seems to be confined within it
blinded by his sinning
walking in hells
and awkward cells
lost in this jail
samsaric vastness
but he talks in spells
to harness the madness
an artist with a canvas
that stretches past
the farthest pastures
on this sordid atlas
he's soaring past them
as he writes
hoarse and raspy
spite him in his ears
but he blasts and strikes them
with his peers
astrally likened
to an eerily masterful lycan
a shaman with phrases
neurolinguistically gifted hacker
intrinsically mystic rapper
with hanuman's grace and agility
he displays his abilities
attacking opponents
unspeakably wicked
with his crafted omens
he seeks to be lifted
past the zones
that he dwells in
hell's sins engulf him
but he delves
and swims like dolphins
in the flames
in his brain
he adapts and evolves
'til he maps it all
he's a heavenly being
but he's a tarnished angel
he's meant to be gleaming
but he's scorched and strangled
contorted at angles
that are far from yogic
he blossoms like a lotus
and spars with foes
with bars as potent
as the stars that glow
he hardly notices
how much he's suffering
much of the time
how could he clutch this
it's too much for the mind to grasp
the pressure would confine and collapse
the best of minds
they would crack
under the test of time
and perhaps
eventually be blind as bats
of an elemental kind
that lacks ultrasonic capabilities
so he alters sonnets
and willingly assaults
his demonic tormentors
with sonic clauses
that mentally harm them
like the jaws of a sabertooth tiger
he aims to save the youth
from liars
that degrade the truths
of messiahs and saviors
he aspires to sages' wisdom
and perspires it
in pages written

verse 2 (zodd the immortal):

i killed a part of me
that wanted to die
now he's stuck
inside a glare in my eye
staring back through the mirror
paralyzed in my mind

he's stuck
forever mine
his mind is lost
that's something he may never find
unless he climbs inside his heart
and walks the path of the divine
and yet
he may never shine
the pain only gets worse
after the incline
stumbling downhill
bobbling his weak mind
he feels the devil
grab hold of his spine
he fights for his life
as he strives to rise

already dead
forever trying to be alive
as fear wraps around his soul
like a vine
he seems to shift a pole
take control of his time
breaking the mold
as he's holding the triumph
this moment
spoken with giants
revolting an ascending alliance
re-conceive zodd the undying
consciousness shift
resembles prophecies of the mayans
equivalent of three kings
arriving at zion
worlds colliding
iron tongues defying tyrants
rhyme design
sharp darts incising
my mind is flying
in all shapes and sizes
to reawaken the lifeless
like isis
it's priceless

life's test
has got my mind stressed
i'm a divine mess
in this quest
as time stretch
and break away from the bondage
he doesn't feel
how much his soul has been tarnished
an honest man
followed by carnage
it's hell in every bar spit
it's even hell in his apartment
his real home is a park bench
in pure darkness
he wants to be rid of his demons
repeating with every darn wish
but he doesn't understand the consequence
the reason his power has harnessed
is obvious
to everyone but him
rising above
from sin
releasing the god from within
repairing the wings
the devil once trimmed
he soars from the ground
and is gone with the wind
you can hear him sing
in the breeze
there's a hymn

verse 3 (stranded):

he sits by
seemingly idol
but his mind
is focused
like a laser's thin line
he begins to see
as if with a big eye
and consistently
nature's energy gets pried
upon entering
it swims beneath
with its tide
blending into a symphony
rippling inside

like molecules rotating
his body begins to glow faintly
brightening at a slow pace
but with a consistent growth rate
the light given off
is sharp
like shark bite scissor arms
contact is like
jaws of life
ripping off
the dark ignites
he moves through worlds
not unlike guenhwyvar
the panther companion
to the menzoberranzian
who brandishes star and ice scimitars
the stark white haired archetype
brought to life by the author
of icewind dale's crystal shard
he calms his mind
until his thoughts
are like the snowfall
that lines a pale winter yard
not yet disturbed
by footprints left by birds
or any other animal
with which
such steps occur

for a time
he finds peace
in this world
[the big wet] concerns
the human wasteland that nets the earth
he meditates
and levitates
above the brainwave-spans
of lesser girth
that slaves
who behave as commanded

he swims through the sky
like a plastic bag
being blown by the wind
in july
when he surrenders his concentration
and once again acknowledges
the things that enter his eyes
his time away
provided by way
of the psychic train
his mind creates
by pretending he's blind
arrives at its final place
end of the line
he returns to a world
that splinters his spine
he can't stand
when he's inside
which is why
i spit the line
beginning this rhyme

the segments
of the corolla
of a blood lotus
are centri[petal]ine

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