Monday, February 10, 2014

coherentcontradictions(prod. by blunted sultan)

written and performed by (in order of appearance):

zen studentz - sea/swordz(pronounced:  sea of swordz)

zen studentz and sea/swordz = aphotic/vortex (pronounced: aphotic vortex)

prod. by blunted sultan

verse 1: (zen studentz)

i prefer to be named

by the lab rat tested
birth defected 'nomaly
oddest to be unsheathed
the commoner among the beast
sloth brained
clothes lifeless
ragged old shoes
spin kick cats
how is it that…
i'm odder than the average folk
coherent slurred
stamina is infinite
you rock atrocious
mind clap
taught the novices
to breathe before you speak
wishy washy motived
he nonchalantly smoke spliffs
and slay foolishness
i prefer to be named
by alias monikers
wrote this off an om
he's scaly
and arrived within an alien saucer
we're steadily abused
by these crude nefarious officers
glared at with small minds
wing span dusty
villainous enough
to brilliantly spit it clumsy
and be anti-ostentatious
coherent contradictions

verse 2: (sea/swordz)

paradox swirl
space/time collapse
but not quite
quantum shift
matter reconfigured
subtle sponsorship
1's and 0's
computer code
it's all bonds
of opposites
maneuver through the space
where photons don't conquer
in other words
day or not
i walk the night
not unlike a monster
misconstrued by the obvious
false interpretations
earn the weight
of accomplishment
the pull of gravity
proves to be too much
for shallow minds
to generate
the vital speed and thrust
the irony
as they try
without velocity enough
the atmosphere's too dense
to escape its feeble clutch
you determine what surrounds you
greenhouse effect
you're a victim
of the prison
that the heat now projects
you can simply melt
or manipulate
the choice is yours
time unfolds
despite the chosen corridor
vines that
growing forward
that i suppose
form some sort of
ouroboric hyperhole
a world that absorbs
the ordered
and chaotic
joined in the core
where they're combined
to comprise the whole
but that is
crudely simplified
perhaps it's still sufficient
but i won't fail to dignify
that facts of a matter
don't parallel intention
so be careful
who you tell
you've been advised
it isn't wise
to simply share
the wealth of wisdom
what good is strength
if yours
is not its guiding
cerebellar system

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