Tuesday, February 11, 2014

starfishdufflebag(prod. by poison flowerz!)

written and performed by sea/swordz(pronounced: sea of swordz)

prod. by poison flowerz!

spiraling fall
eye of a storm
mirror unmade
estuarial spun blades
only appear
in the sun's shade
is always most visible
as one flame
as the young stray
the old ways
lash at them
lacking simple growth traits
because of the false shit
that they attach
to old age
but energy only changes locations
it doesn't fade
it exits and enters
several dimensions
it is the passengers who fear
the travel from here
something considerable is required
to make a shadow appear
what if you can extract
an entire memory
from the grasp of a tear
who knows what's contained
in the things
that you deem
are of no import
quietly exerting
a blinding light
from a dim source
just another image
your crummy vision's not meant for
the wind soars
with a hood on his head
like serpentor
and ends wars
with poison flowerz!
and bitter thorns
the toxins inserted in the forge
folded and struck
my thoughts are converted into swordz
emerging in sandwinter form
when we strike
it's like
an entire clan of ninja swarm

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