Sunday, February 9, 2014

featherblossom(prod. by blunted sultan)

written and performed by stranded

prod. by blunted sultan

intravenous wormhole
bio-cosmic bonding agent
molecular chaperoned
seed ovulation
additional birth
active protein augmentation
of a midian vertebrate's
rogue carminemoth mutation
feathers grew

plumage ignited
from a flightless
quiescent root
quite the accrescent bloom
wings flap
instincts snap
despite ineptitude
i execute playback
of things
that i could never do
not cut from wood
a path
your questions rule
brotherhood and prajna
i couldn't ask
for a better two
forged to reflect
the form of a crescent moon
folded and shaped
in the flames
of incessant youth
your peoples won't progress
if they only hear
'yes' from you
sluggishness unexists
with but a bit of unpleasant truth
so may you speak sincerely
things are rarely
as they're appearing
like cotton weary
add salt to injury
in but the process
of touching the earth
with our feet
we perform authentic magic
in a world of disbelief
how are the pineal gland
and the eye of horus
the answer has been trapped
in the confines
of historic mystery
sage mode
meditating clones
who sit for weeks
worlds away from home
dissipate to smoke
and enter me
the power generated
by uneventful means
a tremendous force
from an extensive
source of energy
i am taught techniques
but develop
methods of my own
in a virtual cell
losing myself
to be left alone
the irony kills
as i try to REfill
a measureless hole
it takes all i have
just to find
the shards and fragments
that piece together my soul
let alone
even start to imagine
that it could ever be whole

hollow shells
are often
embryos' homes
so perhaps tomorrow
isn't so cold
there are always forks
at the end of the road
if you arrive at water
get in a boat
or jump in
and swim to a coast
if nothing's left
at the bottom
spring from below
feather blossom
wings that explode
starts within
what it grows
actions have consequences
that when compared with intentions
don't always bear a resemblance
so contemplate
the authentic characteristics
of who you are
before you share your concentrics
the path
of each effect you have
from where it commences
you transmit
your bandwidth
can be controlled
to an extent
you can determine
the direction
an explosion
can be sent
the potential exposure
it will get
so before you go
consider the eventual roads
on the trip

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